Friday, December 4, 2009

Buttons: My Current Obsession

So everyone has their little obsessions, mine is currently BUTTONS!! I can't get enough! All shapes, sizes, and colors! I just love them all. I thought I would share some button love. Anyone else love them as much as I do? If you read one of my last posts, I went on a HUGE button shopping spree and only got half of the buttons I wanted! I finally got a button organizer but already outgrowing it, anyone know where I can find a cute organizer? I have a feeling my Style File and Upcoming Scrapbooks will be covered in them. Here are some button pictures I just LOVE and will be using in my Style File :) You can never have too many right?

*All images were found on We♥it*
I'll be making a post in a few days of everyone's obsession (you can put as many as you want!) I'll be linking your blog with your obsession with pics!! :)
So, What's your obsession?


  1. I love it when buttons are organized by color!
    Actually, I love anything like that! =)

    My current obsession is color wheels. I am loving anything slightly representing a rainbow lately. We have had to make a ton for school and I love it! =)

    And I also love buttons a ton!

  2. Be my bff? I am new to buttons but I'm already completely addicted.

    Other obsessions: fabric, embroidery floss, books.

  3. I love buttons that sewing machine is great! I obsession lately is the color aqua and fawns!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Lately, it's been owls :)

    Oooh those buttons are so cute <3 Now I want a button collection!

  5. How do you have your buttons organized? I have mine in a floss organizer right now, but I don't really like it.

  6. I organized them by color! Each has its own slot! I need to find something bigger though.

  7. hello there-

    thank you for stopping by my blog, come by anytime! your blog is adorable. oh how i love buttons so. i would say my obsession is nail polish and fabric. happy friday!

    sarah ann

  8. Oh! I love to look at buttons. I haven't really done anything with buttons but I love looking at buttons that are organized by colors!

    My current obsession is yarn! I buy so much yarn! It's hard to walk by yarn at a store and not buy any!!

  9. Well since it's Christmas, my obsession has been reindeer! It seems like everything that I see Christmasy that I like is reindeer. We have reindeer on our tree, reindeer on our stockings, reindeer stocking holders, reindeer cards etc LOL (Oh yea and I put your button on my page! :))

  10. I love the button pictures! I saw the cute little snowflake ones!! You could make a Minot page in your scrapbook using those! **Sonja**

  11. besides Addyson (of course lol) my obsession is SNOWFLAKES! I even want a tattoo of a snowflake!

  12. aww thanks so much for adding my button! And I would love to see your answers to the survey! I always bring in the Christmas-time by watching the Grinch! :)


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