Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feature Me Monday, on Tuesday

WELCOME!!! To my very first feature post! This Monday (or should I say Tuesday) I'm featuring one of my favorite people ever, Sonja :) Sorry I'm a day late, it was movie night last night :)

1. What is your name, tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do.
 Hi! I am Sonja, I am a stay at home mommy to my princess Addyson. I am 21 years old and married to my amazing USAF airman, Ray! I have always loved being creative and I mostly focused my creativity into my love for theater! When I got pregnant I started doing a few projects and I realized just how fun it was! I also discovered during that time how much I loved to bake and cook, I had always liked it before, but I came to love it within that 9 months! Recently I picked up crocheting and its so relaxing and fun to do, I am getting pretty ok at it if I do say so myself! I do other little things here and there, like painting with my daughter, painting pottery with my bff aka Lindsay, and occasionally some sketching! I would love to get a sewing machine and make some clothes... attempt it anyways!

2. Where can we find you?
My Blog

3. What's your obsession right now?
Addyson, my daughter (lol that is not supposed to sound creepy) Also I love headbands, I could wear them everyday and never get tired of them. Crocheting, I just love how relaxing it is! Music and singing!! Snowflakes, ribbon, shopping, catalogs and skinny jeans!!

4. Where do you get your inspiration and what keeps you motivated?
 I get inspiration from so many things! My daughter of course, family, friends I get some inspiration from all the great blogs I read, and other little things here and there :) My main motivation comes from my husband! He is always pushing me to be better or to try something new. He is actually trying to get me to audition for American Idol this summer, but I've heard too many negative try out stories so I think I am gonna skip that one lol, plus I am nowhere near as talented as some of the contestants they found this year!

5. What are your top 5 favorite blogs?
Well of course Pixies and Bears!
Meg from Twisted Tree
AJ from Aj's Blonde Ambition
Leaves and feathers
Inspired Mess
And I am going to cheat and add another haha
Staci from Random Ramblings of a military wife

6. If you could eat dinner with a famous person, past or present, who would it be and why?
That's easy, Josh Groban!!! I first heard him when he performed at the Super Bowl in 2004 as I was walking out of my parent's living room. I stopped dead in my tracks and ran back to the couch and I was hooked ever since! His voice is just so sincere and beautiful and his songs are amazing. Not only that, but he is really involved with charities too. He is involved with Toys for Tots, his own personal foundation that helps kids in South Africa, he recently recorded "We are the World" with other artists and all the proceeds will go to help Haiti. He is just an amazing artist and he uses his fame for good, which can't be said about many celebrities these days.

Free Speak: I would like to mention how amazing it is to see some of the ladies on other blogs who have helped Haiti in their time of need. Whether it is donating from their Etsy shops or by selling paintings. It is just so wonderful to see everyone help and care so much.

I hope everyone enjoyed my first feature post, now show some love for Sonja :) !!

If you would like to be featured e-mail me at Mezmerized814 (at) aol (dot) com



  1. oh Sonja is so cute! good feature

  2. Sonja is so sweet!!! Are you two next door neighbors or just live on base together? She needs to join our chats sometime!!!

  3. oooooooo yummy Josh Groban picture, lol. Thanks for featuring me, especially for my first time!! It was really fun, love all the pics you chose!! Love you... play date tomorrow??

  4. Cute cute! I always love reading these. :]

  5. Aww I enjoyed this feature! Sonja always seems so sweet! <3

  6. I heart Sonja!! What a great person to have as a Happy Mail buddy! Thanks for mentioning my blog, you are such a sweetheart!!! Keep these coming Lindsay, I love reading about all of these amazing ladies!!


  7. Im so happy I found your blog on the redvelvet flickr page!!! im a SAHM mom too to my little 13 month old boy!!! We have a lot in common!

  8. It was nice to learn more about Sonja even though I thougt I knew everything about her already..lol I know she makes a yummy snickers cake.. can't wait for her to share it with me.... yes she is a good cook!!!! huggs...momma~

  9. hi sonja! it's nice meeting you! your DD is soo cute. :)

  10. That is crazy that we both watched Pandorum. haha. Did you like it? I KNOW! I thought the creature things were going to come out of the pods too!

    Your daughter is adorable!!

  11. what a wonderful idea, lindsay! i love it!


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