Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I believe you should find something to be thankful for everyday. It shouldn't only be a once a year tradition. I have a million things I am thankful for, but will only be posting about 1 of them today. I am dedicating this entire post to my Momma :) She (and my Dad of course) are the reason for my existence. I recently came across a few photos of my Mom when she was younger. They were posted on Facebook by an old friend of hers and I snatched them up quick-like. I have several pics of her and me, but unfortunately do not have a scanner to put them on here. My Momma means the world to me, even though I live several states away, we talk for at least an hour a day. Thank goodness for My Circle plan, else our phone bill would be outrageous. My Momma is the strongest, classiest, most beautiful woman I know. She has been through so much in life and handles it all beautifully. Recently she was diagnosed with skin cancer, she had some of it removed and is fine now. It is a reminder of how precious life is. I miss her so much! She recently got a laptop (excuse me, won one) and it came with a web cam so now we can actually see each other. My mom has been my rock as well, been there for me through pretty much everything. She even flew in a night's advance to be with me when I had Kaylee :) She stayed in freezing North Dakota for 3 weeks (surprised me with a week longer) and we had the BEST time ever. I love you Momma, you are amazing and mean everything to me, I appreciate everything you do for me and everything you have done. I love your little care packages that make me feel at home again :)

My Momma in her communion outfit, isn't she beautiful??

This photo cracks me up! She is the second from the left :)

On the right, weird to see her with super short hair!

She is in the middle in the red :)

Me and Momma snuggling up on the couch, yes we still snuggle!! Especially when my Dad has the housing at freezing levels. If your ever in our house a blanket is a MUST!

Painting Pottery, this is the most recent pic of us taken in August '09 on our Mommy/Daughter Day. It was an awesome day! We painted pottery while sipping on coffee, then ate sushi (which I tried for the first time), then went to Hobby Lobby! Best Mommy/Daughter day ever!

Sad to say the next time we will be visiting each other will be in July '10, when we all drive down for her 50th Birthday (I have a feeling I am going to get an angry phone call after mentioning her age on here. Oops!)
In conclusion, I want to thank you Mom, for everything, for being the best Momma anyone could ever ask for. I love you!! I strive to be an amazing Momma to my babies, like you are to me :)
Linds (your red-head)

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


  1. You two look so alike!!!!
    I'm with you! I think that's why I don't get into Thanksgiving very much. We should definitely be thankful all year round!
    So sweet! Yay for wonderful moms!!!!

  2. awww this is super sweet! You two are adorable! It makes me miss my mom! I only get to see her about twice a year now. :(

  3. Aww! That's so sweet. Definitely doing Thankful Thursday myself this week...

  4. I love it! Mom's are the best gift we could ever have! I know what you mean about missing your mama, I miss mine too! I only ever met her once, but she was really nice! And I think you are a great mom!! Kaylee and Hayden are SOO lucky to have you!

  5. Sweet! Makes me miss my Momma (we talk that much or more everyday too)!! My mom has lived through a lot, and is so strong, and I just want to say I'm thankful for my Momma everyday! :) Great post to honor your Mom!

  6. Linds, that was the sweetest honor a mom could have. I appreciate everything we have including our awesome mother/daughter days which are rare now that you live so far away. I love our daily phone calls, it makes my 1 long drive sitting ususally on the interstate a pleasure. The laughs we shared are treasured as the ones to come (which we both know will be unending). there is so much you are thankful for but to read all those wonderful things you said made me cry. It took me 3 attemps to write a response and several days. Very emotional. I tried so hard to make it to your side when you were having Kaylee jumping on the next plane out of BR at 6am after you called me Tuesday afternoon when I was on the way home from New Orleans w/your sister and Sage. I was stuck in Minneapolis Airport when I got the call from Joe you were being taken in for a C-Section. God heard so many prayers from me in those waiting hours. We had a blast w/so many laughs even when it caused you pain (I am sorry we had you laughing so hard). Seems like every time we have our alone time we have so much to talk about and have a blast. I have to say I am thankful for you being our daughter and proud of the woman you are. You have accomplished so much and I love watching you be so creative. I look forward to reading your posts everyday and I see there are so many others who enjoy your creative side too. Luv you tons, Momma~

  7. Wow... I see now what we were talking about and it the great words of Charlie Brown "good grief"


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