Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Funday.. minus the fun

So this morning didn't start off amazing. I begged and pleaded with my hubby to run to the post office for me since it was freezing outside and I hadn't had my coffee yet. Like a good husband he brought all my packages to the post office. I get a call about 20 minutes later (our post office is on base) saying it cost $60 to ship off 1 package. I sent my mom an exercauser that Kaylee is too big for now, for my niece Ava. She could have bought a new one for the price it cost to ship it! Keep in mind this was not a fast delivery, it was the slowest and without insurance (I'm horrible I know). Instead of calling me, he just paid for it because there was a long line and didn't want to make anyone wait for him to make a call.. *sigh*.. So long story short, this little post office trip cost over $90!!! So that sound you are my wallet crying. Here is the 2 receipts because one of the boxes was so big, he had to make 2 separate trips. I really do appreciate him going out in the cold for me though, he is the sweetest! So thank you Joseph, I LOVE YOU! Good thing Happy Mail doesn't go out until the 15th. Also, I think my post office messed something up because I haven't received mail in like 1 week! I have several people who sent me letters and packages weeks ago and I have yet to receive anything. SO LAME! Ok, I'm done ranting.. sorry!! *ends rant*

My day got a lot better when my Hayden came home today with his very FIRST blue card!! He is on a color scale at school. It goes from green(good)-red(bad). They occasionally give out blue cards if they are extra good with no warnings all day long! SO YAY for Hayden!! This made me feel a lot better and brightened my day!

I also wrote another 4 Happy Mail letters! So that's 10 letters in 2 days!! My poor hand!!
On another note, I have VERY VERY exciting news I'm announcing tomorrow! So check back here! Love you guys!
P.S. Only 4 more followers until my next giveaway!!!!

**EDIT** I wanted to say I am VERY happy to know that my boxes will put many smiles on many faces. I was just frustrated with the one HUGE box that costed $60 (mainly due to the fact it was 30 pounds)! I absolutely LOVE sending out mail, it was just a shock when the post office costed me over $90. I was not complaining that I had to send out mail at all.. sorry sorry sorry to those if I came off that way :( I would never want to make anyone feel guilty for getting a box, because sending them is my most favorite thing. *thinks lighter* hehe. LOVE LOVE you all!!!


  1. Holy money batman! But just think of all the days you will brighten when people get mail from you. <3

  2. YAY HAYDEN'S BLUE CARD! Sending packages are soo expensive, its ridiculous how much they can charge! Oh and don't feel bad we haven't gotten any mail either lately! Strange!!! Sorry this is so short but I have a fussy Addyson trying to bite me right now AHHH!

  3. Aw! I feel horrible (knowing that one of those went to me!!)! :( Is there anything I can do to help with that?! hahaha
    And YES for blue cards! haha I remember those little things (I think ours were wooden sticks or something - I wouldn't know...I was a good kid! :P) and how excited or scared everyone got about them! haha
    Can't wait to hear the big news - impatient! :D
    xo! <3

  4. ooh that stinks a lot! I feel bad too because one of those is coming to me too! I will throw something extra into my package to you just for that! Hope tomorrow is better and I can't wait to hear the news! <3 <3

  5. Shipping baby stuff (well I guess big stuff in general) is crazy! John's mom was gonna send us a super-nice stroller/travel system, bouncer, and something else when Johnny was born, but the cost to ship it all here was too flippin' much, so we told her not to worry about it. I think we could've driven there and got it ourselves cheaper than it woulda been to send it! lol. Congrats to Hayden on his blue card! :)

  6. Wowzers! I sure hope Ava gets a lot of use out of that exerscaucer. I'm sure everyone will be excited to get your packages and letters :) I think the weather must be affecting the postal service because we've been slow getting our mail too.. Congrats to Hayden for getting a blue note!! :)


  7. Yay for Hayden, that rocks! You are like the Happy Mail queen (besides Jamie,lol)!!
    What a wonderful person you are! I simply cannot wait to hear your news.

  8. Wow thats all I can say

    go Hayden that's really good! Can wait to hear your news

  9. I had a trip to the post office yesterday too. Just having to go there causes a feeling of dread to wash over me. I just hate it. And usually it's not that bad of a visit. But still...

    Grayson has smiley faces that they get. They also can get unhappy faces but he's gotten a happy face every single day of school! I wish he could be that good at home. ha!

    Hope your Tuesday is a happy one!
    Loves you!

  10. 10 happy mail letters! wow you are dedicated!
    i had to go to the post office yesterday too, and just out of curiosity looked at what it would cost to ship something back to north america. the $90 bill sounds good! ugh. of all the advances we've made in the past 30 years, why can't this have gotten better?

  11. aww, thats sucks though!

    but i am so excited for my happy mail! i had no idea you were doing so many, wow! you are a busy bee with happy mail!

  12. Hey sweetie.. don't be too hard on Joe...he is a newbie at shipping packages.. Dad sent you a check today.. it's really not a big deal... and everyone who got a package sent out yesterday don't feel bad about the postage her daddy's check will make her smile again!!! luv ya sweetie...... p.s your dad shipped out a package today and emailed me to ask me if he should send it UPS or USPS lol.. I told him Joe taught us large packages go by UPS not the reg post office.. luv my Joe.. I am already laughing about this...momma

  13. oh my gosh forgot the most important thing!! our man Hayden got a Blue Card and a Green Card.. Grama & Grampa are so proud of him...hugs and sugars to our little man.


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