Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Funday

I pulled the Giveaway winner this morning, I really wanted to do a live video chat but no one was on :( So I got Joseph to pull it for me again :) Thank you hunnie for being my official giveaway name puller :)
Here is the cutie box with all the names

Joseph about to pull the winner

And the winner is...*drumroll please*

COURTNEY!!!! E-mail me with your address Courtney and I'll get your Sweet Treats package out to you asap :)

So I have been lots of busy this weekend, the post office is going to love me tomorrow :) Here are all the packages ready for shipment. From Happy Mail to trades to Just Because mail I was super busy putting these together this weekend :)

Today I started on the cards for my Valentine's Day swap, I'm not going to post the cards until everyone gets theirs, as to not ruin the surprise :) Here are *some* of the things I used today. Every card is going to be different and unique. It makes it a bit harder for me but also challenges my creative side. I want every card to have it's own special touch. I figure I will make about 8 a day and do only the fronts and back and then on the last day do all of the insides. So I'm guessing about 4 to 5 days to complete :) That's my goal for the week! Wish me luck!! I already finished my 8 for the day! YAY!

Love Day paper :)


Sticker embellishments

Stamps and ink pads

Felt embellishments

Here is the collage Jamie made all hung up on my wall. I made my own matting for the frame since it was a special size. The glare is horrible, sorry. I LOVE how it turned out and it matches my wall perfectly :) Oh, and if you notice in the bottom right my tissue paper. Yes, I color code them and yes, I fold them too!!

Hope everyone started off their week great! I posted a Motivational Monday post over on 2010 Best Year Ever blog, so don't forget to check that out too!!

How did you start out your week?


  1. i love you more w each post.
    - holy crap that's a lot of mail! i love mail days like that! i always can't wait for everyone to receive everything!
    - WOW your cards look like they are going to be awesome.
    - your tissue paper makes my life

  2. Oh no ): lucky courtney XD

    I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE those felt embellishments yikes we don't have those in here! <3 those cupcakes and owls! aaay! :D


  3. Your cards are gonna turn out super-cute!! Fun fun!! I wanted to thank you for Johnny's toy camera! He loves it! I'm so glad you, Joe, Hayden, and Kaylee came to his party to celebrate with him! :) He feels alot better now...I was so not thinking when planning for his shots. :-s

  4. I love the felt elephants for the cards!! They are gonna turn out super duper cute! I am excited for our play date this week and hopefully a hobby lobby trip!! So far today I have cleaned the house and now I am baking a Twix cake!!! Which of course I will bring you a piece ;) Love you see you this week!!

  5. Wow!! That is a lot of super cute stuff for your cards! I bet you're gonna have fun making them :)

  6. Your craft room is so pretty! I love the stamp set with the cupcake, heart and the xo. It is so cute!

  7. oh wow! this is amazing! thank you so much, i will email you now.

    yeah, i made my own cards too but i didnt use stamps or felt stuff, i have a kid, school and work, i wish i had enough time to be as creative as you! i dont know how you manage to do it with a full plate as well, but very inspiring! by the way i love that wreth!

  8. That pic makes me sooo happy!!! I love seeing it hung on your wall and the frame is perfect!!! =)
    That's a lot of mail going out!!! Wow!!!
    Hope you had a great day!!! xoxo

  9. WOW! Now that is allot of Happy Mail!! You have been a busy momma haven't you! Hope you week is wonderful and thanks for the B-day wishes!!


  10. It was a huge delivery with all that..
    Just happy for the lucky one.

  11. Congratulations to Courtney! (lucky duck! lol) That sure is a big pile of mail. There are going to be a lot of happy faces out there when the postman delivers. :) Lindsay... you amaze me with all you do.

    Take Care,

  12. The box you put all the names in is extra cute! I have to say Joe's shirt made me laugh! haha He is such a good sport when it comes to taking pictures and being involved in your projects :)! All your cards you have made with me on Sykpe so far are way too cute!! I can't wait to get mine!! You Inspire me!! Love you SISTA!


  13. Congrat's Courtney! I can't wait till everyone receives their Valentines cards because your little stock pile there looks soooooo gooood!

  14. Your craft room is so cute. Loving all the card goodies.

  15. Congrats to Courtney on her winning these awesome gifts!!! you have been a bit busy haven't you. Yes the mail man is going to love you but the receipents of your happy mail boxes are going to love you more. I agree w/AJ Joe is a great sport being involved in your crafting side. Luv all you create. wish I was closer to do some w/you. luv momma

  16. holy smokes!! i'm excited to get the cards now! wooohoo!

  17. Yay! I'm picking up my VDay card supplies tonight. So excited!

  18. your cards are going to be so cute! Love the felt owls!! Too cute!

  19. bahh! i'm so excited about this swap!!

  20. WOW lots of happy mail and I think I see that one of those maybe mine?? Yours is going out tomorrow. I can't wait til you get it. I put some cool stuff in there for you.

  21. Jamie's collage looks so great in there!


  22. Those cards are going to be adorable.

  23. Looks like your cards are going to be fabulous!! I've been meaning to make some Love Day cards, I just haven't gotten around to it yet...A peek at your supplies has inspired me! ;)

  24. Congrats Courtney!! Have fun making your Valentines!



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