Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Things I Love Around My Home

So I've decided to join in on the fun Kassi started on 2 things I love around my Home. I have so many favorite places (craft room is obviously at the top of this), but I decided to go with the not so obvious ones for this post!

First thing is just a little decoration area. I love my clock and the tick-tick noise it makes, and the little weight that goes back and forth. There is actually a VERY funny story behind how I "got" this clock, maybe I'll share it someday ;P I normally have picture frames on this table but since Kaylee grew a little taller, she thinks its fun to take down her picture or one of her bo-bo and carry it around the house or...throw it.. so no more picture frames up there for awhile. I love love my half table, I think the bottom is the coolest, abstract! Kinda hard to tell from the front

Here's a better angle of the bottom of it.

Another thing I absolutely LOVE, is my dining room table. This is my DREAM table!! Pictures do not do it justice, so much prettier in person. The top is made completely out of marble and the bottom is oak I think, with a cherry finish. I absolutely love the leather chairs, so pretty. I love how classy it is. When I saw this table I HAD to have it. SO my hubby told me if I could sell the old one, I could have this one. So I sold my other one (within a week might I add, I was determined), which was a bar table and got this one. I needed a bigger one anyway because I was preggo at the time and the old table was a 4 seater. The other chair is downstairs, I'm using it for my craft room at the moment, it's much comfier than the office chair. I love in the summer time when its super hot and the marble is so cold, so I lay my face on the table, ahhhhhh :) Crazy how much someone can talk about a TABLE! lol :)

So here it is!!! :D

I really like this idea, I think I will try and do it every other week or so :) I already know what I'm going to do for my next one!!!


P.S. Oh and if you wanna trade blog buttons let me know!!!


  1. your floor is dreamy! :D i love everything about this!
    those chairs are FANTASTIC!

    ♥ kaelah
    blog // kaelahbee.com

  2. That half table is awesome!!!

  3. Sooo pretty!!! Love them both!!!

  4. oooo what a gorgeous table!!

  5. Love both tables and the clock is beautiful!


  6. what neat tables! and your clock too!
    thanks for playing along!!

  7. ah! those chairs totally look soooo comfy!

  8. I wanted to join in on this when Jamie was doing it but lost track and had to many other posts in mind. I think I will for sure play this time around. Count me in and maybe you will see my post tomorrow.

    I love that marble table. It had caught my eye a few posts or maybe awhile ago( I have been catching up on reading your blog--since I have not known you very long).

    I picked you up somehting today--:D heehee

  9. I love your table, its so beautiful. Your house is beautifully decorated!! I would love to redecorate my whole house but for right now I like to call my decor style toy chic lol. I hope Kaylee is feeling better!! Next week we need a play date, I have had a horrible stressful day and need some Lindsay time!! Love you!!

  10. I LOVE your table! I noticed it before in some other pictures and thought how beautiful it was! I love that bit about you cooling your face on it! only you, Lindsay! haha! Love you!! <3

  11. I love it! Thanks for sharing :) haha we bloggers are so nosy, I love seeing posts like this! xx

  12. both very sweet pieces :) so far, love your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i could come over! lol!

  13. The clock looks great on "YOUR Wall" so glad you have it in your home...!!! yea someday you need to tell the story on how you aquired it! lol

    luvs momma~

  14. OO love this!! That table is AMAZING! I'm so jealous!! Your home is very elegant!!

  15. Both spaces are soooo cute!! Love your style!

  16. That table is flippin' fantastic.


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