Friday, January 29, 2010

Craft Mode

This week I have been in serious crafting mode. Here are a few things I've made and so much more coming this weekend!! I am very thankful for all the good that has been happening in my life lately, especially with last week's news. Thanks again to all my friends that have been there for me :) Especially our weekly chats, I look forward to them every week! The last one we had was my favorite :) CONFESSION.... ;)

Treasure box I made for Ashley's mom. She loved the one I made for Ashley so I made her one too :)

Inside has a cute felt bottom

I made my mom her own little chapstick cozie. She loved the first one I made and that's pretty much the only thing I know how to crochet right now, lol. Even embroidered a little leaf on there.

The back is just yellow felt.

It's big enough to put 2 chapsticks in.

I also completed another Style School project. It was supposed to be fabric earrings, but since I don't wear earrings hardly at all, I made them into fabric magnets. I ran out of buttons else I would have made like 50 of them.. They are so easy and fun to make!! I plan on making a bunch this week :)

In other good news I won a giveaway today!!! Meesh aka Emjay aka Aquafrolic had a Mardi Gras giveaway and I won a KING CAKE!!! I am so excited! I haven't had one in over 6 years. I miss Louisiana so much and this will make me feel at home again :)
Thanks Meesh!!

Also, I got my Happy Mail names today!! Can we say EXCITED??? Laura, Lehua and Mandy.. I am so happy I got you guys as Happy Mail partners. LOVE YOU GUYS!! I also want to give a huge shout out to my Jamie :) Without her Happy Mail would not exist. Thank you for all the hard work, time and dedication you have put into putting together Happy Mail for all of us! Your the best!!

I have a HUGE to-do list for this weekend:

~ Work on Style File pages and apron project

~ Add inside liner and zipper to the panda bag I made in this post

~ Roll yarn and embroidery thread as well as organize all my drawers

~ Send out secret giveaway e-mail, you will find out more about this very soon ;) Getting an AMAZING giveaway together with some AMAZING friends in a few weeks

~ Buy my plane tickets for the Springfield trip in March, yay I get to finally meet my craft family!!!

~ Write at least 5 Happy Mail letters

~ Blog on 2010 Best Year Ever

~ Work on Joseph's Valentine's Day gift ;) We are doing handmade this year!!

~ Start organizing some of the cards I have received for the Valentine's Day card swap

~ Work on a blog feature :)

~ Catch up on blog reading

Think I can get it all done? Hoping to get a good portion knocked out tonight, I plan on putting in a super late night tonight!!

What are your plans for this weekend?



  1. Where did you find all the awesome fabrics for the buttons??! :D

  2. Aw, it looks sooo great! Actually, everything does! haha
    Congrats on the giveaway, and good luck with the to-do list (whoa!) haha!

    Love ya!! :D

  3. I love all of your new creations, too cute! Congrats on winning the giveaway, good for you to get to have a little taste of home! Hey, I only live like 2 hours from Springfield, as long as you are talking about the one in Missouri of course! Have a wonderful weekend, mine will be full of yarn and snow!!
    Oh ya and I am picking the winner for my giveaway on Sunday!!

  4. Good grief girl! Where do you find the time to do it all? I totally want one of those treasure boxes. So cute! Did you get my cards for the valentines swap?

  5. The chapstick cozy for your mom is sooo sweet! love the button flower! and the earrings/magnets are soooo much fun to make! I ran out of them too. I actually had a vintage kit in a box of other craft stuff that I got at an auction. I really didn't know what they were until the tutorial in style school. But I only had one thing with just 2 left. So I made a pair of earrings and now I want to make more! I need to find more of them!

    Eeek! March can't come fast enough!

  6. Congrats on the King Cake :D love all your craftness :D

    I really wish I was going with ya'll in March I am seriously going to send a picture with ya'll I will be your very own flat stanley haha

    good luck on that list mind is about as long

  7. The box is cute but I REALLy love the chapstick holder you made!! I can't wait to get mine you made for me!! The fabric magnets are so cute! love the idea :) and how jealous i am that you won a free kingcake! That picture makes me want to go get some now!! o well you deserve it! make sure not to overwhelm yourself too much with the to do list when you showed me all your posts up on your wall you had to do earlier this week I got a headache so I can't imagine yours lol! love you!!


  8. I love your boxes you make! They are sooo cute! The chapstick cozy is great too, I love the flower on the front! Also your magnets are adorable! You are going to be crazy busy lady!! This weekend I plan on making my mama a yarn wreath (I got the idea from you lol) bc her birthday was Wednesday :) And I am doing some cleaning woo! I'm sorry I didn't get your heart to you, my ear is really hurting again, I am thinking another ear infection YUCK! I will tomorrow though, love you!

  9. Lindsay...I absolutely love the chapstick holder, it is so cute! I don't know how you have time to get all that done either! Way to go! Wish I was going to Springfield too!
    :) Debbie xxoo

  10. loving the buttons. that fabric is so cute..

  11. I love the chapstick holder!
    Such cute things.

  12. Love it all, girl!!! Those buttons are sooo cute!!! You're a busy, busy bee lately!!! Don't forget to take care of yourself!!!! ;)
    Thanks for the shoutout!
    Love ya!!!
    And YAY!!!! for buying plane tickets!!!!

  13. can't wait to get my chapstick koozie, I LOVE it!!! and I luv your button magnets guess I want you to make me some !!! Congrats on winning a King Cake I know you have been wanting one ..what timing! Gosh you have a long list of things to do.. Hope all the VD cards get there in time for you to send them back out to everyone for VD! Dad & I got Jimmie's autograph 3 times...oh and Jamie McMurray touched me!! he is so adorable and Juan Pablo I now have a diff outlook about he was such a gentleman and signed our diecast car. Oh and this adorable guy Paul Edwards signed & gave me his hat he was wearing.. I took him offguard and asked if he would sign his hat & give it to me he just smiled and sd "since you caught me off guard I am going to give it to you" and he did just that.. we have had a great time so far...wish yu were here w/us.. Jimmie is racing this awesome red prototype car...we are at turn 1 !!! cars are flying by at 175+ mph... kisses from Florida!!!!...momma

  14. Wow you are a super busy bee!! But it all sounds like so much fun! I adore that chapstick holder! So cute!!

  15. I am hoping I get my crafty mojo back soon. With all the packing, moving and unpacking I haven't had a chance to do anything lately. I have so many things planned though and am super excited to make them.

  16. omg SERIOUSLY?! that has to be the cutest child i've ever seen. i'm not even kidding. she is the best. more videos, please!!! :)


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