Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crafty Thursday

I finished another Style School project last night!! This has been so much fun for me, I feel like a flower blooming into my creativity. It sounds corny but it's the best way to describe it. This is my record frame with my hand-made Polaroids. I used bright and fun colors to brighten up my white wall. I also tinted the pictures to match the spirals on my background. I LOVE how it turned out!!

All hung up on my wall

I woke up this morning and started on my wreath, I'm half-way done wrapping it. Hopefully, I'll finish it tonight along with my craft "tool" belt and post pics tomorrow!! Oh, and I finished 2 more Style File pages! YAY!!

Here are some recent Sweet treat photos I received :) You still have time to send me your sweet treat photos!!
E-mail pics to Mezmerized814 (at) aol (dot) com
I will be picking a winner Sunday night!!

Kiki's favorite Sweet Treats

Here are some of Mel's favorite treats

Some yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies she made, so yum!!!

Mariana baked a HUGE cupcake for her sweet treat!

Mariana's daughter is representing her favorite treat too! Isn't she a cutie?

Don't forget to check out my Thankful Thursday post over on 2010 Best Year Ever blog!!
I may repost it over here later today.
Super Cute post coming tomorrow!! Be sure to check back!!

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  1. i really like the pop art-ish polaroids and the whole composition of your style school project! I bet it looks awesome hanging in your home! Can't wait to see more craftiness! ps thanks for featuring me here on your blog! Something yummy and sweet sounds good right now! xo

  2. Uh I LOVE how your project turn out! :) It's fun to see our pictures in here :) This giveaway is so much fun! Thanks for doing it :D


  3. I LOVE your polaroids you made!! Those treats all look so YUMMY!!


  4. Hi there! I just recently discovered your blog, and i love it! Your style file is amazing, and this project is very cute! I look forward to getting to know you!
    take care!
    <3 tiffany

  5. I love your project, it turned out so cute! I can't wait to see what other things you make! Also that second picture down (the drink of some sort) looks sooo good, I want one when I feel better! Love you! Oh and I have a surprise for you!

  6. Love how your wall art came out. Great pictures!! Can't wait to see how your wreath turns out!

  7. Hey sweetie your polaroid pics are adorable in that frame. And everyone is doing such a great job showing off their "sweet treats" !! now if we can get them all to share their receipes! I agree w/Sonja love that dessert in the coffee cup..Sonja I will have one for you until you feel better....;) huggs.. momma~

  8. omg i'm starving all the sudden.

    i love your pola frame, you + hubby are too cute.:)

  9. Your pic is soooo cute!!! Love it! Great idea to shade the pics! Love how it turned out! I can't wait to have time to work on my projects this weekend.
    And yummmmmm...that coffee cup goodness looks uh-mazing!!!! xoxo

  10. Your projects are all so amazing. You are a very talented young lady. Can't wait to get your goodies in the mail to you this weekend. :)

  11. your projects are turning out great!

    I need to do my picture aarrgg i forgot!


  12. Cool! I love the colors of the photos! Great idea :)

  13. Great treats and love the pictures. Back soon to check you out.
    mika (

  14. I love the record frame! It's adorable!!

  15. i added you on Flickr :)

    looooove your style school project - it looks great!

  16. Your record frame is great. I love how you put your wn spin on it.

  17. The pictures turned out great! I love all the bright colors! I'm seriously craving desserts right now, everyone's stuff looks so delicious!



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