Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Letter and Etsy Shopping

I love the idea of the Dear letters so I thought I would join in on the fun :) Hope everyone's day got better. I know a lot of my blog friends had rough days today, Love Love :)

Dear blog readers, I love you all and your comments make my day and mean more to me then you could ever know. I really do enjoy reading all the sweet comments and love reading the blogs you post as well :D You guys never fail to bring me inspiration each and every day.

Dear Max, please stop using the snow banks as your step stool to get out of the yard.. it really is no fun chasing a big bear through the neighborhood and then hauling your 120 pound self back home in the snow.

Dear Post office, please start putting more mail in my mailbox...and not the unfun kind

Dear Santa, thank you for getting me everything I want for Christmas (in advance) and also it wouldn't hurt to not make me wait until taxes come back for the Cricut...

Dear hands, please stop being so cold all the time, even when the rest of me is burning up...

Dear Munday, I dont like you so much I spell your name wrong on purpose... so there! But at least I have Etsy (below you) to make me feel better on your days!! HA!

Dear Etsy, You are the cause of my brokeness... but I love you so!!

I posted earlier that I went on a little shopping spree on Etsy and here are some of the things (in order of how I purchased them) that are on the way to my door! Go check these awesome gals out! BEAUTIFUL!

Purchased from Your Angil

Purchased from Sparkles and Sticks

Purchased from Miss Indie

Purchased from Polka Dot Robot Got in Black, Grey and Pink!! (couldn't help myself!) Will be getting one of those adorable hats soon too!

Etsy=Best.Site.Ever! Thanks for feeding my shopping addiction too!



  1. Okay, I am so proud of you for buying the adorable hat from Miss Indie. I thought about it. You beat me to it! I can't wait to see it on you. Do you love her finerless gloves or what?

    Sarah Ann

    P.S. Love the letters!

  2. Super cute finds!!!! Etsy can make any day better! ;)

  3. cute post love all your finds!

  4. Love all the Etsy loveliness! Love the Dear letters too! :) I so wish Santa would bring us an extra paycheck for Christmas, I would take it and run!!

    Oh yea, and my hands are pretty much frozen icicles right now, I'm having a hard time typing this LOL!

  5. What a fun shopping spree! : D

  6. Lol ooo shopping problems are not good! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat!! I can't wait to see all your goodies!!! I might have to go check out their website... just window shopping of course!! **SONJA**

  7. Oh I love that hat by miss indie! I love her stuff! I just can't afford anything right now. But I probably look at her shop at least once a day! You got some super cute stuff from etsy! I can window shop on etsy all day every day :)

  8. okay, I am sooooo blushing right now!
    you girls are the best :]
    thank you for blogging about my shop, I am so excited for you to get your new hat!

  9. awwww. i love it!!

  10. That hat is adorable. I love those little button bracelet things, too, and the cup cozy.

    I need a shopping spree...I love getting fun mail.

  11. i am following you now its the first time I have been on twitter in months!

  12. Dear Lovely,
    Thank you for leaving comments on my blog. The comments help me when I am having a hard time.
    Your cuffs should be in your mailbox soon. I hope you will love them!


  13. thanks for the sweet comment :) I did change my button again I am crazy but I didn't like the way it looked.

  14. i want a bear hat for my birthday. i lovelovelove vivs (from PDR)...she's so amazing! :]


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