Friday, February 19, 2010


I am so excited to announce that I'm having my 3rd giveaway!! I have several friends who wanted to join in on the fun! We tried to think of a new, fun way to have this giveaway.

Jamie came up with the amazing idea for a Treasure Hunt!

Now your probably thinking, how do we do that? It's Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy!

I am going to write down 7 questions at the bottom of this giveaway, one is for each person involved in the giveaway and giving away something awesome! For every question you get right, that's an entry! All the answers can be found on their blog, so it's like a treasure hunt :)

There is only 1 winner for this giveaway, so whoever wins gets ALL that's listed below!! YAY!!!

So let me start with the booty you can win!! ARRGGGH!!!! ;)

First one up!! ME!
I will be giving away this adorable mini treasure box covered with matching buttons. Burgundy on the outside and pink on the inside. All hand painted and decorated by yours truly!!

Jamie from Inspired Mess, who is also creator of Happy Mail, will be giving away this super cute button brooch with a "You are Awesome" Inspirable Hanging.

Carrie from Carrie's Little World is giving away a boatload of fun prizes!! Blue nail polish, button bracelet, ring, owls (OMG SO CUTE), spool person Hello Kitty themed, and an embroidery!

Ashley from Almost Exactly will be giving away this handmade bracelet. Isn't it cute?

Carol from That is Charming is giving away one of her beautiful crocheted granny square necklaces.

Cat from No Wooden Spoons is giving away a crocheted coffee cozy with a cute crocheted flower.

Michelle from Aquafrolic is giving away an 8x10 painting on canvas, isn't it beautiful??

Recap of what you can win:

Mini treasure box
Button Brooch
Inspirable Hanging
Homemade beaded bracelet
Granny Square Necklace
Blue nail polish
A ring
Set of Owls
Spool thread person Hello Kitty themed
Button bracelet
Crocheted Flower cozy
8x10 canvas painting

WOW so many prizes!!!!!

Ok now it's time to go over the rules....


1. You must be a blog follower of THIS blog. My google reader is on the left side of my page, just click follow if you haven't yet :)

2. You have to e-mail me the answers, do NOT post them in the comments for everyone to see. They can just copy/paste your answers and they did no work. lame-o. If you do comment with answers, your DISQUALIFIED.

3. Leave a comment on this post saying you e-mailed me or just leave a random comment if you plan on entering :)

E-Mail all answers to Mezmerized814 (at) aol (dot) com

I will make a blog post after this, when I start getting e-mails. I will tally up the entries and write your name with the total amount of entries along with it on the post. That way you know how many entries you have, as well as how many other people are on the hunt :) The main reason though is that it keeps me organized... shhhh

Time to hunt!!!


1. Lindsay(me) "What am I totally addicted to/obsessed with? (I'll accept 2 answers for this)

2. Jamie from Inspired Mess "What are the names of my boys?" Bonus if you can get all 4 right!!

3. Carrie from Carrie's Little World "How old am I?"

4. Ashley from Almost Exactly "What is the name of the novel I wrote?

5. Carol from That is Charming "What is my favorite craft?"

6. Cat from No Wooden Spoons "What is the big Project I have been working on this year?"

7. Michelle from Aquafrolic "What football team do I pull for? (accepting 2 answers)

Easiest way to do this is Copy/Paste the questions. Make sure to send them to

Mezmerized814 (at) aol (dot) com

This giveaway will run a little over a week, giving you plenty of time to get the answers, most of you may already know them. We made sure to pick questions that were easy (but not too easy) and can be easily found on our blogs :)

We will be picking a winner February 28, 2010 :)

Here's a link to the post with all the entries so far! :)

Feel free to pass along the word!!!!!




  1. fun fun I am posting about it right now!

  2. Oh, this is so much fun! I already know most of these answers! Woohoo!

  3. I'm excited to be part of this giveaway! Everyone has such great prizes, someone is going to be very lucky!! Good luck everyone!!! :)


    PS Linds my blog button is fixed now! :)

  4. Oh yea and I just posted about it!


  5. I am sending you the answers right now! Yay!!

  6. I didn't get my treasure box yet, but maybe today. I am thrilled about getting my very own treasure box from you!!!! As soon as it comes I will blog about it.

  7. It must have gotten deleted by accident when I was doing some editing and organizing. I'm going to redo them again soon.

  8. i emailed you my answers!! this was soooo fun!!!

  9. I emailed you with my answers!! this was so much fun!!!

  10. what a fun way to have a giveaway!!!- moma

  11. this was fun!! I sent you all my answers.

  12. I e-mailed you my answers! This is so much fun!

  13. I emailed you!!!! I am going to post about it tomorrow, hopefully lots of people join in on the fun!! I love all the amazing prizes!!

  14. Oef it was kinda hard ! but I made it ! I guess ;)

    - Elianne

  15. Hi there,
    What a fun hunt!I e-mailed you my answers.

  16. what a fun hunt! I e-mailed you my answers.


  17. I just sent you an email with my entry!


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