Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Operation Panda Hat

Me and Vivs from Polka Dot Robot were talking last night. I have been bugging her like crazy for when her next sale is going to be (I'm completely obsessed with the panda hat she sells). Well she came up with a fun and rewarding way to help me get the hat I so love!!!

Vivs is having an amazing online art journal class. It's VERY affordable and it's going to be so much fun!! I can't wait!! It's from March 1st-19th.

Here are a few quotes from her page about this class :)

Love the concept of a journal but have a hard time keeping a traditional diary? Learn the free-form style of art journaling, where anything goes. While traditional journaling features words, sketches, and photos, art journaling emphasizes color, texture, and beauty. Learn to integrate these elements into your pages for a stunning effect.

In this class, we'll start with a plain notebook and will turn it into an art journal you will love! The class will run for 3 weeks with 15 journal prompts (one for each day of the work week) and 3 live chats. We'll have guest bloggers who will share their unique styles of art journaling. We will even have a giveaway of some really cool stuff like Japanese masking tape, a Polka Dot Robot coffee cozy, and more. ;) It will be hosted on a private blog where you can join at your convience.

SO this is where I need you ladies help!... for every person I'm able to get signed up, that's more of a chance I'll get this amazing panda hat that I've been gagaing over since mid last year :)

AND because I'm NOT passed bribery (don't judge me... it's a panda hat)...

For every person who signs up for this class and puts my name in the checkout (to say you heard about the class from me) I will send a Happy Mail Package too. Just a small thank you for being part of my panda hat operation :) So make sure you mention me :) And also let me know, so I can get some goodies mailed off to you :)

So really.. what are you waiting for?? You get to be in an amazing art journal class for only $20!!! Plus get a Happy Mail package from me :) DO IT!!!

For more info click here.

TO sign up for the class, click here.

Thanks so much!!!


  1. awww I wish I could help. I'm trying to save up for a new computer and the indie business class. You are so cute Lindsay! "AND because I'm NOT passed bribery (don't judge me... it's a panda hat)... " made me laugh out loud! You are awesome!! haha! I hope you get your panda hat! It's super cute! <3

  2. that panda hat rocks my face!

  3. Awww, I already signed up yesterday! I'm sorry. =(
    I hope you get your hat!!! You're too funny! xoxo

  4. Ahh dang, I already signed up. Will Vivs take names post-signup?? :] Hope you get your hat!

  5. oh what a cute hat I hope you get it I am with Carol I am trying to save up for the Indie class :( sorry

  6. I'm sorry :( I have to save money these next few months are really hectic between birthdays and an anniversary. I am sure someone will sign up though!!! On the bright side I will see you in 2 hours :)

  7. I signed up and sen her a little e-mail through pay-pal letting her know it was you that got me interested :) Hope this helps you get your panda hat and I am pretty excited about the class!

  8. ok I will join!!!! I need to do something creative w/you even though I may not be able to join the chats since Tiny Chats and my computer don't like each other... I know we will have a blast....and bribery is a good (worked on me) esp when I will be getting some awesome goodies from you in the mail!! when do I have to sign up by?? luv momma~

  9. I just signed up for the class and made sure to mention you at checkout! Good luck with OPH (Operation Panda Hat)! I am happy to help sweetie!! (o: You are too funny!!


  10. Ooooh if I can swing it, I will sign up and make sure I say you sent me. that's a super cute hat.

  11. I just spent $75 on Elsie's Indie Business class, but I hope you find tons of people to help you!


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