Saturday, January 23, 2010


First I want to say thank-you. I really appreciate all the love I received on my last post. It really brightened my day. It's so awesome to have so many great friends standing behind me and supporting me :) Thank you all for your encouraging and sweet words. I am a lucky girl having such great friends :) I'm sure I'll be needing a few ears to vent in a few months, it's nice knowing I have some that will listen. Thank you :)

Today I woke up to some awesome mail, what better way to start your day than with Happy Mail?? All of this sweet mail couldn't have come at a better time. I almost cried (I've been a big ball of emotions lately) when I saw the postman standing at my front door with all these boxes :)

I received this amazing handmade journal with this cute birdie (I'm going to put it on the front of my tissue paper holder) that Amber made me. Isn't the journal gorgeous??? I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much Amber, it was an awesome surprise!

I also got this very thoughtful Happy Mail package from Kristie! We weren't Happy Mail partners, but we wanted to do Happy Mail anyway because it's so much fun! I love all of the thought she put into it! I am so excited to try this tea, I LOVE LOVE everything she put in. Thank you Kristie!!

Here is another awesome package I got from Laura. Uh hello holy cute panda flip-flops!!! I love all the stickers and bath stuff too!! Thank you Laura!!

Carrie sent me this super fun package! I LOVE my Valentine's wreath, which is already hung up on my wall along with the super cute embroidery she made me for my craft room. I love the cute felt owl!! Do you see that BFF ring? Yea, that made me smile really big and the cute flip-flop magnet!! LOVE!! The button bracelet I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you so much for all the awesome goodies Carrie, LOVE YOU!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

My best friend Kat sent me this Snuggie. Might I add it's PINK!! She said she bought herself one in red and if she was wearing one, I had to too! LOL. I have always secretly wanted one, shhhh don't tell anyone. I will be wearing it daily, it's always like 50 degrees down here in my woman cave. Love you Kat and miss you terribly. England is just too far away!!

I'm going to end this post with an awesome GIVEAWAY you have to check out. My sister AJ is having her very FIRST giveaway!! So go say hello and enter to win all this awesome stuff!! She handmade the pillow, isn't it so cute! It was the very first thing she ever sewed!

Today is my craft day and I will be working on a lot of fun projects and some super cute stuff for Style School! I'll post all the fun pics tomorrow!! Hope everyone has an awesome rest of their weekend!


  1. Wow! What nice surprises in the mail. And that pink snuggie looks so cozy!

  2. what a fun day for mail!!!
    you deserve all of those little presents miss!!
    love you

  3. Awww, I love seeing all this goodness!!!! What fun, awesome goodies you received! I love Kristie's pkg with all the "lindsay" finds! And Carrie's embroidery....loooove it!!! Yay for happy mail!!! xoxo

  4. wow, you´ve got some really cute happy mail. :)

  5. wow girl you did get some happy mail! I am glad you liked all of your stuff I had fun making the stuff for you :D

    I want a snuggie too


  6. Looks like you got lots of great stuff from some great friends!


  7. I love all the super cute gifts you got!! Especially that journal! I wanna do happy mail sooo badly, but I just don't get to the post office very often. You do have good friends who will be here for you through the whole thing! Love you and thanks for the help today!!

  8. I enjoyed watching you open all your happy mail!! You needed it badly! :) I love you sista! Try to keep your head up you know your loved! :)


  9. i want a snuggie!!!!
    im actually eyeing this pancho blanket thing from urban. im waiting for it to go on sale!
    its long and blue and native looking. kinda snuggie like:)
    you look adorable in it!

  10. I'm so glad you love everything. You really hit the jackpot with some goodies today my friend. Always know you are loved sweetie!

  11. Wow, you hit the goody jackpot today!! Good for you, you deserve it!! I am happy to hear that you are feeling better today!


  12. omg! this is amazing! lucky, lucky girl :) xoxo

  13. What sweet surprises to receive! and especially when you really needed something to lift your spirits! *hugs* You have been blessed with some special friends. I can't wait till next month so I can participate in Happy Mail.

    Take Care and enjoy your weekend,
    Debbie ox

  14. Wow, no wonder you were pleased! They are some lovely parcels :) Youve inspired me yet again to get crafty! Glad youre feeling better today. Ayden xx

  15. I had so much fun with Amanda watching you open up your "happy mail"! Everything was adorable. I know you will have fun using every bit of them. Esp the Snuggie. Now you and Mr. Jeff both have one and boy he was excited when he got it for Christmas. It will keep you warm during all those frozen days. Sending you a package this week. luvs momma~

  16. i secretly want a snuggie too! I think my puppies would enjoy one of the puppy snuggies b/c they are always stealing my hello kitty blanket! Your happy mail is awesome! I just signed up for the first time and I can't wait to get my happy mail partner and shower them with cute stuffs! Can't wait to see your crafty makens!

    ps i think its cute your momma posted on here :)

    xo kiki

  17. Wow! You hit the jackpot with the Happy Mail. That is so awesome. It is such a great feeling to come home to a nice suprise like that!

    I have secretly wanted a snuggie for sometime too. I am always cold and the pink one is perfect!!

    Have fun crafting today. Can't wait to see what you create!!
    Happy MOnday!!


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