Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday is my Fun day

My next post (this one) was originally supposed to be all about my Style File I have been working on. I was inspired the other day and want to redo a lot of it (the perfectionist in me). I already made about 10 pages, I'm trying not to change too much of what I already did because a lot of the reason for the Style File is coming into your style/creativity. It's mainly going to be additions. So I felt today would be a great day to make a trek through the freezing cold to Hobby Lobby and use that nifty little gift card I got for Christmas. I bought all the supplies (minus one thing I couldn't find) for the first week of Style School. I didn't take pictures of all the supplies because I want it to be a surprise. I did take pictures of the stuff I bought for my Style File though :D It's going to be HUGE!
So I used this:

and got all this: this is a cute basket I couldn't pass up, I love the bright colors, it's going to look awesome in my AQUA craft room that I'm painting this weekend! Perfect place to put all my yarn (which I need to roll into balls, anyone want to come help me??)

Here is all the yummy Scrapbook stuff: ribbon, felt, file folders, embellishments, card stock, tons of stickers, glue and **Note** the 50 pages of scrapbook paper all in different "flavors" lol

I made this cute box for Ashley tonight too. My special thanks for designing my blog for me! It reminds me of a winter sky. I have some other extra goodies I'm throwing in but I want the rest to be a surprise :D I did buy an extra box today which I would love to have a trade with someone, if anyone is interested..LET ME KNOW!!!! :)

Filled with all of her favorite candies.

My mailbox has been extra happy lately. Thanks to Laura and Cynthia for the awesome mail, Cynthia has been such an awesome Happy Mail partner :)

Supposed to be learning to embroider with Bri tonight but didn't think to get anything to embroider on.. Aren't I a smart one?! Going to cuddle up in bed and start reading this book Ashley wrote. Yes I printed the whole book out and YES I tied it with pretty yarn and DOUBLE YES to using an entire cartridge of ink :)

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday! What did you do today?? Love you guys!!!


  1. sooooo cute!!! everything about this post!
    love you!!

  2. Hey Lindsay! I would love to come over and help but it may take me awhile to get there from Texas. I think I would make an awesome pen pal though. We should exchange addresses!

  3. cuteness everywhere i love my treasure box its beside my chair in the living room with all my DS stuff in it, its perfect! They found the M&Ms lol!

  4. I can't wait to see your style file. I still haven't started mine. Scrapbooking type things intimidate me for some reason. I don't know why! haha! My style file will probably be the least stylish out of everyones! ha! I will try though!

    I love all the treasure boxes you make! I want to do a trade with you! Email me if you would like to. Let me know what you would like to trade if you want to!

    Sorry I haven't really been on lately. I'm at my parents for the week. I check in on the blogs and twitter sometimes but I don't always get around to posting a lot. So just so you know I'm not ignoring you! I'm still reading! :)

  5. I was at Hobby Lobby today too!! And funny thing, I bought FELT and a new carrier for my yarn! BTW did you just buy that white yarn today??? If you did I totally bought white too... we seriously are on the same brain wave lol. We need to have ourselves another hobby lobby trip soon! I love that cute little basket, so bright and fun! Next play date we have I can help you roll the yarn into balls... even though I hate doing it, I will help you! XXXXXHUGSXXXXX

  6. I could have sworn I commented on this last nite! I think I read them and then mean to go back in a few minutes and of course, forget! I'm sorry!

    I seriously love that basket!!! That will be so pretty in your aqua room!!!! I would love to come roll yarn with you. Seriously. I have an addiction to it, lol.

    Love this post. Happy Mail makes me Happy! =) Hehehe (told ya I was a nerd.)

  7. I love all your new crafty stuff. I've been working on my craft room, thanks to some help from my Momma I've gotten pretty far on it. I didn't paint mine though, can't wait to see how yours turned out, I bet the aqua will be pretty. I see you found that same owl paper I have! :) Love your button boxes, maybe we could do a trade! Lemme know!


  8. Yea, I love that owl paper, I posted about it in this blog, don't know how you missed it

  9. Hey girl! I just signed up for Happy Mail! YAY!

  10. Haha omg I did forget that, don't know how I did though lol! I am happy I am blogging too :) I get some good ideas and thank you! You are amazingly creative too and I am glad we get to share ideas! I am so glad we met that one winter's night at Denny's!! We should make play jewelery together at one of our play dates for the girls!!! I am excited to start it and it'd be so much fun to do! LOVES AND HUGS!!!

  11. Yea I hung my cards on my garland, the very day I finger knitted it. I used to string Christmas ribbon up there but when I started the finger knitting I knew I was going to do that with it instead of the ribbon this year. :)

  12. you should check out sublime stitching! they have some of the most adorable embroidery patterns! i love them. your blog is absolutely adorable :)


  13. oh, and i forgot the link to their site:

  14. luv your basket, it is so bright and cheery. Wish I was closer so you could talk me into doing these crafty things w/you.. not that there would be much debating about this! Your supplies are going to be so much fun to work with. Can't wait to see what your next creation will be.. looking forward in your next post. luv momma~

  15. Oh my goodness you are SO far ahead of me in Style School....... love the stuff you have picked out!

  16. awww i'm so jealous of everyone in style school! it's really a shame - the only reason i didn't sign up is that there are no craft stores here in the south of france! i've found a fabric store and a button store, and an online scrapbooking one that is uber expensive. you have no idea how excited i was to find bristol board at a bookstore! lol i'll have to wait until i'm back in canada this summer, and hopefully can do a style school then. but for now i live vicariously through you ladies!


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