Monday, January 11, 2010

Sister Projects are FUN!

Saturday me and my sister AJ had a craft date :) Since we live so far away we had it via Skype. What a fun idea!! She made me something for my craft wall and I made her something for hers. It didn't take long at all, I made mine pretty simple where as hers is a lot more detailed. I had a blast and we got in some good sister time :) I'm hoping we can do this at least once a month, I think it's a great way to encourage each other while at the same time girl talk :) As some of you may know she recently started a new blog and started delving into her creative side. You guys should go check her out at AJ's Blonde Ambition. She is gorgeous and her kids are beautiful too. You can see the project she made via this link.

Here is a picture of what I made her.. Simple with the vintage look, which she loves :)

A picture I screenshotted of her during our craft "date"

I thought AJ's idea of posting some pics of us as kids was a cute idea, so I stole it hehe. Here are some of my favorite pics of us.

AJ's first day of Kindergarden, I have all my school supplies ready to go. Dad always with the Diet Coke in his hand lol

Feeding AJ, boy do I look uninterested..

What a Chunky Monkey!!! <3 you

Little Red Riding Hood and Scarecrow, Momma made our costumes every year :)

Holding my new baby sister

Hope you guys enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane with me :)
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P.S.S Big mail goodies update coming very soon!!! Lots of fun things have arrived and can't wait to share them!!!


  1. what a cute post I am working on something very cute for your craft room!

    loves and hugs


  2. I love looking at all of our old pictures it makes me smile :). I can't wait to get it in the mail!! LOVE YOU!!


  3. awww that is so cute Lindsay! I love the pictures of you and your sister as little girls! I wish I had a sister to craft with! Cute project by the way!

  4. awwww how fun! i love skype.
    it makes talking to my parents in japan, a lot easier!!

  5. Aww I love what you both made each other! So cute! Haha I love the pics too, especially the one of you 2 going to school! Sister love is such a great bond :-) BTW we need a play date soon!!!! Loves!!

  6. cute old photos!
    the one of you two going to school is the best :)

  7. i totally remember that "future cheerleader" shirt that we got at cheer camp that summer :] lani was our teacher and i spilled orange soda on mine on the first day! :] ahhh, the days of cornerstone acadamy :]

  8. I love this post :) My sister is my best friend so I know how important sister time can be :)

  9. Luv it that you brought Amanda into your craftworld! you girls will have so much fun bonding and inspiring each other.. luv u both so much! p.s. gosh I hated that shirt your dad wore, he never would button it up... So glad he finally let me donate it..hugs momma

  10. this is amazing. i've never met you and i don't even know aj, but i love you both. :)


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