Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buyer BEWARE!!

So this is somewhat of a RANT post. I really feel I need to get this off my chest before I explode! I know some of you hate these kind of posts and I'm not known to make many, I think this will be my 3rd one out of the 94 posts I have written. I guess they are so few and far between I remember them all...

So here it goes!!

I bought a few items from a friend *note this is a friend* back in December through Etsy. I was told the items were going to be at my house in about a week. I guess you could call me a pretty impatient person, I was watching for the mail about 5 days after that week, expecting to get my stuff...

After no sign of the purchases, I e-mailed to ask her if she had a tracking number or knew where the items were. She then told me it got sent back to her house... no big deal ... it happens. So she resent it back to me and I waited another 2 weeks.

Still nothing.

I wrote her another e-mail to ask what was up, a few days later she responded that it got sent back...again.. I asked her to check the address and she said she JUST realized she printed out the paypal sample address instead of my actual address...

ok.. it can happen... I suppose.

So she said she resent it again with the right address (which I supplied her with to make sure she had the correct one) along with a few other things she was participating in that I was hosting.. Never came.. So I texted her/emailed her again.. A few days later she replied with a huge apology and said she was overnighting my purchases.. That was over 2 weeks ago and I still haven't recieved my items. I texted and emailed AND convo'ed her through Etsy and still received no response. Yes she has been online to see these, I have seen her on Facebook, Twitter, and she has blogged....

I e-mailed and texted her several times again but response..

After lots of advice, I decided to report her on Paypal (I really did feel bad about that by the way). I would have almost rather taken the money loss than report someone but there has to be a line somewhere... You can't let yourself get walked all over.

Come to find out, since it was past the 45 days Paypal can't help me with this.

I waited to here back from Etsy...

Etsy then told me it was between me and the seller, they can't do anything except post her negative feedback.

So I posted the negative feedback today and after posting I get a message that she had deactivated her shop. So basically I was screwed over big time!!! Thanks.. :(

I guess what hurts the most, is that this was a friend.. I am very generous to my friends and treat them like family, so to be treated this way really hurts... I can't imagine ever doing that to a friend or customer for that matter.

I have never had a problem with things being delivered to me.. EVER.. I order from Etsy constantly and have never not gotten something I ordered (double negative sry). Especially after asking for proof of shipping and her ignoring all my requests for this...

Not sure where to take it from here. I mainly wanted to just get this off my chest. I didn't post who it is I'm talking about, I do have enough class not to go that far..
*ends rant*

On a HAPPY note, there will be a HUGE giveaway posted on my blog tomorrow morning :) Some of my favorite people will also be giving away stuff, HUGE I tell ya!!!



  1. So sorry this happened to you. Hope the friend will apologize and you can work it out somehow! (((hugs)))

  2. hate this had to happen to you hon...I'm just hoping you can get it resolved...just dirty to do friends that way :(

  3. Wow, that is seriously messed up! Especially being a friend and all! When someone orders something from you, you have made a promise to deliver something. How someone can just ignore that, I don't know...


  4. I am of the mind that people who do things like this are not friends at all. I hope she comes through for you in the end and you are able to maintain your friendship.

  5. Wow, that is crazy, I can't believe that someone would do something like that as a seller or a friend! I think that I may have to start convoing(sp) Etsy sellers soon too, there must me something in the Etsy seller water(I am not drinking it!(o;) I haven't made a sell yet, but there is no way that I would waste anytime shipping the item that was purchased! BOO for that person! Love ya!

  6. Wow that is some serious B.S.!! I'd be so mad! You've done everything on your end that you can possibly do...shy of calling Judge Judy! And honestly, if it was a big enough amount of $$, I'd probably say, "Give me my stuff or I'll see you in court"! lol. It's the principle of the matter for me, I guess. I bet you're not the only one that she did this to either and that's the sad thing. It's sad when a "good friend" lets you down.

  7. oh dear, i feel so sorry for you! and especially to have that happen from a "friend". i hope you get your stuff soon!!

  8. someone didn't take the customer service class!


  9. Don't feel bad for posting how you feel. I know you always want to have upbeat posts, but that's not realistic. We all have crappy days sometimes and nobody expects you to be happy all the time. Plus, you really got screwed over. I am so sorry to hear that happened to you by a "friend" no less. I think the best thing you can do now is what you just did...make people aware of this person and expose them for who they really are...A FRAUD!

  10. oh bummer! i'd be ticked if that happened to me. i'm sorry you can't get a refund. there's nothing etsy can do?

  11. wow! That really stinks! I can't believe they would do that to you! Especially a friend!

  12. I am soo mad FOR you! People are ridiculous sometimes and obnoxious!! Rant away girl!! I hope the seller (I know who you are seller!!!) returns your money, like a good person should!!!! Loves to you!!!

  13. Thats such a shame :( I had a similar experience with ebay and it put me off for a long time. What must be really disappointing though is that this was someone you knew who let you down :( Hope you get it sorted soon xx

  14. Wow that is seriously messed up. I am so sorry that happened to you. I would be flipping out. I don't have patience for things like that at all. Some friend that is! Can't wait for your giveaway tomorrow! I have a giveaway going on right now in case you haven't seen it yet.

  15. I can't believe that what goes through their head? I get upset with myself when i am a few days or a week late getting something sent. I can't imagine if the person paid for it and paid for shipping that is truly messed up. You did not deserve that.

    Giveaway? wow that is two that i know of!!----:D So, excited!!!

  16. First of all, I don't think you should ever apologize for not having a "happy" post. Our blogs are supposed to be real. Life is not always happy, to say the least. =) (Saying this after coming home and crying all evening so I'm speaking from experience, haha)

    People are unreliable, rude and just plain mean. Unfortunately, it seems like more and more that it's the ones who AREN'T that way that are the exception. So sad.

    I hope it all gets worked out, one way or another. xoxo

  17. I swear I left a comment before but anyways you know I think this is wrong!

    loves girlie


  18. ohmygoodness, youre totally in the right to complain, thats a crappy situation! im sorry. i hate when "friends" pull that kinda stuff!!
    hey, ill totally send you mail (and get it right the first time!!!) lol email me your address!! :)

  19. ugh awful! i hate that this happened to you! you shouldnt feel bad about leaving negative feedback at all! you've been more than patient and kind! i hope something gets worked out! xoxo


  20. i am shocked and appalled. (?)
    i would be just as upset as you are, and i'm very sorry this happened to you. i would certainly write this "friend" a long email telling her how you feel and how wrong she is. and i wouldn't hesitate to be... aggressive. (it takes a lot to upset me, but when i do get upset, watch out! :)
    anyway, you are a wonderful friend and it sucksuckssucks that this happened to you.

  21. I went through something similar with an ebay seller not too long ago. I bought a petticoat and was told it would be here in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks it hadn't arrived so I emailed her to see if she could check with the post office where it was. She said she would but then never got back to me. I sent her 3 more emails over the space of a few weeks to follow up and didn't get a reply for ages. When I did get a reply she was rude and abused me saying I was a lying piece of crap and that I was trying to cheat her out of money. After trying to resolve the situation with her repeatedly she was too irate and rude so I decided to go through paypal. I felt bad making a claim against her but she was so rude and unhelpful when I contacted her it was the only way I had. Its a bummer when people are so unrealiable. It makes me more cautious now of buying things over the net.

    p.s sorry for the super long comment ;)

  22. Ooh! That is sooo frustrating!

  23. OMG that is awful! When I sent your picture I kept all my recents from the post office for fear you wouldn't get it! I sold something on etsy (1st and only sale!!! LOL) and I keep waiting to hear back if she got it yet as I am so worried people won't get it...but again, have the recents from the post office! That is just so awful! That is no way to run a business!

  24. Oh no! That's horrible!! :(

    Even worse since she was your friend.

    This is why i have trouble trusting people. :(


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