Monday, February 22, 2010

Feature Me Monday

1. What is your name, tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do.

My name is Katie. I am 27 years old, and I live in Tacoma, WA. I have two puppies who live with me, Jude and Klondike, and a boyfriend who lives very far away (Nashville, TN)! I have my Bachelor's in Social Welfare from the University of Washington, and am the Director of Social Services for a nursing home in my area. In my free time I like to hang out in my little neighborhood with friends. We walk to the vegan bakery, the independent movie theater, through the park or to the antique stores. I also spend a lot of time with my family, who live up and down the Puget Sound. Most of my money goes to flying back and forth to Nashville, until my boyfriend can afford to move out here (hopefully next year).


2. Where can we find you?


3. What’s your obsession right now?

Lately I have become obsessed with my discovering my little neighborhood. I live in a really cute part of Tacoma, with so many cute things to do and see. I have become focused on spending less time and dollars at chain stores like Target, and do most of my shopping and leisure activities at the shops within walking distance of my apartment. Just on my block I have an neighborhood owned/volunteer movie theater that shows independent movies, a cake bakery/coffee shop, a wine bistro, and an art gallery. Up a block is this fantastic park, and this awesome restaurant. I walk through this park, and I reach the salon where I get my hair done. I really like feeling so connected to my environment, and I like supporting all these smaller businesses.
4. Where do you get your inspiration and what keeps you motivated?

I am inspired by Mad Men, antique stores, pretty pictures, sewing/craft/cook books, yarn stores, pink, cupcakes, feminine things, music, and old movies, especially starring Audrey Hepburn.

5. What are your top 5 favorite blogs? - Sometimes Sweet - Nothing But Bonfires - A Beautiful Mess - CJane - Nie Nie Dialogues

There are soooo many more that I read every day, but these ones are the ones I save for last! ;)

6. If you could only eat 1 food the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would either eat The Big Smooth from The Honey Hole ( or Coconut or Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake ( Oh my word. Now I'm hungry. Mmmmm.

Free Speak:

I am: happy, alive, human, creative, understanding, an activist, one of “God’s Children”, a fairy princess, a born therapist, a tree hugging dirt worshipper, a hippie gypsy, a class act, a packrat, a Goodwill Treasure Hunter, a wannabe world traveler, a Franco-fanatic, a Harry Potter freak, a 4th generation San Franciscan, a Pacific Northwesterner, a Born-Again-Bohemian, Powered by Tofu, me.

I am not: perfect, patient, a miracle worker, a saint, cool.

Katie Curry, BSW
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Hope you guys enjoyed reading Katie's Feature as much as I did :) Go say hi and leave her some comment love here and on her blog :)


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  1. Tacoma sounds like a great place! I love your pups, they are precious!!!! Now I really want a yummy cupcake :)

  2. this was a great feature! I checked out her blog! It's really cute!

  3. Hi Katie! Nice to meet you! :)

    Awesome feature, Linds!

  4. Thanks for featuring me!! And thanks for the nice comments, as well.

  5. Sounds like a lovely place to live!
    Nice to meet you :)

  6. Love these features! I always look forward to Monday's!

  7. Bonjour Katie! So great to e-meet you! :D Your boyfriend and I share the same town, how fun! You're quite the trooper to invest so much time/money into trekking back and forth between the good ol south and Washington!

    Love love love your features, Lindsay!


  8. hi katie! it's nice to meet you!

  9. hi katie! awesome blog-- and i love the url (from rilo kileys' portion for foxes right??) :)

  10. Katie what a great neighborhood to live in. I would love to walk to all those wonderful fun/relaxing places to go shopping & get my hair done.. enjoy your next cup of coffee/tea or cupcake in such a serene place.!!! Great blog!


  11. Your dogs are soooo cute!!! Love them!!! PS-cute blog!

  12. Aw, you're so beautiful! And I looove your dogs! I love dogs so much, it's ridonkulous!


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