Friday, January 8, 2010

YAY for Fridays!

Figured it was time to put an updated pic of me on here (not counting Peace pics yesterday because they are grainy) I took about 100 pictures and of course only liked about 5 of them. Am I the only one who is that critical of their own pictures?

Red hair with light red highlights. I love being a redhead!!! Thank you Dad for the great red gene :) I did put a little color in my hair, but my natural color is my eyebrows which is pretty much the same color my hair is, I can't tell a difference :)

Also I got the scarf Mandy from Miss Indie made for me that matches the beanie hat she also made a few weeks ago! Had to model in a few pics. Aren't I silly with a short-sleeved shirt, when I'm wearing a scarf and hat. What do they say now-a-days? That's my swagger.. haha anyway..

In my pea coat duffel jacket from AE, this jacket is so warm but makes me look bulky..weird..

Scarf and hat go so cute with it! Love it Mandy!! Go check out her awesome shop here.

I also have some exciting news...I have reached 95 followers! GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I will be posting either tonight or tomorrow about all the fun stuff you can win!! Remember my theme is "Sweet Treats" :D Love you guys!!

P.S. Check out 2010 Best Year Ever, it's a great project a few of us ladies are working on! Join in!


  1. I love your hair color the red is beautiful on you! The scarf and hat make you look so young and adorable :) I am gonna have to check out mandy's shop :) LOVE YOU


  2. Wow 95 followers, GO YOU!! I love the hat and scarf! I'm going to have to check out her shop, she makes super cute stuff!! The pics of you are cutie patotie! You're hair is getting SO long! :)


  3. WOW! That scarf and hat are amazing! You look beautiful.

  4. You are gorgeous! The hat is so cute...I might have to get one.

  5. I love that hat and scarf!! It is so perfect for you! I love the red highlights too, your hair is gorgeous (once again as always lol)! I thought about doing a few like fire engine red ones, but I think I would look DUMB! Haha I love the short sleeve with the scarf too, HOT! For the last time you do not look bulky in that coat crazy!! It is super cute! I am so excited for your giveaway!! I love the theme too! Love youuu! *BTW I still have your pan I keep trying to get to you so I might send it with Ray to give to Joe*

  6. love love love the color! its so fabulous on you!

  7. HOTTIE ALERT!!! hehe
    Gorgeous!!! Loove the scarf and hat Mandy made! She's so talented!!! What's the red on the scarf? A design or a line?
    Looove the new pics! I need some good ones of me to use on stuff but it's very rare to get one that I'm really happy with! Maybe I should take 100 too. Surely there'd be at least one I'd like!
    Yay for giveaways!!!
    Love ya! xo

  8. Awww you ladies are so sweet *blushes* thanks for all the sweet comments!

  9. Hey lady! Thanks for adding my link! I have buttons w/ grab boxes on both of my blogs now. I don't know how to copy the code onto here without it just posting the linked images...

  10. Beautiful! You're hair is gorgeous! Loving the new scarf and adorable hat. I believe I saw a red flower on there. Perfect! I just know I'm going to love Happy Mail!!

  11. wow your hair looks great!
    and i joined the 2010 group today :)
    cannot wait for your giveaway.

  12. Your hair is so pretty! I wish I had pretty red hair! And that hat and scarf by Mandy is amazing! She is sooo talented! I hope to be as good as her someday!

  13. Awww you look beautiful! I'm so glad you like the scarf and hat :] You make them look lovely!

    ooooh. and for the record, I am TOTALLY jealous of your red-headedness. You look just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
    <---- jealous! :]
    loove you!

  14. ok your hat is my favorite...oh how I wish I could pull that off..guess I am just too old. love the scarf too..Mandy did an awesome elegant but yet simple set. She is so talented. And of course your my favorite "redhead" (don't tell your since we both know that my attempt at going red and looking more like you didn't work out, so I guess you and your dad are the only redheads in our family...! luv ya, momma

  15. your tshirt, scarf and stocking hat are adorable. that's how we do winter in AZ

  16. your hair is incredibly thick and gorgeous- i'm so jealous! also, i might go red soon! :)

  17. Your hair is adorable! Can't wait for mine to get that long again. Redheads rock :)

  18. L o v e your hair colour! and it's so shiny I'm kind of really jealous. Ha!


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