Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

Annnndddddd it's my 100th post!!!! YAY!!! I would normally have a giveaway for this.. but I already have a giveaway going on, lol :) SO, I decided when I reach 200 followers I will have ANOTHER giveaway!! YAY!!!

Lots of mail this week, I can't even show most of it because some stuff I bought for the project Gina is doing, but I will show a tiny tad bit of some of the stuff (the rest I sent to her already :))

I got some amazingly cute fabric for me and a friend ;) Don't you love the wood grain?? I found this super cute panda-ey fabric too which I think I will make a tote bag out of!

This tote bag caught my eye an I knew I had to have it. I got it from Steppie's shop, she is now my go-to girl for all things panda!! Panda + Pink = Amazingness

I got some really sweet Happy Mail letters. The one on the left is from Tiffany, who was my January Happy Mail partner, we still keep in touch and write each other often. The one on the right is from Mandy, who is my Happy Mail partner from this month :)

So I know you remember JuJu and LuLu, I loved them so much I had to get a bigger version.. so that's what I did.. I couldn't help the cuteness!!!! Now I have a little JuJu and LuLu family :)

My amazing friend Carol actually crocheted me a panda too!! Remember the panda from a few posts ago??? She made it for me!!! It came out amazing! You can see it here. She is making him a girlfriend too and a little strawberry panda as well! I am so excited, My craft room is about to be a panda room for sure!

Carrie made this cute cupcake embroidery, it came out so adorable! I love it! She also surprised me with this adorable panda key chain that is already on my key ring! Thanks so much Carrie, it was a super sweet surprise!

I also thought I would share some amazing cute giveaways that are going on right now!!! SO MANY!!






Also, don't forget to check out the GIVEAWAY going on HERE!!!! I will be pulling a winner on Sunday!! You don't want to miss out, so many awesome prizes, made by some pretty awesome ladies!



  1. oh such cuteness! I am so glad you like your piece I really enjoyed making it!

    I just knew you had to have the panda keychain!


  2. oh my gosh so much happy mail & cute panda stuff it's just amazing!!! i can't wait to go shopping this weekend for happy mail stuff! i need to buy some of that woodgrain fabric...seriously. i found some on etsy & i gotta grab it while i can!
    congrats on all the cute pandas!!!

  3. More Panda lovin' is headed your way!! I can't wait for you to get your package! I hope you love it! I saw the panda that Carol made cute! And the fabric is so pretty, LOVE IT, I got the turquoise fabric I ordered today!

  4. I love the big pandas!! I saw the one Carol is making you, he is soo sweet!! You are gonna have to buy an extra shelf for a Panda display! They have nice shelves on walmart for 15 dollars, the one I have in Addy's room. I am about to crochet an owl for Meg, so if he turns out I will make you one too for a little friend for your pandas! I still need to finish my bumble bee's wings too! So much crocheting to do! Thanks for posting my giveaway! Love you!!

  5. Yay for your 100th post!!! That's so awesome!! Carol makes the cutest pandas ever!!! Love them!

  6. Oh good you got it!! :] Okay, weird question: Did it arrive with a stamp? My other Happy Mail girl got hers [finally] but it didn't have a stamp. haha weeeird.

    Okay, your big ol' happy mail package went out today [so excited for you to get it!!] Sorry its a tad bit late, there something in it that I was working on for you and it took me a little longer to finish than I expected.


  7. congrats, 100! i remember my 100 like it was this morning. now i'm at 500, i think? you are such a great blogger. :)

  8. Congrats on the 100th post!! All of your new goodies are super cute ... but everything you get is always super cute! ;)

  9. cute cute goodies!!


  10. That woodgrain fabric is wicked! Where did you get it from?

  11. Again, awesome fabric! Really terrific happy mail, too.

  12. those other pandas are so cute! you should make a shelf of all your panda dolls! congrats on 100 posts!

  13. You are the coolest! :) I love all of this cute stuff~ all of the panda stuff is darling! Now every time I see anything panda I always think of you! :)

  14. pink plus pandas does equal auh-mazing!!!
    where did you get that adorable woodgrain fabric?!?!?!

  15. lots and lots of panda stuff coming your way!!

  16. Happy 100 posts!!! amazing it doesn't feel like that many, guess cause everyone one of them are so interesting and fun to read that I look forward into your next.. Like today.. where is your Thursday blog post??? LOL still waiting patiently..

    Luv you cupcake art! Your craft room is getting cuter and cuter every week! that fabric is really diff (woodgrain) can't wait to see what you will use it for.

    Started my journal last nite.. looked for you on Skype.. I am doing this entire thing from scratch'o'la...yea I am going all out... I have done hours of research on binding the pages to the book.. Looking for a skeleton key for the front.. gonna put some of my great grama's lace on the front too! (yes I will send you some of her lace.. & you can incorp w/your journal.

    Asked dad about old maps sd he may have some at the house he will look for them.. Yes will send you some pages ... And the article I found from 1944 that was my great grama's i am stil up in the air about that one..


  17. Congrats on your 100th post :) Gosh, you do love pandas, eh! No wonder, theyre super cute xx

  18. Hi, I'm your newest Friday Follower!

    Come visit me at


  19. Cooool :) I just love Steppie ^_^
    And where did you get that awesome fabric?!

  20. That panda tote is absolutely adorable! I'm definitely bookmarking her Etsy shop. I need one of those in my life.

  21. Hooray for your 100th post! I started my blog over and all mu posts were erased so I am starting the countdown again...Oh well. It will be just as fun this time!

    I *heart* your blog!


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