Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas [PART 2]

Yay for Part 2! So Chistmas morning we all got on Skype with my parents and Sage. Even though we are several states away we still were able to have Christmas together. Took us 4 hours for all of us to unwrap presents together. The only thing that could have made it any better is if it all happened in person. I have lots of pictures to share, hope you guys enjoy!

Kaylee and Hayden opening their first present of the morning. Hayden got a cool Chevron car from Grandpa (tradition) and Kaylee opened her handmade Tinkerbell doll carrier from Mommy. You can see My parents and Sagey Poo on Skype :)

I didn't get many pictures of the kids opening presents, normally I would take a picture of everything they opened. This year I wanted to spend all my attention on the kids and spending time with family so I waited until everything was opened and just took 4 big present pictures.

Here is Kaylee's goodies!

Here are all of mine. My theme was organization if you couldnt tell. Note filing cabinet, file folders, 2010 planner and labelmaker LOL.

Here is the awesome frame my parents had made for me. Whenever I was little we used to go to Oklahoma a lot to see my grandparents. We always drove through a town called "Lindsay" and every time we said we should take pictures by the sign and never did. A few weeks ago my parents went and took pictures by all the signs. I was teary-eyed opening it and as I write this now. So many wonderful childhood memories. My Dad is in the middle pic by the sign. This is one of my favorite presents this year :)

My parents also bought me these AMAZING knives which they had imported from Germany. I used them last night and they are awesome!

They also sent me my baby blanket I had from when I was little. I hung it around my shoulders all morning. I am extremely sentimental if you couldn't tell. I passed it down to Kaylee and she has been sleeping with it since :)

Of course you can't forget some good ole Tiger dust :)

Here is Hayden with all of his prezzies. I never want to hear the words "I'm bored" ever again.. LOL **Note to self** Stock up on batteries....

Here is Joseph's, he got some of his presents early. PS3 and a bigger TV for the living room. That is why his pile is a tad smaller. Am I the only wife on earth who got their hubby pot holders for Christmas?? At least they were Panthers Football....that makes it ok right?

After we took all the presents out and put them together and cleaned up we went to Sonja, Ray and Addy's house for Christmas dinner. Good thing they live a few streets down because we were in the middle of a Blizzard. We had to shovel our way to the truck and couldn't shut the garage door. The neighbor came out in flip-flops and shorts (keep in mind we are in a full-fledge BLIZZARD!) and said he was going to snowblow our driveway. It was a wonderful Christmas present, we have the best neighbors. It's the little things that make the holidays so special (even though snowblowing your neighbors house on CHRISTMAS is NOT by any means little, especially in a BLIZZARD!). We enjoyed an awesome dinner with the Evans and then came home and snuggled up for the rest of the night.

Kaylee and Addy playing in Addy's new Beetle :)

We took these pictures the next morning, keep in mind the neighbor cleared all this out the night before. We were literally snowed in... This is a view from the back door, poor Max had to jump over this mountain every time he had to pee.. lol

This is the view from the front door. I'm taking these from our living room window, no way I'm going out in that cold.

We had to make a tunnel to the right to get out of our garage since the front door was impossible to get through. Thanks to my Hubby for braving the cold to get these awesome shots for me :)

This is a view of the front of the house, I don't even have words to describe this except ...INSANE. This is after 1 night people..1 NIGHT!!! Imagine if our neighbor HADN'T shoveled the night before.

This is our neighbors house that are connected to us. I feel really bad for them... Our neighbors got together as a team and helped clear out a lot of snowed in houses.

This is Joseph after our neighbor came by AGAIN to snowblow for us. He was really happy if you couldn't tell! Did I mention we have the best neighbors? I made him a huge plate of homemade cookies to take home after all the hard work. Now we have a cool tunnel to walk through.

I'll be back later with pictures of my Style File. I spent 3 hours on it last night. I have 2 more inspirations to finish up today and some various embellishments I want to add as well. I have some really fun posts planned for this coming week and I have a ton of stuff for my next GIVEAWAY!!! Only 27 more followers until my next HUGE giveaway!!! Spread the word!


  1. WOWZA!!!! That is a LOAD OF SNOW!!!! Looks like potential for lots of fun tho!!! (for short periods of time, lol) And I bet your kids were super happy & excited with all their treasures!!! That's awesome!!! Looks like a wonderful (tho cold!!!) Christmas!!!! Yay!!!!
    xoxo -j

  2. Thanks for linking me! Maybe I can get more followers lol. Kaylee and Hayden are gonna be busy bees with all their new toys, and I love the frame idea of the Lindsay town, so creative!! Those knives look so nice!! Haha and the potholders rock... even though I let it slip SORRY! Addyson had so much fun with Kaylee and Hayden over and Ray and I were so excited you and Joe came too! The only question I have now for the both of us is... now where do we put all these toys at?!?!

  3. That is a LOT of snow!! We got quite a bit of snow on Christmas too but not nearly that much! But I was happy to finally get my snow! :)

    That is a good idea to use skype for your parents and Christmas! I wish I thought of that!

  4. Good lord Lindsay! That snow puts our little 4 inches of snow to shame. I love this post and the fact that you are so sentimental. I am also glad to see that you had a wonderful Christmas! Long live Cabbage Patch Kids!

  5. Wow. I thought I was snowed in a few weeks ago! haha. That's crazy.
    It looks like you had so much fun!

    I love that you got a planner! My favorite gift this year was a notebook that I basically buy myself every year. lol. I'm such a nerd.

  6. I have two comments, Lindsay:

    A - You had an amazing Christmas!!

    B - I'm still shivering thinking about that snow!!

  7. Holy snowfall, Batman! That's amazing!

  8. Holy moley look at all that snow!!! lol I can't say that I'm not jealous, though (though I think I'd be singing a different tune if GA got more snow lol)...and it looks like you had an amazing Christmas! :D

  9. that is so funny that you captured a picture of us on Skype all together watching the kids open their gifts...the snow is crazy.. I would have had to make a snow angel even though I would probably have to be dug out since I prob would have sank to the bottom of the snow luv ya...momma

  10. Holy presents, Batman! I don't think we've ever had that many presents!

  11. I love all your present pictures LOL Ariana wanted to open each one and play with it right then so we didn't make her wait so I could take a group shot of pictures like that. I saw the Cabbage Patch doll, Ariana got 2! Looks like an awesome Christmas for gifts! Everyone should be well entertained for a while now! Did Hayden freak out when he saw the racetrack? I love all your snow pics, we had a blizzard too, I think it's been snowing constantly since my Momma got here on Wednesday! It only just stopped today.

    I can't wait to get my Christmas pics on here, I've just been enjoying my Momma here, maybe tonight or tomorrow.


  12. Oh my goodness what an amazing Christmas your family had!!! I can not get over how cutie pie your kiddos are!!
    And my favorite gift from above is the frame with all of the Lindsay signs. Like for real, your parents are soooo cute and I think it is the coolest gift ever!!

  13. Wow you guys made out like bandits for Christmas! That's so cool you got to join your family back home on Skype! That frame your parents made you is really cool! Oh yeah, snow = YUCK!

  14. I had a blizzard at my house too! Two days of being snowed in. It looks like you guys made quite a haul this year! I received a blender and grad school application fees. :)

  15. OMG that snow is crazy! I've never seen anything like that before! Poor thing. Glad you have great neighbors and an awesome husband!!

  16. Awww it looks like your family had an awesome Christmas! I've been MIA from blogland for a few days, so I was just popping in to say hi to you, and see what you've been up to!! :) I missed you, lady!

  17. first of all wow that is alot of freaking snow!

    Looks like a great Christmas :) I saw that Hello Kitty sewing machine in your pile so cute!


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