Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interesting facts you didn't know about me [PART 1]

This has been sitting in my drafts for over 2 weeks now, I was never sure when to post it and always kept adding things (hence it's going to be in parts). I thought this would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me better. I'll post Part 2 either tomorrow or in a few days. Oh and this post has no pics.. crazy I know!! I was going to do a pic for ever fact but decided not to since it would make this doubly long! Hope you guys enjoy getting to know me!

♥ I am OCD with chap stick, I have to have a tube in every room of the house and several extra in a drawer by my bed. If anyone touches their lips, mentions chap stick or I don't have one next to me I am in a frantic search to find one and putting some on my lips. For those of you have chatted with me via webcam you have probably noticed this quirk of mine. Blistex Silk & Shine is my fav :)

♥ I have to wear socks no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Only exception is if Im wearing flip-flops, but as soon as they come off socks go on

♥ I have terrible road rage, if you pass me when I'm already out, bc you will see my crazy side! I'm also a ridiculous parker, I will drive around several times for the perfect spot. 9 times out of 10 I will end up with one of the first 2 spots :D

♥ Even my junk drawer has organizers in it. I am ridiculously organized and clean everything is organized by size, and color.. wanna guess if Santa got me a label maker for Christmas? File folders, label makers, organizers make my heart super happy.

♥ I have an obsessive need to finish everything I start quickly and if I get an email I have to write back immediately else I will forget.

♥ I have a bedtime ritual, else I can not sleep. My kitchen can't have dishes in the sink and my living room has to be spotless. Then I take a shower, brush teeth, lotion face, and then cover myself in Shea butter. It has to be done this way exactly.

♥ I'm terribly OCD, can you not tell yet? I also have to clean my kitchen before I eat meals, I think my food tastes better when my kitchen is clean.. I thank my Dad for this one.

♥ I have to talk to my mom everyday, ever since we both got Skype we see each other about 2-3 hours a day :) LOVE IT! Even 2700 miles away I still get to hang out with my momma. Even if it's just watching TV together, crafting or just staring at each other and making silly faces, it's part of my everyday life :)

♥ You will never see me swimming in large pools of water, I'm scared of the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers and pools are very iffy. I'm also terrfied to get on a plane, sharks, snakes and OTTERS. I was bitten by an otter at the zoo when I was younger so now I won't go near them. That's right I'm scared of otters. Vicious little demons.

♥ I love to give. Whether it's sending out sweet letters, or making something, handing that box or card to the postman makes me giddy wth joy.

♥ I love putting chips on my sandwiches. BBQ flavor is my favorite. I think it's the crunchiness I like so much.

♥ I used to eat peas and applesauce, that's right.. mixed together. It was my favorite snack. Haven't really thought about it, my sister just mentioned it to me. Sounds gross, but it really isn't..try it!!

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  1. haha. i looved reading this.
    you are so cute!
    i am also afraid of water, haha.
    i totally hate it.

    im pretty ocd, as well.

    and i would never in a million years try peas with applesauce, haha.

    love you.

  2. You used to put ketchup in everything too :] I'm OCD as well in a lot of ways :] I only wish it was for organization!

  3. I am glad to know i am not the only clean freak out there lol :)OCD is my middle name

    I love bbq chips on sandwiches they are great my friend and I use to just make bbq chip sandwiches!

    love ya!


  4. you are too cute. thank you for posting this because it has me inspired to blog. whooody whooo. :)

    sarah ann

  5. How will you come visit me if you don't like planes? :( However, I do understand your fear.

  6. Lol, peas and applesauce yum... we all have our quirky foods we eat, some is really nast sounding, but good to try. I am glad to know I am not the only one with road rage, you saw my side of it that one night haha. Beware of the otters!!! so funny love you can't wait for part 2!!!

  7. Michelle is right another odd thing about you is you eat Catsup on your mashed potatos which is so gross to me. But hey I put lays potato chips on my pb&j sandwiches. I will never forget that trip to the zoo when the otter not only bit your finger but tried to pull you into to the enclosure by just hanging onto your finger and would not let go. your feet actually came off the ground. I was holding your hand thinking he was going to bit your entire finger off. Your dad was trying to grab the otter..we can look back and laugh now (right)...luv ya... and as for your OCD you can thank your Dad..momma~

  8. just realized i tagged you here:

    but i guess you're doing it already! hehe <3

  9. thanks for sharing :) i totally feel the same way about my lip gloss. i have to have one in every jacket and jean pocket. if i dont have one i start to hyperventilate! once my hubby had to give me one of his dad's chapsticks because i didn't even have my spare lol

  10. All these things I pretty much know :) But goodness the peas and applesauce? I never got why you like that!?! lol You used to put ketchup in your mashed potatoes too it would gross me out so you would eat it infront of me on purpose!! Yuck! lol.



  11. love your quirks! you and my husband sound ALOT alike! he is very OCD.

  12. I am so with you on the roadrage thing. My boyfriend always gets made at me cause I say stuff to the people in the cars around me. He is like "they can't even hear you so stop talking". I love chip sandwiches! BBQ is good but I actually quite like just plain chips too. I can't believe you hate otters. I think they are so cute! Though I probably wouldn't think that if one bit me.

  13. I still talk to my Mom every single day usually for about an hour. I am deathly afraid of deep water. And I always clean as I go in the kitchen. So, when we sit down to eat, all is clean and I am happy. I am not as organized as you though I'll tell you that much! That Valentines thing sounds fun!!!

  14. I loved this! I wish I was as organized as you. I need to learn to be organized. It might help me get more things done! haha! And the story about the otter is kind of funny! Poor little Lindsay!! Can't wait until part 2!

  15. very intersting things about you.

    cute blog!!

  16. you are tooo cute. and we are so similar, especially the mom thing. i've been begging her to get a webcam. oh! and i have to comment about the bbq chips thing... i have to have them on my sandwich~!

  17. Your blog is so cute!! Peas and applesauce? Okay, I guess it works!!

  18. i love skype!!!!
    i have to have chapstick too!
    i go crazy when i cant find it!
    I like this post!

  19. I love your many quirky things. Really fun to read it and I'm looking forward to round 2. I wish that I was as organized as you! I've been beyond obsessed with lip balm for years too, they are stashed all over my house. My daughter, at age 2, is already developing a similar obsession.

  20. Such a cute post!! It was lovely to learn a little bit about you! I love putting potato chips on my sandwiches, but I've never tried BBQ chips before! Sounds really tasty actually!!

  21. i am ocd about chapstick to, i will put it on my lips even if its not chapped, i love burts bees though, the mint kind, because it makes my lips feel cold

  22. Ha! chapstick! me too, I'm so obsessed with it, I have 30 lip smackers that I choose everyday depending on my mood... ha :)


  23. I love that you and your mom talk on skype every day. That's so sweet! Peas & applesauce...ewwwww! hehehe

  24. I am new to your blog via Running with Scissors and I must say I am loving it! You crack me up!! I have really enjoyed your "getting to know you" posts. Thanks for sharing!


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