Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Funday: Love Day Edition

Happy Love Day Everyone!!!!
We woke up this morning to a beautiful day. I had to take pictures of what I saw out our bedroom window. Gorgeous huh? Even though it was freezing, hehe. The picutres came out really good even though it was through my window :)

Here are all the cards from the Valentine's Day card swap and a few that came seperatey from friends. The blue one in the middle, my handsome little man, Hayden made me :) Thanks to everyone who participated, all the cards came out gorgeous! My first time doing a card swap and it was so much fun!

I have been working on a few projects lately. One is a project binder for Style School. I was going to stick all the pictures of the projects I've done in my Style File, but there was not enough room. SO, I made a binder just for projects. As I finish them, I'll print out the pictures and add them to my binder.

Here is the front page :)

I have finished quite a few and they are all completely different, here are 2 of my favorites so far

I also decided to make something for myself, many of the projects I have done recently were for friends. So I put together a charm bracelet. My very first time to work with jewelrey and I think it came out adorable :) I liked it so much that I made one for a friend :)

Some of my most favorite things:
Love (for my family), cupcakes, owls, pandas, Tinkerbell and the number 3 (favorite number since grade school)

Hubby surprised me with a cute mini panda this morning. Isn't he adorable???

All of our gifts this year were supposed to be hand made. Even though he bought a panda (which of course I love) he wrote me the sweetest poem ever. Yea apparently he is a poet!! It was so sweet and funny and well, amazing :) I took some pictures of a few of my favorite parts. Not going to post the whole thing, well because some things need to be left private, hehe :) So cute, he printed it out because he didn't think I would be able to read his hand-writing :) Gosh I love him!!

I forgot to take pictures of the Love Book I made him :( I'll post it later :) Hope everyone had an amazing Love Day. I have had quite a busy weekend, I made about 25 button magnets and put together 7 packages (most were for the Operation Panda Hat supporters) and a few Happy Mail ones :) I'm now off to enjoy lasagna the hubby made and a glass of wine. Then later, some of my chocolatey chocolate cake! YUM!!!!



  1. OMG!!! Lindsay you are amazing. I absolutely looooved all of the Valentines. They were perfect :)
    BUT I really really love your style file project biner. It is absolutely perfect!!
    I want one now :)
    I love you so much and I miss you.

  2. how sweet love the bracelet I have a thing for charm bracelets

    enjoy the wine and chocolate goodness



  3. awww Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    I got my cards today! I hung them up on my garland! So pretty! I loved them all!

    Your charm bracelet is so cute! I love the panda! And that is so sweet your husband wrote you a poem! awww!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Lindsay!! :)

    I love the little bluebird that your son made you, it's so adorable! I always think little kid's drawings are sweet <3

  5. Your charm bracelet is so cute. I have my charm bracelet that my dad bought me when I was 8. I also have my dh great Aunts charm bracelet( she traveled the world).

    I think your style file is excellent!! so cute and so you!

    I am getting excited to see all the goodies for our project.
    Those Valentine cards rock!! We sure do have some talented people in the world!

    ((hugs)) gina

  6. Your project binder is sooo cute! And I loooove that charm bracelet! Great job!!!!
    Hope you've had a great day!!!

  7. I enjoyed going thru all of Amanda's Valentine Cards there are so many talented ladies who created them...! Hayden's card has to be my fav of all the ones you got..(ya know he is my little man Valentine!).

    And Joe's poem was adorable...I just loved it.. he really wrote from the heart...I have to give him a 10 on his creativity!

    Your charm bracelet is so you! it came out adorable.

    I can't wait to do our Journal class together, your style notebooks are amazing...

    Glad you had a great Valentine's Day.. even though Jimmie's car broke..hey there are alot more races for him to catch up.. I am happy for Jamie McMurray esp since I met him face to face!! what a sweetie pie...

    Luv momma!

  8. Oh my I love it all! That binder is great! I love the charm bracelet...owls, sigh!
    Love ya!

  9. Love your bracelet!! Of course your sweet little panda too :) That pic wasn't my necklace I will be posting pics up tomorrow. I am in such a sluggish mood tonight after all that food!!! That was so sweet of Joe to write you a poem, haha he was a trickster making you think he wasn't doing anything!!!! I'm glad you put the cute little owl on your style page too. Play date this week, I bought a button maker so you can help me figure it out lol. Love you glad you had a great love day!!!

  10. Happy Love day Lindsay!
    All those cards are amazing and I love that style school binder. Really cute. :)

  11. Aww the bracelets came out so cute!

    Wow!! Those valentines look so fun! Maybe i'll participate in a card swap next time. :D

  12. Look at all those beautiful Valentines! I was hoping my honey would of made me one this year but no such luck. I love the bracelet! It is so cute. I love all the charms.

    Hope your having a great Monday! Its been snowing a few hours now here, though the weatherman says we are only having a very few scattered flurries today.... Hard to believe he is only 10 miles from me. LOL

    Take Care,

  13. Those cards are adorable :)

    And your charm bracelet is sooo cute :)

    Your husband is too cute as well! Such a sap :P

    Hope your Monday is going well!!

  14. I LOVE your Style School project book idea! I didn't even think about documenting our actual projects ... I may have to steal that project for myself. ;] Sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  15. Your project folders are adorable! You have such a knack for crafts! The Valentine swap was amazing, I'm so happy with all of the cards.

  16. Oh those are really good pictures, they remind me of my trip to Colorado :( hum I kinda miss the snow!! and I love the blue card with a birdie! cute! You should give me your address so I can mail you something something shh :D! (marianablanco_00(at)hotmail(dot)com)

    The binder is absolutely gorgeous! ♥ ! (it has little birds too! aws!

    And and that bracelet is so pretty! reminds me of Chanel or something like that!

    Phew long comment! Hope you are doing greeeat!

    mucho love!

    XO :)!!

  17. OMG Lindsay where do I start. Love the snowy pics. LOVE your style file pages and holy cute....that charm bracelet is ADORABLE!! You should sell those! Seriously!

    Aren't those handmade gifts from the husband just the best. What a sweet guy to write you a poem.

  18. What a lovely post :) youre such a creative wee soul! The charm bracelet is absolutely stunning. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog missy xx

  19. you're bracelet turned out cute, great charms!

  20. i can't believe you made that charm bracelet. it is SO beautiful. open an etsy shop. :)


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