Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Ornament Wreath!!

I finished my ornament wreath and it turned out gorgeous! It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, even after I hot-glued them, they still kept popping off the coat hanger and I was too far into it to restring them all. I had a not-so-great moment when I went to hang it and it fell because my "amazing wall hook" turned upside down and "dropped it". It broke about 5 ornaments off and I was not happy! I had a few choice words for my gorgeous wreath, then came up with a solution to help it hang better. I added a ribbon to hang on the hanger to keep it from flipping, which actually turned out pretty cute and happened to match perfectly. I still get nervous just walking by it, because I feel at any moment it will just fall. I even was tempted to hot glue my wall hanger into the wall but realized that was irrational and not the best of ideas. Here are a few pics, one from the front and both sides :) I want to thank Cherie again for putting up the tutorial to this awesome wreath!

I finally figured out how to use my web cam last night and took a few pics out of boredom. Excuse the no make-up hair in a ponytail look. I was just playing around and not looking my best. I call the first one my "Michelle look". This look reminds me of her and makes me miss her even more <3.

Since I got my web cam finally working, when are we having this chat ladies?? I hear there may be one this weekend! Let me know!


  1. I love it! How did you do it? I want one! You need to do a "HOW TO"

  2. Your wreath is so gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job!!

  3. Hi doll! It's so nice to meet you, thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog and I hope we get to know each other too! I'm so glad we're in style school together, I can't wait for class to start!!


  4. And your wreath totally looks awesome btw, absolutely awesome!

  5. Your wreath looks so good! I can't believe ya'll have snow my son is thirteen and last year is the first time he has seen snow!


  6. That wreath is totally cute.

  7. Your wreath is really pretty, your cake looks yummy, your Max is adorable and your creativity is eye-catching and everyday you put a smile on my face cause you are amazing!! luv you so much...I enjoy watching your website being updated every day....wish we were not so far from each other, but hey we are just a webcam away!! LUV momma~


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