Saturday, January 9, 2010

V-Day Card Swap!!!

I wanted to do a Valentine's Day card swap and figured I would go ahead and get it started. This is just like Ashley's Christmas Card exchange, except it's Valentines :) Thanks to Ashley for the "How it works" part, I wrote mine out and it sounded to complicated.

Here's how it works:

1. You email me your mailing address and let me know that you want to participate.

2. I will then add everyone who wants to participate to a list.

3. The day after sign-ups end (January 16th) I will email everyone the list of names on the list.

4. You will either make or buy everyone on that list a card. Fill it out, personalize it, whatever you want to do with each person's card.

5. Then, by January 30th, you will mail your package of cards and $3.00 (to cover stamps and envelopes).

6. I will then seperate everyone's cards and put them in an envelope and send those cards to you!

7. You will get loads of LOVE DAY CARDS!! :)

So all you need to do now is:

*E-mail me AND comment this blog (so I can look in my email and keep track better) if you would like to participate!


I'll e-mail you back to let you know I have recieved it and put you on the list!

*Send this fun idea to other people you think would enjoy participating!

Sign-ups end Saturday, January 16th!
Mail package to me by Saturday, January 30th!

Hope you guys join in on the fun!
P.S here is some eye candy to get you in the card swapping mood! hehe :)


  1. I am in I will email you right now :)

  2. you know I'm interested! Thanks for putting this together!

  3. I am in and just e-mailed you! Excited to do this

  4. Aww fun! I need to see my financial situation, but I think I am in as of now. I will let you know for sure though! Such a fun idea for Valentine's day! Are we still doing the treasure hunt for the kiddos? I have some fun ideas for it! I agree with the play/craft date, just say when and who's house!! Love youuu!

  5. BTW how amazing was that Josh Groban pic?!?!? AHH soo yummy lol (I know I am obsessed) hahaha

  6. So CUTE!! I just emailed you!!

  7. So cute!! I just posted about my card swap the other day too! You never said whether or not you wanted to do mine?

    Linds, I bet you will be getting lots of cards!


  8. totally in, love!
    those candy hearts look so good! <3

  9. I'm in! I should have your garland goodie ready to mail Tues - I'm loving it!
    I can't wait for you to see it!

  10. i'm so in on this....i'll email you tonight

  11. OH valentines day is going to be right around the corner, isn't it? That reminds me, I should get started on some kind of craft for it. Can't wait to see all the lovely cards!

  12. Dear Lindsay, its my first time visiting your lovely blog. You have such a wonderful inpirational blog and i really love it here. So happy to have found you today. :) This valentine swap is such a lovely idea. Have fun and have a lovely merry happy weekend. Love to you!

  13. lindsay, i sent you an email for this, please let me know if you got it! im new to blogspot and just trying to get my foot in the door =]

  14. this sounds awesome! thanks for doing this!

  15. I'm def. into doing this!!! :)

    aka Amanda smooother! haha no one is gonna get this.. lol

  16. i wish i could do this can i still sign up? i have so much stuff for valentines day cards


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