Sunday, January 17, 2010

Style School Projects

I finally finished my wreath for Style School. Instead of doing the transparency flowers (mainly in part because I didn't have any transparency papers) I decided to make my own felt flowers. I also wanted to dabble some more into embroidery. I used lots of bright colors that would match my craft room. It came out really cute. All of it was cut out and hand stitched from the flowers, to the leaves, to the hanger. Of course I incorporated some buttons :)

A view from the side

Close-up of one of the hand stitched flowers

I also did 2 more Style File pages. You can see my other pages here. I found I have a lot of wardrobe pages, almost double all my others. I still have about 4 more pages planned. I think I'm going to need a bigger binder, hehe. I plan on starting another Style School project as soon as the Valentine's Day cards are made for the swap.

I had the Grease song stuck in my head when I named this one.. hehe

Here are the last bit of Sweet Treat photos. I will be pulling a winner late tonight or early in the morning. I wanted to do a live video chat pull but didn't organize one in time. Maybe I can convince some of my awesome friends to join in while I pull one? :D
Britney's favorite treat is a cupcake, doesn't that look yummy?

Courtney took a different approach and got very creative with the Sweet Treat idea. Here is a quote to go with the picture she sent me :) "I think its always a treat to get to see the pretty colors that fall brings us. Its a treat to know all my favorite holidays and time of year is just upon us, and its a treat to be able to go out with my family as much as I possibly can before the weather gets cold!"

Kym sent me a picture of the Halloween cupcakes she made last year as her favorite Sweet Treat. She did a great job!

My next post will be lots of fun stuff too!! I'll announce the giveaway winner, pictures of what have been keeping me super busy (in a good busy way) and the awesome print and collage Jamie sent me that I made my own matting for.

What did you do this weekend?
P.S. I want to thank everyone for leaving me sweet thoughts on my posts, it's so awesome to see that people read my thoughts and look at my projects :) I appreciate each and every one of your comments, they make my day :)


  1. I love, love, love your wreath! Again, the colors you use make me so happy. Haha, and I haven't seen Grease in a while, but I remember that Summer Lovin' would always be stuck in my head after I would watch it. All of the pages look so, so good! <3

  2. Your wreath turned out GREAT! Its so bright and colorful, I bet it looks AMAZING in your craft room! Oh and the buttons on the flowers are the perfect touch!! Love you, can't wait to see who wins!

  3. I love your wreath, the colors are beautiful! You look like you are having fun with Style School, I hope that they have another one, I would have loved to do it this time, but I new that I wouldn't have had time having a new baby! I can't wait to see who wins tomorrow! How exciting!

  4. Wow! Your wreath turned out great. Isn't style school awesome?

  5. Your wreath is beautiful! Your stitched flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Your wreath looks awesome! Love the colors and the flowers!!!

  7. Great colors and patterns on your summer lovin' page. They make me crave warm weather. Your felt flowers are adorable and so much fun.

  8. Hey woman! Just wanted to tell you that Summer Lovin collage is so cool. I am going to make some crafts in the next couple days and I may have some questions. Is it ok if I hit you up for some help? I would love to start making things for happy mail instead of buying, but I'm not sure anyone would want what I make.

  9. Oh my goodness that wreath is so adorable! I love the bright colors, flowers, and the embroidery! I've seen several other wreaths from other style school bloggers, but yours is my favorite!! Really cute style file pages too!! I love to look at stuff like that so it was a treat to see yours! I had really wanted to sign up for style school but I just don't have the time to keep up with all the projects! It's a lot of fun to see pictures of all the cool stuff you guys are doing! Hope your weekend was great!

  10. that wreath is gorgeous! i especially love the unique shapes of the flowers. and the second style file page is inspiring me to find a plaid shirt, i don't own one but those are great.
    look forward to the next post :)

  11. great work with the felt flowers! they look beautiful!

  12. i like the felt flowers even better!!!
    so cute
    great job girl!!

  13. I love how the wreath turned out! The colors are so bright and the embroidery and buttons really added to it.

    I just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog and I do try to post but have trouble at times. I blame it all on my dial-up connection. Its the one thing about living in the boonies I don't like.

    Keep creating!

  14. The wreath turned out amazing esp. since teal is the main color :)!!


  15. the wreath looks so good! I bet it looks so good in your craft room!


  16. Uh I love the flowers on that wreath! I can hardly wait for the giveaway winner!!

    XOXO :)

  17. Your wreath turned out so cute. I am definitely going to have to make one of those soon. In fact, I totally just got an awesome idea. :)

  18. omg amazing! style school really looks good on you. here is my sweet treat photo! :) i'm a last minute mary.

  19. Your wreath turned out amazing!! I love it!
    And dangit I forgot the giveaway...and now I feel like a complete dunce (I already felt bad that I didn't comment enough even though I read them! lol) haha Forgivesies? :P
    I like the pages, too! I totally drooled over those bracelets when I got the new (Alloy? Delias? I can't remember) catalogue!
    Love you!! xo!

  20. Wow...I love the wreath, it looks awesome! You did a great job! :)

  21. love your wreath and the colors are so bright and cheery. the stiching on the flowers makes them so personalized. you did a great job and it does look great in your "woman cave"! lol .........luv momma

  22. Cute! I love the felt flowers with buttons :)



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