Monday, January 25, 2010

Whose been busy?? This girl!

So this weekend I wrote myself out a huge list craft-wise that I wanted to accomplish, and what do ya know? I finished all but 1!!! Let me tell you this list was pretty darn long too!

Here are some things I finished

~Valentine's Day Cards for the swap, yep all 25 of them.. I want to make a few more for friends that didn't participate in the swap because I have so much left over stuff and it was so much fun. SO if you want to swap with me let me know. You can either comment here or e-mail me, either works :)

**Note** I will post pics of all 25 cards (yes all 25) because each of them is very different and I love the way they turned out. I will do this AFTER everyone has received theirs as to not ruin the surprise.

~ I finished a treasure box for a very special friend of mine, I'm not going to show the whole thing, just part of it. Something has to be left for a surprise :)

~ I blinged out Max's collar for a Style School project, with what other than buttons! This project was perfect for me. I was downstairs putting it together and Max was scratching at the door crying because he wanted his collar back. I showed it to him and he kept licking it.. What.a.cutie! He is definitely the most Stylin' doggie!! :)

Here is the manliest dog you'll ever see... :)

I had to take like 100 pics to get a decent one, he kept jumping around and not cooperating.. thank you Max

Here is a close-up

~ I made a pink panda themed felt make-up bag (which will probaby turn into a nail polish holder since they are scattered everywhere), which was another Style School project. I named her Kua, which means pretty in Chinese. I LOVE LOVE her. I'm going to get a cute pink zipper and maybe that plastic vinyl stuff to put on the inside, anyone know where to get that? I want it to be a little more sturdy. This is by far, my favorite project. I love how much I am coming into my style, this class is amazing!!!

Isn't she the cutest pink panda ever???

~ I also did 2 more Style File pages. One is wardrobe and the other is for Life Inspiration. I am already having trouble closing my binder and still have many pages planned. I'm hoping to find a way to maximize the space so I don't have to upgrade binders.

Here is the pic of Life Inspiration, I got the embroidered leaf in the ornament swap and had to include it because it went so well with my nature theme. I have no idea who made it, so if you do, please let me know so I can give them credit :)

Here is my Handbag Heaven page.. gosh I love hobo bags. I need to find a cute one because I'm in serious need of an upgrade.

~ I watched so many VH1 reality shows my eyes hurt. HAHA that one is for Jamie.. Yes I watch Tough Love, Frank the Entertainer, and Jersey Shore.. There is just something about Hot Mess' on TV that make me giggle with glee.. It's one of me and my hubby's favorite things to do on Sunday's, well besides watching the SAINTS win their game so they are now going to the SUPERBOWL!!!! WHO DAT?!?! Ok I'll save that for another post.

~We made up a family day.. Dance Saturdays.. that's right we just dance around the house with the kids, just randomly... It's great exercise and I hear so many giggles my heart leaps with joy. I hope to keep it ongoing, we were so tired after our little dance marathon, the kids were pooped and we burned like tons of calories :) Then stuffed our faces with oreos...perfect.

~I organized my craft room again after the disaster I left from all the card-making.

In other AMAZING news, Kaylee has a tooth!! Her VERY FIRST one! She hasn't made a peep, so I had no idea until I went to clean her gums, and low and behold...a toothers!! For those that didn't know, we were worried because at now 15 months old she didn't have one. So thank goodness we don't have to go through dental x-rays!! I'm hoping the rest of her teeth come in this quietly *knock on wood*. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

What did you do?


  1. Poor Max is not gonna be a real guard dog anymore people will laugh when he tries to scare them! hehe Love the panda makeup bad make me one!! The bow just puts the cherry on it! ;) Love you


  2. I will swap v-day cards with you! I was going to make you a little something anyhow.

  3. Your panda make up/nail polish bag is beyond adorable! I have a perfect quote from a company called quick quotes that I think you would enjoy! when i get home today i am gonna see if i cant dig it out for ya! I have been saving it for my babies someday, so this is a good opportinuty for you to use it! It is about getting your first tooth. :] I wanna swap a card with you! I was trying to find a V-day card swap to get into, and by the time that i had heard about yours it was too late :[ So you can email me your address and ill email ya mine!! Have a wonderful Monday!
    XOXO tiff

  4. o just cuteness everywhere! I love dance night can I come haha :D

    Reality tv makes me feel better about myself its good for your self esteem bc they are all messed up or crazy!

  5. how fun! can i come to dance night?? its my favorite kind of night! and your style school stuff is sooo cute! i really need to post pics of my stuff! but i suck at that kind of thing! haha hope you have an amazing week!

  6. your panda is CUTE!! I love it! Good job! And I love Max's collar! I want to make one for my friend's cat but I don't know if my friend will let me put it on him! haha!

    Yay for Kaylee's first tooth!

  7. i love all the crafts!~ wow soooo pretty.
    it makes me feel very inspired. :)

  8. Wow, you have been a busy girl!! Love it all!!

  9. Cuteeee :) I love the panda!

  10. Loved watching you thru Skype create your Panda bag, treasure box and Max's collar. Thank goodness he is a Rot or the dogs in the neighborhood would be laughing at him w/buttons sewn to his collar.. lol I am so excited our KayKay has her first tooth!! Can't wait to see her big smile w/one little tooth.. how adorable.. You are amazing how busy you are keeping everything going, kids, hubby, house, crafting.. gosh I wish I still had that kind of energy... huggs...momma

  11. Hey girly! Missed you but I've been in bed sick the last 36 hours or so and I'm not doing that hot today. Just wanted to say hi and I love all of your crafts. Gotta love some VH1 shows, too. haha

  12. YAY KAYLEE HAS A TOOTH!! Dancing around is so much fun! I do it with Addy all the time too, play date idea??? Lol, that panda bag is CUTE!!!! I love that box, its PINK! The rounded top looks really great too along with the gold button things on the side, it gives it a super cute pirate touch! We should go shopping soon, we can search for a hobo bag for you! Let me know!! Love you, glad you finished your cards too!

  13. you sure have been busy! i'm impressed, and everything looks great. :D

  14. Your panda bag turned out adorable! I've been so busy lately, I've been making tons of crafts for gifts so I can't post about them yet. Congrats on the tooth Kaylee!


  15. Wow Lindsay you were a busy girl! I am in love with the panda bag! That is so awesome!
    Debbie :)

  16. 25 cards? Thats crazy! haha I bet max loves his new collar :) Yay, well done Kaylee! My dad and his fiances baby is due in august. I cant wait to meet him or her and to get to see all their baby 'firsts' :) Thanks for sharing girlie xx

  17. BTW I just signed up for Happy Mail... I finally did it lol. I am just going to set up reminders to go to the post office and hopefully that will work!

  18. everything is soooo cute!!
    Love the cute little box and the dog collar etc....
    Have you ever looked at they have some really cute bags sometimes and seem to be decent prices!! Be careful though, their stuff is so cute and addicting! :)

  19. I love Celebrity rehab, Real World, the Hills the list goes on. i just can't help myself.--:)

    I <3 that panda bag!!!!

  20. Your panda bag rocks you did such a fabulous job!!! Now I want one! And Max's color is too cute I think he can man it up!

  21. cutest lil panda ever!
    good idea!!
    you have been busy busy!
    omg! i watch jersey shore too. its hillarious! haha are they for real!?
    i hope you have a great night!!!!

  22. Dang girl, you have been working hard! I am glad you are staying motivated. Send some motivation this way please. :)

  23. you are a machine girl!!
    keep it up
    you inspire me every day!!
    love you so much

  24. Such a cute post! I love the pink panda cosmetic bag! It's just adorable!! Dance saturdays sound amazing! I want to join in!

  25. Sounds like your weekend was great!! Saturday dance party sounds like so much fun! I love all your style school projects too. Your dog is so handsome and is so proud of his new collar!!

  26. i know i've said this before, but you are SO creative +inspiring. i love following along on your crafty adventures.


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