Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy Little Bee

So today I was up at 7am bright and early because I have tons to do today. I closed the Valentine's Day Card Swap early today because there were so many who signed up and I personally, couldn't handle hand-making more than 25 cards. Sorry to those who missed out, no way I could add more people (and stay sane) with all the projects I'm doing. With Style School, Happy Mail, trades, pen pals, V-day card swap, giveaways, I'm a busy little bee :) I sent out the mass e-mail list a little bit ago for the swap, lots of thanks to all 25 people who signed up :) Another thank you to the ones who responded so quickly that they got the e-mail, haha. This is going to be lots of fun!!


In other news I added a formspring to my blog today :) Yes, I decided to jump on the bandwagon! So feel free to ask me ANYTHING, it can be done anonomously or you can leave your name. I'll be sure to answer any questions you leave me :)

I got some really ironic, but awesome news yesterday. My Style School partner was assigned to me and guess who I happened to get? My Happy Mail person, Christine from Sew Moody!!!! Isn't that crazy ironic? I am so excited!! Speaking of Style School, I have been working on my Style File like crazy! I will post pics either tomorrow or Thursday. I know I've been saying that for awhile now, but I'm really doing it this time! I kept forgetting or I would have another post planned. Also, I will be posting pics of my recent Happy Mail sometime this week!!

Also, my good friend Carrie featured a recipe of mine on her blog today! So go check it out, especially if you love mexican food! She has an amazing Taco Soup recipe on there too!! I will not be posting a Recipe Wednesday tomorrow since it's already on her page :)

Tuesday's To Do List:
Get Valentines Day Card Swap e-mails sent out (done)
Write 3 Happy Mail letters
Do at least 2 more Style File pages (halfway done)
Blog (in process)
Get sweet treat pics organized (done)
Write down Hobby Lobby list
Write down grocery list
Take down my Christmas tree (yea I have been busy)

Hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday! Don't forget to send in your sweet treat pics for the Giveaway! I'll be drawing a winner this Sunday! Here are some of the Sweet Treat pics I've gotten so far!

AJ's favorite sweet treat is ice cream. She made hers out of clay and then painted it! It came out so cute!! Isn't she adorable?

Debbie's favorite is Chocolate chip cookies!

Cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels are Janel's favorite!
She made these cutie charms out of polymer clay and rhinestones!!!

Kirry's favorite sweet treat is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! YUM!

Strawberry Napoleon is Debbie's favorite sweet treat!

Ok, I'm off to do some of those things on my To Do list!!! :)
P.S. It is currently 36 degrees outside, that's like summer compared to what we were having :D


  1. Haha you do sound busy. I'm sure Style School is going to be a blast though. I loved everyone's sweet treats! :) YUM! Oh yea, I totally WANT that owl "to-do" list! Where did you get it??


  2. Yummmmm!!!!
    Your recipe sounds delicious too! I need to try both of those that you girls posted today!
    And that is crazy that you got your happy mail person!!!! How incredible!!!!

  3. Very cute stuff. You have lots to do!

  4. You are busy! I've been keeping busy, too, which is good because I am officially anxious about traveling next week.

  5. your list looks very similar to mine lol! I am so excited about the Valentine swap:D

    Thanks for sharing a great recipe!


  6. I'm so excited to do the V-Day Swap with you :) All those sweet treats looked yummy, I love Janel's treats she made they are adorable! LOVE YOU Sista!!

  7. The card swap sounds so fun, I just can't overload myself anymore (I think I may be getting a stomach bug or flu AHH). Those little cupcake and pretzel charms are so sweet!! Your sister's ice cream cone is so cute too! It sounds like you are very busy! Me too, except today my booty is stuck on the couch :( I hate being sick!!

  8. OO yummy!! I'm really hungry for something sweet now!!

  9. I'm working on my sweet treat riiight now!! SO SO excited :D you'll see

    XO :)

  10. Oh my my I want Debbie's receipe!!! totally to indulge myself...momma

  11. I was up until 4am yeterday :( I have those to-do-list pad.

  12. Yeah aren't you loving this weather?? Today is Johnny's bday and the day he was born the windchill was -50...so weird! I wanted to partake in your V-day card swap, but I'm totally swamped with stuff to do this month...too many birthdays! lol. So now I don't feel so bad since you had to close it early.

  13. Your recipe sounds so good! Reading it made me very hungry, I do admit. My gosh, and you're so so busy, I could never keep up. I wish I had the ability to get so much done in one day. Anyways, your recipe inspired me to snack on some tostitos, and then I'm off to bed! Goodnight!

  14. everyone's sweet treats look amazing! I finished mine but I still need to take a picture. I will try to get that done today. I have been so busy as well. I feel like I haven't really talked to anyone much since our chat on Saturday night but I just have so much to catch up on! I will get back into it. I did get some things started/finished that I had been meaning to. And I started on the valentine cards. My wrist has been hurting all night so I think I may be crocheting too much but I don't care! Im gonna keep going!! haha! :)

  15. so cute i love that to do list! and the hearts picture!
    that swap is gonna be so fun for yall! i totally missed out!
    have fun today!


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