Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Happy Mail!!

I got tons of mail this week and loved it all so much. I even had some that made me very teary-eyed because it was so thoughtful and beautiful :) I love sharing the generosity and creativity of others :) Here are a few things I've received this week from my amazing friends :)

Jamie's Happy Mail brought tears to my eyes. I left her a comment awhile back about how much I loved a collage she put together and she surprised me by sending it to me!! I went to Target tonight and bought a frame and stuff to make my own matting to put it on my wall. I also bought her Words to Live By print that inspires me beyond words and a frame for that one as well. I will post pics when it's all up :) It's so neat that it matches my wall perfectly. Love you Jamie!!

Here is Carol's awesome package. Isn't that scarf stunning? I wore it tonight to Staci's sons Birthday party. I got lots of compliments on it, it's gorgeous and I love it so much!! She also made me the adorable crocheted flower pin, so cute!! The hand made card is so creative. She crocheted the other side :) Thanks for all the goodies Carol, LOVE YOU!!

Here is a close-up of the beautiful flower pin.

Carol also sent me a box of ornaments from the ornament swap. They are so awesome! You girls are so creative. I'm hanging a bunch from my garland :) Who says you can't have ornaments hanging all year around?

Sonja made me this adorable button picture that she framed :) Isn't it cute? I LOVE buttons so this is perfect for me. Already sitting above my desk. Everytime I look up I get a huge smile on my face :) Love it Sonja, thank you!!!

Time for some more Sweet Treat pics :) Don't forget to send in your pics, there is still time!! I'm pulling a winner tomorrow night, so you have until then!!! GOGOGO!!!

Carol crocheted her favorite Sweet Treat, a cupcake!! Isn't that the cutest crocheted cupcake you have ever seen!! It knows it's fate!! hehe :)

Meg's daughter Lizzie is wearing her favorite treat, a cupcake too!! She is so adorable!

Ok guys, calling it a early night in bloggie land, I'm going to watch a scary movie with the hubs and stuff my face with Oreos. YUM! Love you guys!!
I leave you with this cutie patootie :) All dressed up and ready to go to the party! Isn't she a doll? I love the look she's making!



  1. awwweee :) Shes so pretty :D I love her hair and the bows!

  2. aww I'm so glad you liked your packages! I got your Lisa Frank letter today! It made me smile! Brings back so many memories of elementary and my Lisa Frank folders! <3

  3. you received some really adorable happy meal..and I LOVE Carol's cupcake, she is so creative, I have never seen one so bloomin' cute... when you learn to crochet you need to make me one for my desk at work.. ;) and our little Ms KayKay is drenched w/sweetness. hugs...momma

  4. correction of above comment: I was not hungry when I wrote my comment but I did mean "Happy Mail" not

  5. Oh, that makes me even more excited about Happy Mail, I can't wait!!! I loved everything you received, that scarf is beautiful and what a clever way to use button with that picture! So many creative people, they all just amaze me! Your daughter looks like she is thinking about how she can get away with something, so so cute!! And YAY, you posted Izzy's picture!!
    Have a great night of scary movies!!

  6. I do love that scarf! I am so happy you like your picture!! Kaylee looked so sweet in her outfit tonight, it was hilarious when she wouldn't hold Addyson's hand lol. Oh funny girls we have! Tuesday we should have a play date!!!! Love you!!

  7. dang lindsay, you have got so much happy mail this week. i la la love what you got! happy mail makes me well...happy!!

    sarah ann

  8. i just joined happy mail for feb and i'm super excited....i hope to start sending my non crafty friends happy mail just for fun! plus i like sending people surprises! i love that scarf! i'm a scarf making fool lol

  9. how do you get to have all of this awesome stuff? im so jealous! i love that owl ornament!

  10. wow awesome stuff! and that last pic is adorable!

  11. Yay!!! I'm so glad you loved it, Linds!!!! That makes me happy! Your text yesterday brought me to happy tears too. ;) Carol's cupcake is sooo cute!!! And that scarf and flower??? Beautiful!!! Yay for happy mail!!! And seriously? Your daughter is soooooo stinkin' adorable!!!! So cute! I just wanna smooch on those cutie cheeks!!! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!! xoxo

  12. I love all you gifts!! they are all so creative!! Miss Kaylee is a cutie patootie!! love you!


  13. I looove those ornaments! So cute!

  14. Happy Mail is just wonderful! Love everything!


  15. What fun mail!!! Just reading this post made me smile.

    Have a great week, Lindsay!



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