Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

YAY!! Another installment of Happy Mail Wednesday!! I have to say I am totally loving this post every week. Some stuff I post is bought (most likely through Etsy) and others is Happy Mail from friends. Here is some of the awesomeness I have gotten this week.

Some fabric I ordered this week came in. The panda stuff is going to Gina to put in the project she is working on for me :)

The panda fabric is my absolute favorite, it actually came all the way from Japan, I kept the package to use in a scrapbook later because it was so neat!!! I wish I could wallpaper my room in this stuff, I LOVE IT!!

Here is some lovely ribbon I bought too, most (panda ones) is also for the project Gina is working on. Some were just way to cute to pass up. Anyone know where you can buy spools so I can wrap the ribbon around it? I have some cute ribbon boxes I want to stick them in.

Here is the painting Jamie made me all hung up in the middle of my wall. I LOVE IT!! Can you say gorgeous? My window sill is so cluttered, so excuse the mess. I have a cubby on the way, thankfully, so I can organize my mess a little better. I get so distracted!!

Here is a close-up of the painting, it's so detailed! Thank you so much Jamie, it's perfect! Thank you thank you!!!!

Here are some more goodies I ordered, I've been looking for some cute owl stamps for awhile now and finally found some online. I also bought those Kraft tags for my Style File, and some iron-ons which I will be using for my next project :)

Toni suprised me with a package of one of my favorite projects she has done for Style School. I LOVE love the owl and put it with my owl collection. I also hung up the adorable card she made on my garland :) Thank you Toni!!!!

Here are some cute cards from friends I've gotten during the week too :) Love the stickers and buttons they put in there as well. Thanks for being such amazing friends!!

LuLu came in yesterday :) She was my little surpise for JuJu :) I had her custom made, especially after getting JuJu, I knew I had to have a pink themed one :)

JuJu and LuLu, love at first sight!!!

Awwww panda kisses!!

Yes, I am prolly a huge dork for having a photo shoot with my pandas, but I don't care.

That's how I roll!

I also had a bigger replica of the pandas made (they are on their way) because I loved them so much. When they get here, I'll post a pic :) Aren't they the cutest???? I have seen several crocheted pandas on Etsy and love these by far the most!! I love the flower on her ear :) Can't wait to get my big ones :)

Hopefully, I will have the SURPRISE posted tomorrow or Friday, still waiting on a few things which I will hopefully have tonight :) It's going to be great! You don't want to miss it! Hope yall have an amazing rest of the week!! Love you guys!!



  1. Awesome goodies!!! I looove seeing your wall!!! That's so inspiring! I need to do something like that to hang cards I get and stuff. Definitely.
    Your pandas are adorable! I think their pics are so sweet! Love it all!!! So happy you love your painting. xo

  2. how fun!!! (i forgot to get a hold of you about the art journal class but i'm in!)
    yay for happy mail!

  3. OMG Lindsay I love JuJu and LuLu they are so cute. I must have some of that owl fabric. I will have to check out etsy to see what I can find. I love your wednesday posts.

  4. Aww! LuLu & JuJu are the cutest! You always get so many cute things in the mail! :)

  5. You've been keeping the mailman busy! haha ... Everything looks so cute!

  6. Love it all!! Hummm, so you really like that panda fabric....!(o;
    I love the owl stuff, and those little pandas are too cute, you aren't a dork, I would do the same thing! Yay for Happy Mail!!

  7. Lol you aren't a dork! Lulu is so precious!! I want to crochet a little bear still! You got such cute goodies, I love all your panda stuff!! I also love your ribbon collection!! I so copied you and got a ribbon organizer though... I keep buying ribbon, darn Hobby Lobby and their 50% off signs!! Maybe we should make a ribbon wreath or something! Addy is napping right now, so I better take advantage and grab a very late lunch!! Love you!! <3

  8. Love all the panda cuteness!!
    Okay so it made me smile to see my owl ornament on your table from the ornament swap!! Your painting from Jamie is awesome. She did such a good job. I am loving your craft room!!

  9. Love the garland on your wall - cute!

  10. You find the cutest fabric! And I am loving that painting Jamie made for you. SOOOO cute.

  11. cuteness everywhere! Love the pandas!


  12. awww, love the pandas kissing :).

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colorful fabric, and those crocheted little ones are too cute! maybe when i get better at the crocheting i will try to make you one! :D

  14. Lindsay---You are the cutest ever!! I love the photo shoot of your adorable Pandas.

    I love everything for the project---My wheels are turning( can you hear them?) hee hee

    I can't wait to get the ribbon and fabric.
    I am going to ask jamie if she would make me a painting of my blog name to buy.

    Have a super duper day!!!

  15. its all so neat!
    i love getting mailed

  16. your panda obsession makes me giggle. :)
    it's too funny.

  17. Oh I so love that owl fabric!! and the pandas..and well everything!!!
    I am going on Friday to find out about the price of the stamp!! will keep you posted!
    Debbie :) xxoo

  18. awww pandas+owls=love

    jamie's painting is amazing. and i LOVE your wall with the crocheted garland! so inspired. :)

  19. I have to agree Jamie did a fantastic job on your painting.. I seriously thought those were real buttons she added to the painting till you told me she painted them on...yes she inspired me spent about 45 mins of my 3 1/2hrs at Hobby Lobby last nite picking up mounted canvas and looking at paint till I realized I can't bloom paint but stick people...;( had to put everything back... so sad... wish I had some painting talent like all of the ladies who have painted pics for you..

    oh and you are a "dork" on your panda photo at least I didn't say you were

    you know I luv you ..and your all your ribbons and material.. Just wish I had a place to have a craft room (but you know your dad...NASCAR is priority!! gotta luv him.. maybe I will have him build me a building out

    Luvs and huggs... momma

  20. those fabrics and ribbons are sooo cute!!
    love everything you´ve received. lucky girl. :)


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