Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Is Going To Be Awesome!

I thought it would be fun to do a picture post on how I'm feeling about 2010 and what I'll be doing! First, I want to say:

Joseph surprised me last night with a bucket of Champagne.. How cute is this?

We toasted in the new year together, in bed. I felt like an old couple, but it was sweet. I have never been out on New Year's before so why start now, plus at home cuddled up in bed is the best place I can think of to start a New AWESOME Year! I was looking like a hot mess so I cropped like crazy.. Yes, I'm aware we used wine glasses...

This quote reminds me of my hubby, so I am throwing it in the mix. He says I don't mention him enough, Love you Poohbear!! :)

Here are some things I'm going to keep doing and some I will start! Hope you enjoy all the eye candy and hope it inspires you as well!

Remember this......

[all images found via WeHeartIt, besides my own]
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!! 14 more followers until my next giveaway!!!! Love you guys!

How did you bring in 2010?


  1. crocheting and cuddling on the couch with Adam and our dog :) Im not much for the party seen either!!! This is a really cute and inspiring post!!
    you are amazing!

  2. Happy New Year, Lindsay!!! Looove all these pics! They certainly inspire! And I seriously love the champagne in the Easter bucket. That is soooo something we would do! ;) I rang in the new year with lots of laughing at katie and she bowled on Wii, my beating everybody at bowling (mwahhahahaha), losing lots of fake $ on deal or no deal and holding a sweet baby girl. We just had fun watching tv, playing Wii and talking with Katie, Dan & baby Sophia. Fun nite! I can't ever remember a new year's of going out and partying. Home with those you love is a great place to be! Love you! Hope the new year is allllll you hope for and dream and then some! xoxo

  3. i love this :) so glad to hear your new year's was amazing!!

    xoxo, Eden

  4. I love all these pics. They are so inspiring. I didn't get you for happy mail, but I have a card to send out to you. Starting the new year off right! :)
    Happy New Year!

  5. great photos! Cute blog! Happy New Year!

  6. I love the pictures, so fun! My favortie one was the WISH one, I would put that into a frame lol. Ray and I brought the new years in together :) We drank champagne, yum and I made some yummy dip! It was a good way to bring in the New Year! I am excited for 2010!! LOVES!

  7. great words to inspire your new year! enjoy!! We love you & miss you... Can't wait to see the pics of your craft room! luv, momma

  8. Happy New Year! We drank wine and watched the Dick Clark special in NYC and sealed the year with a kiss!


  9. This was lovely!!

    Happy New Year, LIndsay!!


  10. Happy New Year Lindsay! Love the inspiring photos! Makes me feel like the new year is going to be beautiful!

    We brought the new year in by playing Mario kart on the wii and then watching tv. We are exciting like that :)

  11. I like staying home on NYE. I have lived in Vegas for 17 years and have never done a Vegas NYE. No real desire to, either.

  12. Very lovely pictures! Happy New Year to you too!!

  13. these images are awesome.. i love your blog! i shared your button on my sidebar, i hope that's okay! :) love xxo


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