Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I did Saturday....

So yesterday was a VERY eventful day for me, I finished most of the things on my To Do list and even threw a little shopping in. My morning started off with pure cuteness. I woke up and brought Kaylee downstairs and while fixing her breakfast she decided she was going to give her Max a little bit of morning love. I caught her in his kennel (ew but oh so cute, can we say bath afterwards?) and she was giving him snuggles. Excuse the hot mess of hair.. it's the morning people!

After a bath, we went and did a little bit of shopping even though it was 3 degrees outside. Got a lot of great Christmas deals at JoAnn's Fabrics! Then went to Staples, then Walmart. My goal was to finish and get Happy Mail all finished up and ready to be sent out on Monday. I finished it all yesterday, I really hope she likes it. This is my first time doing Happy Mail so I'm testing the waters a little to get it right :) I hope she likes buttons because I have this little obsession right now with them. I was thinking of having a giveaway soon and making another treasure box like this one, in whatever colors and buttons of whoever won it wanted. Think I should? Of course I will be throwing in a lot more stuff, this is just 1 of the ideas I had in mind.

Button love?

Painted the inside an aqua color

Ready to go, hope she likes it!

So last night me and My Sonja went and FINALLY saw New Moon. We were little balls of excitement to finally be seeing our Edward on the big screen. Yes, we are very much aware we are prolly the last Twilighters to be seeing it, but at least we missed the crazy crowds right? We decided after the first scene of Jacob with his shirt off that we were STILL "Team Edward but it never hurts to look at the other Team"... Sonja's great quote for shirts we will prolly have made for the next movie!

In the car ready to see New Moon

Our movie tickets

In the theatre waiting for New Moon to start :)

I also would like to mention a giveaway my fabulous friend Ashley is having. Here are just a few things you could win! Go check it out to find out more, but hurry, today is the last day you can enter!

Here are 2 cute pics of motivation to go check Ashley's blog out!

I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I posted both! Look for my next post, I'll be linking everyone's blog to their obsession and have lots of cute pics to go with it! I'm hoping to have it done tonight! So, if you haven't left your obsession yet, leave it on the obsession post :)


  1. Too cute! I love those little boxes you make...

  2. I had soo much fun last night!! We are definitely getting those shirts made for sure!!!! I LOVE the pics of Kaylee and Max, and the pics of Max advertising lol, so cute! Our next adventure is gonna be pottery painting! Oh and I think I am beginning another obsession besides Snowflakes and Addyson... I am adding bells!! *SONJA*

  3. This is wonderful. It looks like a lot of work, but I don't feel so far away from you guys this way. Thank you.

  4. Those pictures of your daughter and dog are too cute! I love how your dog is giant but still seems so gentle with your daughter!

  5. your little girl is adorable!
    kaylee is such a cute name.

    and your hair looks amazing, if i can say that. haha.

    i waited forever to see twilight, too! (don't tell)

  6. so cute! Love the box and your daughter is adorable :)

  7. Oh my goodness, those pics of your daughter in the kennel are toooo freakin' cute!!!!

  8. Glad you finally got to see New Moon! What did you think??? I love the box you made for you happy mail person (purple and aqua, LOVE THEM!) I'm sure she's going to love getting your package!

    Oh yea and the pics of Kaylee in the kennel cracked me up! Ariana always tries to get in there, grosses me out cause Paco licks his blanket and it really needs to be washed right now!


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