Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

First I would like to say THANK YOU to all my amazing friends who joined in on my Operation Panda Hat!! It is a success!!! I believe I will be seeing a panda hat in my near future ;) Getting lots of shopping and Happy Mail packages put together as promised!! My mom even joined in on the fun, thought it would be an awesome bonding experience since we live so far away from each other. :) Don't forget to sign up for Viv's amazing class if you haven't already, by clicking here :)

On to one of my favorite posts this week!! HAPPY MAIL!!!

Meet JuJu, you might recognize him from a few posts back.. I had to have him! Isn't he the cutest panda you have ever seen?!?! He doesn't know yet, but he has a little girlfriend on the way :) awwww!!!! I'll post pics when she gets here :)

I recieved this amazing Valentine's Day card from Gina, uh hello heart made out of buttons??? BEST.EVER!!! She is also working on a little project for me, I'm so excited! I'll post more in the near future!! LOVE my card Gina!!! I'll post the cards from the Valentine's Day swap once everyone gets theirs, so I don't ruin the surprise :)

The back of the card, isn't she the sweetest? :)

Angela sent me this adorable vintage owl tin full of awesome goodies with her Love Day cards. Cute Cute Cute!!! Thanks Angela!

I went on a small Etsy shopping spree and bought these lil cuties :)

I also bought these Owl stickers :) Oh Hambly's, how I love you!

Cute papers also from Hambly's

Tons of overlays, I have to admit I didn't even know how or what to do with them. Now that I know, I'm so excited to use them! Also, I'm adding this in because Jeremy mentioned it. The papers do smell so good, they add vanilla in their ink, yes so random.. I thought if I mentioned it the first time around people would be like "YOU SMELL YOUR PACKAGES??" :)

I also got my paintings from Amy. I LOVE them, they are so me!! Thanks for being so creative and talented Amy! I am honored to have your art in my craft room :)

The other cutsie painting I bought, yay for cupcakes and buttons!!! LOVE LOVE!!!

She also threw in these 2 awesome prints! Love you Amy!!!

More yummy fabric to make pretty things with. I bought LOTS of cute panda ones that are on their way! I'll post them on next weeks Happy Mail post :)

Here are some cute leg warmers I won from Posh-A-Bye Baby boutique. Kaylee sure knows how to rock them. Isn't she the cutest little girl you have ever seen??

Gosh I love her so much!!

If you look up cuteness in the dictionary, this picure is what will pop up.. I know this!!

I also want to give a shout out to my friend Kaleigh. She wrote this amazingly sweet post about me, thanking me for all the hard work I put into the Valentine's Day post! Thanks Kaleigh, you are too sweet :) *blushes*

Love you guys!!



  1. did you smell your hambly package??

    random i know buuut they use vanilla in the ink and the smell of a new hambly package is almost as lovely as the papers.


  2. what a great post!!! I never get tired of reading them, actually I look forward to them every day! you got so many adorable paintings and gifts.. I admire you and all you have accomplished thru your creativity. I am looking forward in our "journal class" a journey we can take together and have a blast... I will probably be picking you brain for some ideas so be prepared! Our little KayKay sure is a cutiepie... I think she has the "posing" down pat! lol... kinda runs in the family doesn't it...I don't beleive any girls love getting their pics taken as much as my girls... luv you luv you... how are you going to use that transparency paper??? looks like tons of fun...momma~ p.s. glad you are getting your Panda Hat!!! (it is quit charming)

  3. wow that is some great stuff! Your custom piece is going in the mail tomorrow and I will text you when I post it in my store!

  4. YEAH girl! Glad you're going to get your panda hat!

    And Kaylee is totally adorable! :]

  5. so glad that you liked the tin. i thought it was so so cute. and how cute is your little girl..wowza.

  6. omg! i am so happy you love them and i think they look amazing and they are SO VERY YOU.

    lots of love!!!! xxo

  7. I think JuJu is super adorable! I'm glad you are getting the hat, if not I would have found out how to make one for you myself (haha oo it would look sooo funny)! I want to smell those papers lol, they sound yummy! Addy had so much fun with you and miss Kaylee today, she actually fell asleep in 15 minutes tonight!! See you tomorrow at 1, love you!! Oh and tell your momma next time she comes up or you go to visit I will have a piece of that yummy cake for her!!! I have been craving it again! That reminds me, I need to get the better than sex cake recipe yet!

  8. love the artwork!
    yes she is the cutest girl how sweet!

  9. Those owls are the cutest. I have to agree on your daughter, especially that last picture is adorable!

  10. Great stuff girl and your lil girl is so sweet. Mika (

  11. I am so happy that OPH is a success and I am glad that I helped, I just blogged about it this morning before I started reading my blog updates, so you may be getting some more to sign up in your name, maybe you can get 2 hats! LOL! And, ummmmm.....I love all of the owl goodies!!


  12. First of all I am so jealous of all your Hambly cuteness. I love the all the owl stuff too.

    I am so happy you loved your card. I knew right away I wanted to use buttons for your card--:D wonder how I came up with that idea?

    I have a few Panda items marked on Etsy to buy for my dd. She now wants one of those frying pans--lol I can't wait to see the little guys girlfriend.

    have a great day--:D

  13. lots of cute stuff! I see lots of owl stuff and lovely Valentine stuff! I love your Amy artwork, I'm excited to get my stuff from her! Can't wait to see Juju's girlfriend. Did you ever see my pink panda I made?


  14. Now i'm blusing! You deserved it for being so thoughful :)! I LOVE the cupcake and button's painting, it's sooo pretty.

  15. Hey beautiful girl! Your little one is so cute! Precious! I have a question....Where are you getting all of that cute fabric?

  16. Yes, your little girl is beyond adorable!! So sweet, love the leg warmers too! All of those owls are great, the felt ones from Etsy are just so special...can't wait to see what you'll use them for. With all of these great materials you must be feeling so inspired.

  17. Kaylee is rocking those cute leg warmers!! She is a cutie!! Looks like your mailbox had an awesome week!! :)

  18. i love that hambly stuff!!! & your cutie in the leg warmers is the BEST! i think her picture would be under "cute" in the dictionary! how fun! =)

  19. Such cuteness!! You always post the cutest things!! I adore those felt owls!! Aw your little girl is sooo adorable!! She looks a lot like you too!! Those leg warmers look very cute and comfy!! And so festive for Valentine's Day!!

  20. i got my valentine's today!!!!!
    love em!


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