Sunday, April 3, 2011


The past few weeks have been crazy here. I can not express in words how tired I am. My days have been full of Starbucks, Weeds (already on Season 3) and Nurse Jackie. Did I mention the couch and a huge comforter? Kaylee has all of a sudden become terrified of her room or her bed at night. Even after putting her crib to the lowest setting and it coming up to her chin when she stands, she can still monkey her way over it. We have tried everything from lights, to reading to her, to sleeping on the floor until she falls asleep. Nothing works! At 3 am every night we hear a crash and then a scream and then little feet running into our room. I read online (you know, because online is like.. always right and all) that it could be a phase. We decided to just start all over and treat it like a big girl thing. We are selling her crib and dresser and went and bought her a big girl room set up and a gate for her door so we can lock her in (oops did I say that?) Its on back-order until May but we get the twin mattresses on Friday so we can work with her on it for a few weeks before going a little higher. I'll take pictures once we have it all set up. I'm hoping all the big girl room will make her want to stay in! We shall see. At least we don't have to worry about her getting hurt getting out of the bed anymore. Also... I may have failed to mention my son taught her how to hunt zombies... and now she runs around with his Nerf shotgun saying "pow pow zombies". She has no clue what a zombie is (not yet at least) but I'm guessing Hayden may have described it in enough detail to scare the bejesuses out of her... Hoping it's not related to her "room terrors".

Off to do some custom orders.. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


P.S It's snowing ... Feel bad for me? hehe