Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wanna Dance with Me?

As some of you may know we recently started a tradition of Dance Saturdays in our home. It's a fun way to burn some calories and have a blast with the kids. We recorded Kaylee being cute as usual. Sorry for the slight pause while I was trying to find a song. I'm not the best camera lady, nor do I know how to edit videos just yet. She has the best dance moves. Next Saturday I will try and get a video of all of us dancing around. For now it's just our little nugget. :)

I bought these today, I was in a serious mood for some chocolate. They are amazing!!!

This was my fortune, I like it so much I stuck it above my desk :)

I also won a giveaway not too long ago from Inka. I won the amazing scarf she made!!! I LOVE the colors! She also stuck some extra goodies in there. Thread, Chocolate from Finland, which by the way I have already devoured, and the cutest hair pin!! Thanks so much Inka!! I Love it all!!

On an amazing note... I got my plane tickets for the March trip!!!!! I'm so so excited!!!!!

I got lots of fun stuff done this weekend, I am about to start on a few Style School projects, so I will post all of them tomorrow :) Also, I am actually going to try a blogging schedule. I only have one day definitely planned, and that Happy Mail Wednesday, where I will post all the fun mail I receive :)

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Awww! She's such a little doll!!! So cute!!!
    Yayyy for plane tickets!!!! =)

  2. AH! the video of Kaylee is so PRECIOUS! hehe she got it going on with her dance moves! haha when she comes down her and Sage are gonna have a dance off for sure! :) The fortune cookies I saw when I went to Target and I thought really hard if I should have gotten them or not :/... lol You have won so many giveaways lately! you lucky girl! That rasberry cheescake goodie looks so yummy how was it??


  3. Awww! She's a cutie pie. Hooray for dancing Saturdays! Sounds like fun. Don't you love those chocolate fortune cookies? They are amazing. Ok now you are making me want to go out in the snow to track some

  4. Hahaha so this is how it went when I started the video Addyson- "Kayleeee!!" "hi Kaylee" "dance" and she started dancing, then when the video ended "what happened?" haha super cute video it made Addy's day to see her friend!! Those cookies look YUMMY! Congrats on winning another giveaway! The scarf is so pretty!! We need to have a play date this week so we can crochet hearts woo! Love you!!

  5. oh mah gaaaash shes sooooo cute!

    her little dance moves are adorable

  6. p.s. wanna do a banner swap?
    I put yours on my page already :D

  7. so cute!

    I bought some of those last year they are so good!


  8. How cute is she!! I love the little leg kicks!!

  9. Lindsay: OMG she is so precious! I love the dancing video! Too precious! Debbie :) xxoo

  10. ahhh! that video is the cutest ever!!! her little legs kicking... oh my! too cute!! That will have to be a tradition I do with my kids when I have some!

    Love the scarf from Inka!

  11. what a cutie and i love how you call her nugget.

    I am so jealous of your little trip to springfield. I have talked my dh into a little motorcycle trip to see Elsie and the RVA.

    What a great win! love the scarf.

  12. KayKay already has rhythm how cute. Never heard of choc covered fotune cookies... I will take you work that they were good. Nice giveaway you won.. And you ask what did I do this weekend? Well you know ...DAYTONA RACES!! and totally surprised your Aunt Lori and Grama when I drove today to Orlando to see them. We are headed back in the morning. Luv momma

  13. mmmm chocolate AND fortune cookies?! SOLD!

  14. wow, i'm jealous of the plane tickets! and do you live in minot! i've been there! lol. i am originally from thunder bay, just a little over from you in canada.
    and wow those fortune cookies look good!

  15. The overlay is acutally used for the Etch a sketch and I found it at the thrift.

    If you look under Hambly they make really cute ones.

  16. so much happy mail sounds awesome.
    i look forward to those posts. :)

  17. I'm not sure which book is my fav. I really loved book 1. Thats where I fell in love with the series. Book 2 would probably be my least fav, book 4 is prob my second fav followed by book 3. Yep. I'll stick with that! hehe

  18. Aaahh this video is so stinkin' cute! I watched it twice =P

  19. aww, she's so adorable!

    love your blog! am following now (i've been meaning to for months, i just keep forgetting!).

  20. Lindsay! She is SO cute. I love this video.


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