Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

So this is my first post since I scheduled myself. YAY!!!
So I have had an amazing Happy Mail week. I am so blessed to have such thoughtful and great friends and family in my life. Joseph says everytime I get a package in the mail "How can I compete with that?" LOL :)

Here are a few cards I got this past week :)

My sister AJ sent me this adorable flower felt ring she made. Isn't it cute?

AJ also sent me these cutsie pictures she made for our first sister project through Skype :) They are SO me and I Love them!! Thank you AJ!

My mom also sent me a little care package of sorts. Look at all this yummy fabric. Gosh I have been in fabric heaven lately!!

She also sent me buttons, a rattle from when I was a baby (oh I love taking walks down memory lane), this cutsie penguin (which she thought was my favorite animal, she got it confused with pandas) and socks. Now some of you are probably thinking, uh she posted socks?? YES, because they are the softest, cushiest socks and I have this tiny obsession with keeping my tootsies warm :) Thank you Momma! *Edited* The penguin is actually from Sage and Ava, the name on it is quite fitting, Aunt Artica, seeing as though it's freezing up here and I'm their Aunt.. perfect!!

Tiffany sent me a cute journal, it was a nice surprise! I had her name last month for Happy Mail! I love how we have become great pen pals! Thank you Tiffany!

Sonja crocheted me some cute hearts to hang from my garland!! You still have to teach me how to crochet these!! Lol!! Thanks so much! They are already hung up!

I also got my custom, homemade address book from Michelle that I ordered a few months back, isn't it adorable?? I love the button spine! She also threw in my favorite painting of hers, a TON of buttons (the way to my heart) and some cutsie button earrings :) I LOVE it all! Thanks Meesh! I love all my surprises!!

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the address book. I absolutely love her handwriting!

Andrea made me this amazing heart to hang from my garland! I actually got this today, it was included with her Valentine's Cards for the swap. Such a great surprise! I love it! You did a great job Andrea, it's perfect!

I also got this amazing garland from Carrie I ordered last week. It matches perfect with the pom-pom wreath she also made me :) It was hung within 5 minutes of me opening it, lol. I am going to hang my Valentine's Cards from it! Thanks Carrie, I love it!

Hope you all enjoyed my first Happy Mail Wednesday :) Now I'm off to address several envelopes for the Valentine's Day Card Swap! Hoping to have them out by next Tuesday, if I get all the cards in by then, it will be sooner :)


P.S. sorry if anything is misspelled, spell check is not cooperating..


  1. you got a lot of amazing things!

  2. wow every week you get such awesome prizes!!! and everything is so bright and cheery. Oh and the penguin is from Sage & Ava for Valentines Day to their Favorite Aunt. hence the card w/the penquin: Aunt Artica... lol.. thought of you immediately had to buy it ...glad you loved everything you got from everyone... kisses & huggers...momma~

  3. wow! that is a lot of happy mail love!
    does your postal worker still love you?

  4. Such a cue garland! You do get super cute things!! BTW my second heart looks retarded haha, I am making you another! Let me know when you want to get together and I'll teach you! I love that penguin, its so sweet and perfect! Love you!

  5. Awesome mail this week Lindsay! So happy for you, you totally deserve all of it.
    I am so excited about my treasure box, and I really appreciate you taking the time to make it for me.

  6. Awesome mail, girl!!!
    I want to send you something for your garland!!! That's such a cute idea! I may need to borrow that one. ;)
    Love that address book that MJ made!!! You scored big with happy mail this week!!! WooHoooo!!!! Happy Mail makes my heart happy, hehe.

  7. WOW! that is great! I loved everything!

  8. What a lovely mixture of stuff :) I really love the painting! And the flower ring, haha and the penguin is too cute! xx

  9. That flower felt ring is so cute! I now am considering making myself one :)

  10. yay for happy mail!
    i loveeeeeeee that ring! so cute!

  11. WOW! that's a whole lotta happy mail alright!!!

    and yay for scheduled posts! i love that function :)

  12. Yes, I love the card. i thought you might love a little button love--:D

  13. I know I left a comment yesterday to this post.
    What great happy mail you receive.

    I need garland like that!!

  14. I am sooo glad you got the journal! :)
    Have a great weekend! :)

  15. wowww. that garland and wreath is soo fabulous. i love when you share all your gifts and happy mail. makes me HAPPY!! :)


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