Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fun!

So I have been working on my Style School wreath since last night and I am making it more detailed than originally planned. I'll post pics tomorrow in hopes of finishing it tonight. I also got some seriously awesome Happy Mail today, which I will put on the post as well tomorrow, along with a few other things I have recieved recently.

The other day I got Kaylee's Cabbage Patch newborn in the mail. It was free with so many points from Pampers. When she woke up in the morning she kept pointing to it, so I let her open it up. I love the whole idea of not knowing if it's a boy or girl and getting a surprise outfit. I couldn't resist posting some pics of her opening her new baby :) Here are a few pics of pure cuteness called Kaylee, hehe.

Opening it up to find out "IT'S A GIRL!!"

She kept hugging and kissing her

Got her baby dressed and ready to feed her a bottle

Awww look at my baby feeding her baby

Finding out her name is Kendall Addison

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my little Princess :)

In other news....

Here are some more Sweet Treat pics!! Don't forget to send me your pics! Pulling a winner on Sunday night!!

Carrie's favorite is Twizzlers, so cute!!!!

Inka's favorite treat is chocolate muffins, oh that sounds so good right now!!

Kristie's favrite Sweet Treat is Mint Chocolate chip ice cream!! YUM!

Hope you guys have an AWESOME weekend!! I will be super busy making treasure boxes, getting cards ready for the V-day swap, putting packages together, Happy Mail, Style School projects I need to catch up on, grocery shopping, birthday party for my friend's son who is turning the big 1, and hopefully a web chat with my ladies :)

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Lol I love the baby doll's middle name ;) that is soo cute! I love the pic of Kaylee with that big smile on her face, so sweet! This weekend I am going shopping for John's birthday present (like you lol), going gorcery shopping (again like you lol), finding things for Addyson's room, and seeing you and Staci at the party Saturday! Love you!! Hope you are enjoying your button picture!

  2. Your daughter is so adorable!! I totally want to get one of those Cabbage Patch Kids for myself. Not even kidding. I still have mine from when I was a little girl though.

  3. awww this is too cute! you daughter is so precious!!

    I posted my sweet treat picture on my blog today! :)

  4. Kaylee is absolutely gorgeous :) Such a cheeky wee smile. She looks pretty pleased with the cabbage patch doll - I used to love them too when I was little! So cute xx

  5. She is just precious! My weekend is going to be pretty boring, not much to do around here. I guess I will be knitting allot and I went to a couple flea markets today with my mom and bought some more buttons, so I can't wait to go through those to see what I got! Have a wonderul weekend!


  6. Oh that is so precious! She looks absolutely thrilled with that cabbage patch baby <3 I used to have some when I was little and they were my favorite!!

  7. my lttle sweet KayKay and her first Cabbage Patch surprise baby !! Gosh I remember when you got your first Cabbage Patch..and you still have her! I wish Pampers would put those dolls back up so I can redeem my points for Ava. Give my Kaykay some kisses and huggs from grama...luv luv

  8. she is seriously soooo cute!!!
    I love the idea of a surprise Cabbage patch kid too!
    I still have mine. My main one was a red head named Ruby :)
    love love love

  9. look at your little baby girl, she is adorable. i remember i loved babydolls. sometimes i wish i was still that little to paly with them! oh that mint ice cream looks really delish.

    sarah ann

  10. wow, sooo cute. the surprise is a cool idea too.
    and yum to all the sweet treats!

  11. aaaay! she's the sweetest thing! :') <33333

  12. love the cabbage patch kid, i am a collector so nice to see they are still being spread amongst the new generations. No fair that you got one free from pampers. I want one. They never do anything like that in the UK. especially with CPK's they are still hard to come by here

  13. Lindsay, that comment your left on Jamie's blog is hilarious. Did you see what I said about it? lol

  14. Cute! Ariana has a surprise CPK baby too! I love Cabbage Patch babies and so does Ariana. Those are her favorites out of all her dolls, she even calls them by their names! These are some cute pictures of Kaylee opening hers!! I loved the idea of a surprise too :)


  15. I have something for you too pretty girl. The post office is closed on Monday so I'm mailing yours on Tuesday. Yay!

  16. I'm so glad that she loves he dolly! It brings in old memories when mom used to order us cabbage patch dolls!! I can't wait to kiss them big ol lips (Kaylee's) this summer! hehe love you !!



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