Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Confessions and Obsession

This week's confession theme is pet peeves, I know everyone has at least one, so I figured I would confess a few of my own. Now I have more than the average person (at least that's what I've been told lol) so it was hard to narrow it down. Here's 3

1. Confession...I can not stand when people who do not open doors for you (have your hands full, for the elderly, when you cut in front of someone). There has been several times that I walk to the post office (when its snowing or had been) and I have Kaylee on one hip sliding down and packages and my purse in the other hand and men will walk in front of me and let the door slam. I'm like "hello?, am I invisible?". I guess I'm a door opener for others, so I expect everyone else to be.

2. takers aren't on my most favorite people list. When people don't give credit where credit is due. I have seen people use other people's ideas and come off like they thought of it themselves. I know everyone can get ideas from other people that's how things are created and inspired, but when you take the exact same idea and say you made it up yourself...annoying. Also, when someone spends a lot of time and love into making someone something and you don't get a thank you or acknowledgement...lame-o.

3. drives me crazy when my package takes forever to get to the recipient :( I get so excited about sending off Happy Mail, and then it takes like 2 weeks to arrive. I am definitely going to start using priority!

Speaking of packages, I am sending a very special someone this soon :) I had lots of fun wrapping all the prezzies. This is just to tease her a bit ;P and Yes, I'll be using priority so it doesn't take forever! LOL :)

On to my obsession, of course you all know what it is...PANDAS!!! I should probably just call these posts Friday Confessions + Pandas.... I actually had about 25 pictures, but decided to save the other half for the Friday after next). So here is some panda love :)

[all panda images found on google images]

Since we are talking about amazingness, it reminded me of this beautiful lady :) I took this snapshot via Skype last night when we were chatting/gossiping/brain-storming, know..what we do best! LOL :D

My Momma :) I love being able to chat with her and actually see her, even though she is on the opposite side of the U.S from me. She's my go-to girl for all things that make me feel better :) She is actually in Happy Mail now too as well as Vivs online journal class! Some good Mom/Daughter bonding time :) She is the best!! Love you Mom!!!

So before I end this... I want to know...

What's YOUR biggest pet peeve????



  1. Fun!! Thanks for sharing!! You and your mom look so much alike!! She looks like she could be your sister though! :)
    I am working on my feature stuff but will have to send it over the weekend so I an send pictures! :)
    Have a great day!

  2. ahh! that's so cool your mom is in happy mail!! :) :)

    And I agree with the door opening thing! I HATE that! When I sprained my ankle in college people would just watch me stumble through the door with crutches, books and a bag... I'm like "ummm... hello?" and then one time I got in there late because I was a lot slower than usual obviously and there was 1 seat left along the wall which meant I would have to climb through the aisle and not one person offered their seat or even got up or scoot their seat in to give me space to get through the tiny aisle! They just watched... grrr I was so mad! haha! Whew that felt better to rant! hehe!

  3. Someone is a lucky girl getting all of those goodies!! (o; Your mom is just beautiful, like mother like daughter,huh? The door thing drives me nuts too, the other day while I was going to the post office(mailing "someones" goodies off)I had 2 packages and a baby carrier and still held the door open for someone, of course they just took their time getting to the door and really didn't say anything to me, just a little muffled "thanks"! My pet peeve is people who are late all of the time and always have a dumb excuse! Have a wonderful weekend!! Love ya!

  4. I have a lot of pet peeves too( like you I have been told).

    #1 I hate when you go out to eat and there's a wait. The wait is not the problem. My pet peeve is seeing elders standing while you have a young able person sitting( this actually happens more and more) . I lived in Pittsburgh and this actually happened riding the public transportation too.

    #2 trash on the ground

    #3 chewing with your mouth open--don't even get me started!

    Cute pics
    your mom is beautiful !!

  5. biggest pet peeve? people who blow their nose in public... GAHROSS! i don't want to hear your snot! yuck yuck! and i just joined happy mail this month too, hopefully it will be lots o fun!

  6. Haha! I was JUST thinking of this yesterday! I was thinking that my pet peeves are really getting the best of me today!!! I was going to do a post like this as well. Confession: I have an entire list in my purse right now. haha!
    One of them...people who constantly type in all caps. Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  7. I have to agree with you on the people that dont hold doors open!! That especially gets on my nerves!! What happened to common courtesy?!?!
    I love love the panda picks!! How adorable they are!! I want to hold a baby panda!!!

  8. oooh pet peeves...! i'm with you on the doors, but chewing noises drive me nuts.
    and, actually - drunken stories. i've never really been a 'drinker' - even in my younger years, etc - but i know how to have a good time. but WHEN did telling the best story about blacking out/puking/making a fool of yourself become even remotely cool?
    and it annoys me when people 'NEED' alcohol to be 'confident enough' to do things - like asking a guy out, going onto the dance floor, etc. LAME.
    ha ha end rant! thanks :P

  9. Hey, stopping by from Follow Friday. Love your blog!

    I'm DEFINITELY with you on the door thing (well all the pet peeves you mentioned but especially the door). It's really precious when I'm trying to leave the mall, balance packages, find my keys, get the gigantic stroller through the door and keep my three year old from running into the parking lot and a crowd gathers to watch the circus of crazy instead of holding the door for three seconds.

  10. as always i LOVE you panda images!!! & i totally agree on the door holder thing...i hate when people dont do it...but maybe its just cause i'm a door holder...who knows... but yay for happy mail! dude...i'm going on a shopping bing tomorrow! i'll be getting notebooks & fun fun fun stuffs! happy mail will on its way to you! =) i'm still so jazzed about this class! that's so cool that your momma's participating!

  11. your pet peeves seem to be shared w/alot of people.. I agree I think that the respect of others is just out the window..

    My pet peeves:
    1) when a man/young or old does not remove their hat/ball cap etc, when they are saying our Pledge of Alligence....

    2) tailgaters.. sometimes you can't get over in the other lane.. Baton Rouge drivers are horrible about that.

    3) I agree w/"PaperCameraSizzors" young folks need to give up their seats for the elderly.. we will all be old one day (note to self: you are not there yet :)....) guess we're back to respecting others again..

    and you are too sweet to mention me...I look forward to every call we have, every Skype we share... I am looking forward to us making our journals together... esp since making one totally from scratch is challenging. Luv all your ideas and input on my journal.. luv you and all your friends comments are so sweet...

    huggs and luvs...momma

  12. fun!! i love skype!! its amazing!! and thanks again for my happy mail. i really really really loved it!!

  13. oh your mom is beautiful!!! Oh I have lots of pet peeves I am a tad OCD so lots of things drive me crazy just ask my family but bad drivers are probably the worse!!!

    love ya girl


  14. I love the Panda pic of the mommy kissing the baby! Lol ohhh Joe, guys are funny! I wish I had a house with all of those amazing rooms inside!!!! I have so many pet peeves too, hmm, one of them is rude people! I can't stand if someone is rude to either you or another person, it drives me nuts, how hard is it to give a smile and a kind word?!?! Another one is like your mom's tailgaters! The rule I learned in driver's ed is to have at least a 3 car length in between you and the car ahead of you. If someone tailgates me, I turn on my windshield wiper cleaner and slow down under the speed limit! Love you, play date soon!!!???!!!

  15. those pet peeves bother me some too. we have one of those "non credit giving" people at work. fun! haha.
    ok so i totally love pandas (who doesnt really) and this post makes me want one for a pet soo badly! haha

  16. wow, your mom IS beautiful! i've been begging my mom to learn skype but she can barely email.

    anyways. i've really enjoyed readng yours and everyone's pet peeves today. you get to know your friends so much better. :) i have to say that i agree with all of yours, and have a rather extensive list of my own! lol!!

    ps FIVE DAYS!!!! (*&^%$@&*(@&#^!&@(!@@

  17. Thanks for stopping by to link up at Trendy Treehouse. I am following you now too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. i totally agree with the door thing! i always try to hold the door or at least push it open a little farther when i walk in, but there ae tons of people at school who just let it slam in your face--yesterday it was a professor, and i just kept thinking "you are definitely old enough to know better!". it's okay, we door-openers will just keep spreading the door love :).

    your mom is really pretty! i think it's so cute that you guys are both in the same journaling class and in happy mail.

  19. I love all of those pretty packages! Someone is very lucky. I've got one more thing to get for you and then I'll be sending your happy mail package to you.
    I, too, was thinking of doing a pet peeve post. I can think of 2 off hand, but I will be blogging more about this soon.
    1. People stopping by unannounced. Hate it.
    2. When people crowd you in the grocery store check out line. Seriously. When I can hear you breathing, you need to back up and quit watching me put in my pin number.
    Whew, that felt good to get off my chest. lol

  20. Ahh it deleted me. Shucks...

    Well..i WAS [hmm..what WAS i saying?] oh yes! I LOVE that you and your mom are bonding over crafting and art and online speaking. That is such a blessings. I wish my mom liked crafts.

    I am "borrowing" one of your adorable panda pictures, but i am linking it to your blog so no worries! :)

    i hope your have a pet-peeve-free day!

    Smiles and Blessings,
    Jenipher :D

  21. I'm a door holder too. So annoying when people aren't courteous with doors! It also bugs me when men refuse to go through a door I've opened for them because they think they should be holding it for me >_<

  22. Oo I love these posts!! I'm a door opener too!! I always try to hold the door open for people and I get so annoyed when people won't do the same for me!! I hate it when people take credit for something they didn't come up with. I have a friend who always steals my sayings. If I say something that makes people laugh, she uses it and convinces herself that she came up with it! Rawr! I love all the pictures of pandas!! So cute!

  23. awww thank you!
    the only place right now that i'm excited about the monthly kits is the pink ninja place... they are reasonable in the prices and they are SUPER cute!!!!

  24. haha i love the pandas! and im totally feeling your pet peeves! i also hate when you say good morning or how are you to someone and they dont respond, or when you smile at someone and they ignore you! happens to me all the time at the gym! anyhoo, thanks for visiting my blog too, lets be bloggy friends! xoxo


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