Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Fun

So I tried my hand at crocheting again, for the second time ever, and lookie what I made!! It is by no means perfect, but I still think it's super cute. It's a chapstick cozy :) For everyone that knows me, knows I am completely obsessed with chapstick. So what's better than making something for them to go in! My corners were straight until I embroidered them together, oops. I think I will have to work on that a bit :) Thank you Carol for teaching me the SC and Sonja for teaching me how to tie the knot better to even get started and how to "turn" it :) I still need to get the increasing and decreasing part down, so for now it will be cozies and scarves LOL! Couldn't have done it without you girls! Thank you Thank you!

Here's the front

Close up of the cute felt heart with beads

The back is just matching pink felt with a bit of white embroidery to add a little bit of cuteness.

All cozied up with my chapstick (trying a new flavor)

I also went on a quick shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and found this adorable ribbon box. I had to get it! It matches my craft room perfectly. Aqua, orange and pink...YUM!

I also went to JoAnn's Fabrics and found most of these cutesie stamps for only $1!!! They had a ton of different ones but I grabbed the Love Day ones of course.

I won a giveaway about a week ago from Debbie for naming her painting "Crafty Chloe". Isn't she a cutie? She has red hair just like me so it's perfect! I LOVE that saying!! I giggle every time I see it :) Thanks so much Debbie!!! You guys go check out her site, Pot Luck Designs, she makes the cutest paintings and is the sweetest!!!

In other news, I was an early bird and e-filed my taxes today. Yea, we just got the W-2 today. I wanted to do it quick and get it over with! It's been a busy busy day and I have only finished 1 out of 8 V-day cards for the day. I missed my goal of 8 last night and only did 5 :( It's harder than I thought doing each one completely different, lol. Hoping to have them all finished by Saturday night :) Hubby is making chicken quesadillas tonight so that is going to pretty much be awesome!! Hope everyone has an awesome week!!

P.S. Sorry if this post is all over the place.. that is how my brain has been today :)


  1. Lindsay I'm so proud of you!! I love the crochet cozy! Funny though... I actually made you one for your happy mail! haha! Oh well! Now you can have 2!

  2. Those stamps are sweet! We used to have a JoAnn's here but it went out of business :-(

  3. Ah - that's too funny! And good job!! :D
    And of course, congrats on the winning and the purchases! haha

    Yeah, R is DYING to get his W-2 already (he is getting himself a new laptop)...and I guess I kind of wish for him to get it, too, seeing as how I will be inheriting his old laptop! hahaha

  4. I liked this post because it's real. This is how most of us are in real life. Busy and all over the place with our thoughts. I sent your package today. Did you read about my experience at the post office?

  5. I had ltos of fun at Hobby Lobby today! Even though I was half asleep still lol. The ribbon organizer is so cute, I love ribbon! Your chapstick cozy is SO cute!! I told you that you could get the hang of it super easy!! Our next play date I am teaching you hearts yay! Love you, hope you have a productive night of "love day" (I like your name better) cards!

  6. oh my gosh, i'm in love with that ribbon! how cute!!

  7. ayyy! That ribbon box is sooo pretty. and the -owls-birdies-cupcakes :O!!! I died.

    And good job on the crochet skills!! :)

  8. can't wait for you to make me my chapstick koozy! It will be alot easier to find in my purse. Love your ribbon box it is really bright and fits right in w/your color scheme. Wish we still had Joann Fabrics here and Hancock Fabrics never has cute stuff like you find esp the stamps. I never would have thought you would be crocheting at such a young age. Since Grama was the only one I knew who did that I thought it was for old Guess I need to learn too!!! lol huggs..momma

  9. The crochet looks amazing! I really need to give it a go one day. All your crafty stuff always looks so organised :) Loves it! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog, youre a sweetheart ♥

  10. I had my heart to the cute!
    Lovely chapstick cozy, BTW!

  11. Looks like you had fun crocheting! I love that painting! I'm going to check out Debbie's blog!


  12. I love the cozy, LOVE the ribbon(the owl especailly), love the stamps and oh my goodness, I LOVE THAT PAINTING!!! And You too!!


  13. love it! Can't wait for you to make mine!! :)


  14. I am so glad you got the painting! Thanks for participating in the giveaway! :) Debbie xxoo

  15. omg youre the BEST! i can't believe what you made on your second try! i love chapstick too!
    you can for sure make grannies! :)

    great finds at HL too... and debbie's painting is so beautiful! yay! :)


  16. I've stumbled across your blog from following Rogue @ Little Blog of Horrors.

    Amazing stuff! you are so talented!

    Love the crocheted chapstick cover.

    X x

  17. that is the cutest chapstick cozy EVER!!
    you are seriously talented!
    love it and love you

  18. Great job on the crochet project! That is awesome!! :) Thank you so much for my sweet Happy Mail, it came yesterday and it made my day! :)

  19. oh it's so sweet!
    and good job on getting your taxes done already! i'm sorry to say that i'm usually one of those at-the-very-last-minute type of tax-filers :)

  20. OMG your cozy is so cute! Great job for only your second crochet project. There is a great book called I can't believe I'm crocheting that you can get at Joann or Michael's that is AWESOME for learning. The photos are super clear and very helpful. Just thought I'd share :)

  21. What a great idea for chapstick! I can never find mine! Your coozie is so cute and I love the yarn you used.


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