Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Mail Loves!!

I got my Happy Mail today!!! Cynthia completely made my day today! I got to know so much about her and can't wait to write her back! I love how creative she was and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you guys haven't participated in Happy Mail, you must!! Jamie came up with this amazing concept and I'm hooked! When you sign up Jamie will send you a survey via e-mail about all your likes and what your into and then simply send it back. It's a month by month basis and the next sign-ups are for January :) Then you will get a name and someone else will get yours. You send out a card and then a box of treasure or goodies to the person you were assigned and you get something back from whoever got your name! It's a great way to meet new people and get fun mail instead of junk and bills! Here is a pic of me and the Happy Mail I received from Cynthia :) Excuse the gross look, I just woke up and have no make-up on.

Here is a close-up :) Like cute, colored polaroids of fun facts about her :)

This is Cynthia, who is totally awesome and I am so happy to have met her :) Check out her site :)

Oh, and I also got a ton of magazines to use for my Style File. When I saw this stack in the mailbox along with my Happy Mail my heart was jumping with joy!

Of course I couldn't help myself, here is some eye candy of pretty mailboxes :)

I would also like to announce that I will be posting my giveaway as soon as my followers reach 30!! I am very excited about it and hope you guys are too! This will be an awesome, FIRST giveaway. Promise!


  1. Cute! Maybe I'll do happy mail for the next go 'round.

  2. yay!!! HAPPY MAIL!!! :) I love her polaroid facts about herself, that's so cute! I can't wait to do mine in January!

  3. That is such a fun idea with the polaroids! Happy mail sounds fun! I am excited for your giveaway so come on 2 more followers! Lol I have one follower... you. And you are my favorite follower lol. I love the 3 mailboxes side by side with the faces, really cute!

  4. Happy mail is the best! Yours was great!

    Can't wait to see your giveaway


  5. I absolutely love it! I love the photographs you took of my letter to you. This post made my night and made me smile so muchh! I feel so honored. :] Very cute post!

  6. I signed up for January today! I can't wait! I haven't done anything like this before! And I wish I looked as cute as you when I first wake up with no makeup!! Oh by the way I apologize but I haven't gotten your ornament in the mail yet. I'm making something extra for you cuz you rock and it has taken me longer than I expected. I have like 3 projects going on and I keep going back and forth with them all! But I plan on sending them off tomorrow! Again sorry that it is taking so long!

  7. Oh my goodness...the polaroid facts is such an awesome idea! How fun!!!! Thanks for the shout out!! It makes me so happy that others are excited about it too!!!!!!

  8. i can't wait for my packages. i have no idea who's sending to me and i could not be more curious.

  9. happy mail does sound like fun!
    and fun that i'm your follower #29... can't wait to hear about a giveaway!


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