Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

Lots of fun things to share with you guys. I've been working my booty off getting a few projects done. I'm not ready to share all of them yet, I'll update soon with some sneak peeks :) Here are a few things I have completed though :)

I made my good friend Kristie her very own treasure box. I'm hoping all my friends will eventually have one of my boxes in their craft room :) Here is a small peek into what it looks like :)

Thought I would also share what I have been organizing this weekend. All the Valentine's Day swap cards. I'm still waiting on 4 more peoples cards. Hoping to have them out by Tuesday (if the cards get here tomorrow). I will send out an e-mail when they get sent out so you guys can keep a look-out :)

I finally finished the apron from Style School. I didn't realize how long it would take me, I wanted to add so many little details. I'm still having trouble getting the blue Mark-B-Gone off around the embroidered letters. I've tried soap and water but it keeps coming back, any suggestions?

Ain't it pretty???

Close-up of some of the buttons, used different colored threads for each button, details details :)

Here is a sneak peek of the Love Day gift I'm making for the hubs :) Only showing a tiny bit because he tends to look here sometimes.

Also, today is VERY special day for us Louisianians (hehe). Saints went to the Superbowl. AND... THEY WON!! 31-17!!! I am beyond happy, crying my eyes out actually!! This wasn't just a win for the Saints, but for the city of New Orleans as well!!! YAY SAINTS!! WHO DAT?!?!?! First time ever they have won the Superbowl!! I am so proud!!!

Here's some of our yummy Super bowl snacks..
Yummy salsa and chips from Mi Mexico

Buffalo Wild Wings in all different yummy sauces

Secret family recipe of BBQ baked beans, I tell you now these are the most amazing beans...EVER!!

Hope you guys have had an amazing weekend.

What did you do and what do you think of my projects??


P.S. Tomorrow I will doing my very first Feature Me Monday! Stayed tuned to see who it is ;)


  1. Wow, looks like a great Sunday!! Fun fun fun :)

  2. Your apron looks AWESOME!!! So pretty! Love the little details! ;)
    Yum! Yum!!! Good food!
    Congrats on your team's win!!!! It's pretty awesome!

  3. Cute! Your apron turned out very cute.

  4. that apron is so cute...i want one. i need to look through my stash and get to working

  5. This was my first time watching the super bowl.

    Up until last year, I didnt even know HOW to play football. I had someone watch it with me and explain it to me haha.

    When I knew who was playing, I was torn between Peyton and the Colts or Drew and the Saints.

    Ultimately, I went for the Saints because they were the underdogs and have never won.

    Throughout the whole game I was "YES WOOOO!" and "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"! Hahaha I was sooo excited when they won. I wasnt going to cry that is until I saw Drew Brees cradling his baby boy and accepting the MVP award.

    It was a GREAT game.
    I am due to visit Arkansas in the summer and my friend said that if I wanted, he'd drive me the 8 hour to New Orleans to see it for the first time and be in the home of the Saints (which are now my new favorite team!) I am even gonna get a Fleur De Lis tattoo haha


  6. love all that hand stitching, absolutely awesome.

  7. WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT SAID THEY GONN BEAT DEM SAINTS?!? Not only was it our first win, but our first time in the superbowl ever! sweet feeling...I cried too. A great thing for the morale of our state...I love being from Louisiana!
    Liz and I spent the night, after the game, two stepping to zydeco music and getting crunk to all of the saints remixes of rap songs from Louisiana artists :]

    I love you and geaux saints! :]


  8. Love the apron!! I'm so excited about the valentine cards!!

  9. The treasure box looks awesome! Thank you, Lindsay! Such a sweetie and your other projects are just as great. I am so happy for The Saints. We are thrilled they won tonight.

  10. yay for the saints!!!

  11. Once again, I see that you have been a very busy girl! :) Love your apron with all the little detail you gave it. Job well done!

    Congratulations on your teams win too! :)


  12. Whn you do happy mail you go all out. that is a lot of packages!
    Love your apron it is so cute. The little details makes it!!

    The food looks yummy.

  13. holy cannoli, your mail pile is outrageous! makes me so happy!

    your apron is incredible-- so beautiful and so YOU! you are going to look adorable wearing that around the house and making all of your beautiful crafts! hehe! (sorry i can't help with the marker thing, i would have suggested soap and water, or a wipe?) ooh i have an idea-- a Tide pen?

    your valentines goodies, the cards, and your hubbys gift... sooo pretty! and so thoughtful! i want to be married to you! ha!! :)

    and YAY for the saints! i wanted them to win.. i was flying home and watching it on the plane and i was rather happy when they won.

    yes, i think that's all.
    oh no wait! i want the recipe for those delicious looking baked beans! ha!


  14. this was the most FANTASTIC Superbowl EVER!! this team was the first Saints team that really truly deserved to win.. they all worked as a team and united in emotions that gave them the skills and drive to be the WORLD CHAMPS!!! Our state LOVES our Saints and it truely shows!! I cried when Porter made that awesome interception followed by a totally EXCITING TOUCHDOWN!!! I tried to call you back but the networks were busy...everyone was calling everyone -since the game was tech over.(I had my game on pause for about 10 mins) It is just AMAZING how everyone feels today.. Randy & Diana called me after the game to come over for a glass of Champaign! What a wonderful Superbowl Ending!!!.. wish we could have watched it together that is the only thing that would have made it better!! luv momma (cajun proud)

  15. Let me add: your apron is the cutest one I have EVER seen.. love all the details and the time you took to make it shows the love you have in it.. Glad I got a "bigger" sneak peek at Joseph's presents..wonder what he is making you... can't wait to see how creative he will be.. you gonna let him into your "woman cave" to create something for you??? lol Hope you get all the Valentine Cards to mail off in time for everyone to enjoy their cards by Saturday.. AND I just have to say I LOVE LOVE the picture of Brees holding up his adorable son...huggs momma

  16. That is great about the Saints!! I didn't even watch the game!!!! I usually watch the Superbowl every year, but last night we spent the night as a family doing whatever. I love your apron it turned out sooo cute! I love your boxes that you make, they are so adorable and fun! I can't wait to see all your projects and to have our playdate this week! Tuesday sound good?

  17. sunday funday!!! wooooo i ate a lot yesterday! yumm
    im loving all the pink and red in this post makes me think of love!

  18. So cute! And that food definitely looks tasty! :]

    My family might be midwest-born & bred, but we were Saints fans all the way last night. What a great game!

  19. i love this apron! so amazing!

  20. OMG Lindsay that apron looks amazing! I want one! I am not much into football but I would have loved to have eaten the food that went along with it...hehehehe
    Debbie xxoo :)

  21. The Treasure box is amazing!!!!!
    The apron is sooooo adorable.
    Yay for the Saints winning.
    Your super bowl snacks look delish!
    and I wish you would share the recipe for the beans they look AMAZING!

  22. those boxes are so cute, i love your attention to detail, thats an imporant quality to have!

  23. wow this is my first tim visiting your blog.. it's amazing! That apron is so adorable and I like all your creative photos!!


  24. that food just made my mouth water... literally! i'm so hungry now! i love your cute button treasure box! it's soooo amazing!
    time to eat now! =)

  25. Your apron is so CUTE!!! Love it!!

    I can't wait to see what you're making your hubby!

    I crocheted all through the Superbowl! :)

  26. Your apron is adorable. I haven't started that project yet. I need to find the perfect fabric, or at least that is my excuse right now. Can't wait to see what you made for the hubby! I am sure it is has a felt frog on it. Hello!!
    Congrats to The Saints!!


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