Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ok I had to post this because they are the cutest panties I have EVER seen. I saw them on Etsy and if they weren't so darn expensive, I would have bought them already. No matter how much I tried, there is no good enough reason to spend that much money on panties unless they "make $20 bills" says Hubby..POOEY!

You can purchase these from Espalore

Who agrees these are simply G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S??? I would totally wear this whole ensemble around the house, just because it's so cute.. and sexy...


  1. I love it! Its very Marie Antoinette and cute!!!! **SONJA**

  2. I could never pull it off (unfortunately) but I think they're super adorable!!!! Very pretty!

  3. Well, this makes me feel not so guilty about my Victoria's Secret and Aerie obsession! They are CHEAP compared to those babies! But they are pretty! I love all the holiday undies that Aerie has out now :) They have cute little things on them... if you're into cutesy undies like I am!

  4. i want! i want! i want!

  5. k how pretty are those!?


    you know what i say? try and make them.

    sarah ann

  6. Whew! Those are pretty (and pricy). I'm 99,000% sure my boyfriend would love those. ;)

  7. that is too funny that you posted those! i thought they were seriously gorgeous too! was the not the prettiest treasury? so honored to be in it!

  8. very cute! My husband would die if I wore something like that (die in a good way with a big grin on his face)lol did that make sense?

    Any way too cute :)

  9. Your blog is VERY cute! Stopping by via Elledee's blog.

    I will be back!


  10. Um, yes! Amazing!!
    And your husband told you no?!?! haha jk :P

    I could seriously see myself cleaning in this getup (okay, minus a few lbs! haha)...yes! LOL


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