Monday, February 1, 2010

Schedule Me

So I have committed myself to a Blogging Schedule.. that's right I scheduled myself. I work better with lists and schedules cause I'm OCD like that. I find it more organized and I pace myself better. That and it also helps that I won't be all over the place. I only put schedules for 4 days. I figure the other 3 I won't blog or if I do it will be random or something I just HAVE to post :)

Here's my schedule :)

**Feature Me Monday**- I am going to try and start this up next week. If anyone is interested e-mail me (mezmerized814 (at) aol (dot) com) and I will send you a short questionnaire and you can send it back with some pictures. You DO NOT have to have a shop to do this, anyone and everyone is welcome. I have been honored on many blogs to have been featured, I want to do the same for my fellow blogger friends :) Check out my latest feature here on Ashley's awesome blog :)

**Happy Mail Wednesday**- This is pretty self-explanatory, I'll post happy mail I've gotten the past week and if I haven't received any, I'll post a recipe or some of my shopping finds :)

**Friday Confessional**- I had SO much fun in our weekly chat with the girls about a week or so ago. I started it by just throwing out a confession and it caught on. It was a great way to get to know each other and I would have to say we became really close by the end of the chat :) SO I will list 3, because that's my favorite number, confessions at the end of each week :)

**Sunday Funday**- This day I will show all the projects I've done during the week or fun things going on in my life. This will also be the day I may announce a giveaway, it's a fun day remember? :)

All this fun blog scheduling will start this Wednesday, kicking things off with some awesome Happy Mail :)

On another note, here are a few things I did this weekend....

~ Wrapped ALL of my embroidery hand, let me say this is not easy. Thread gets tangled SO easy.

~ I also wrapped 5 skeins of yarn but forgot to take a picture :(

~ Put the plastic inside my panda bag as well as add a zipper. That was not easy, I jammed my sewing machine several times. I was not using the right needle apparently.

~ I also got this yummy fabric, but not sure what to make with it.. any suggestions?

Also, I am currently working on another Style School project. My studio apron. Here is a sneak peek :) I forgot to sew on my pocket before making the main part so hand-stitching it is for me.. LOL It gives it more of a home-made feel :)
Hopefully, I will finish it tomorrow.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and a fantastic start to their week :)



  1. oooh love all the pretty fabrics! Can't wait to see your apron!!

  2. Love your pretty fabrics! You got tons! I'm sure you'll be sewing a lot of awesome stuff! I love the pretty purples of your apron, can't wait to see the whole thing!


  3. I LOVE that polka dot fabric! I can't wait to start using a sewing machine. My sister tried to show me how, but she got so fed up with me jamming it that we had to stop =P

    And I miss you too <3 *hugs!!*

  4. Oh my goodness I love love the fabric.
    I feel like a slacker I don't wrap my thread. Should I?

  5. Be on the look out for a little card by me--:D

  6. I la-la-love those fabrics!

    Where did you get them?

    As for suggestions, I see some that would make a fantastic spring dress for your baby :D

  7. i love the fabric :D and the apron

    i would love for you to feature me I will email you :D



  8. I still love that fabric, you got such cute prints! I can't wait to hear your confessions, what a super fun blog idea! All your thread is so bright and organized! Just let me know when you email me the questions for your blog feature, I am really excited to do it :) Love you!

  9. i need to make a schedule like this!!

  10. wow, those fabrics are super cute!
    can you come and also wrap all my embroidery threads?? cute! lol ;)

  11. OK! ALL of those fabrics are SOOOOOOOOOOOO seriously cute! I like your schedule. I have one. It helps... Or else I can go DAYS without blogging. OR I will blog everyday... It's nice to have a happy medium.

  12. I love all of your pretty fabric and floss, you need to come to my house and organize my craft space!

  13. you are so organized!! i really need to jump on board!!

  14. Yummy fabrics!!!! Awesome pics! Where'd you find all that?

  15. gosh I hope your dad doesn't see how organized you have become, he will make you give me lessons....;) Sorry I didn't get on Skype last nite.. I will after I get home from work tonight.. I can't wait to see your apron...luv ya... momma (I think a cute short & top outfit for Kaylee could be found in that fabric you bought..

  16. I TOTALLY know the feeling. My blog became less stress when I made a schedule.

  17. Hmm. I like the idea of a blogging schedule. Maybe I should do that. I so rarely blog anymore.

  18. i can't wait to see the finished apron! i think the hand-stitched pocket is extra cute.

  19. this is perfect! i'm so excited for your features- they sound really fun! and inspiring. i work so much better on a schedule too. and i would love to interview with you for mondays feature! if you'll have me!! :)))

  20. great fabric! can't wait to see what you make!

  21. Is it weird that I always want to help you wrap yarn balls? : ) Anyway, all of your brightly colored supplies are super inspiring! xoxo Jaime

  22. You are so organized right down to you thread!

    I am interested in answering your questionnaire for feature Monday so I will email you.

    Wow! Look at all your followers-you are really getting lots of readers--way to go!

  23. the blog schedule looks like it's gonna be so much fun!!! can't wait :)
    and i love the idea about feature me monday!! i may have to email you for the questionaire!! but this is such a good idea, i may have to try and incorporate something like it for my blog too!

  24. You are so organised! :) It always helps though doesnt it. Your blog schedule sounds exciting :) xx

  25. OMG Where did you get that owl fabric?!


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