Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Antiques, Memories and Embroidery

My mom sent me a care package yesterday, it always makes me feel like I'm at home, even though I'm way up here in freezing North Dakota. She went antique shopping a few weeks ago and bought me my most favorite things! BUTTONS!!! She found 2 antique jars full of them. I thought it was so neat I had to post it. I'm not going to sort these buttons like I normally do. I love the antique look, so I'm going to use them as decoration in my craft room. I wrapped a little pink ribbon around the top one to spruce it up a bit.

She also sent me down a trip to memory lane and sent me some of my old Lisa Frank stuff. I used to be OBSESSED with Lisa Frank. Did anyone else go through this phase or remember Lisa Frank? It tickled me to see these and she sent me enough to where I could actually write a few Happy Mail letters with the stationary. I think it would be a fun idea. Do you think it would be cute or kinda lame?

Here are some old postcards


Stationary, stickers, more envelopes and a cute little notepad

Oh and you can't forget Zapp's chips! MMMMMMM!!!

Last night I had my very FIRST embroidery lesson with Bri. She is an amazing teacher and I had so much fun learning. I had a little company half way through my lesson (little Kaylee would not sleep) and she watched as I embroidered until Daddy got home. Here is the very first thing I made. All I had was Christmas patterns.

This morning I was still wanting to embroider some more, so I made myself a little Rudolf. Embroidering is so much fun if you haven't tried it yet. My work isn't perfect by any means but I think I did pretty good for it being my very first time. I'm not late on Christmas, I'm just really early for next year, hehe.

Thank you so much Bri for teaching me last night.

I have soo many fun projects for the weekend coming up, a few treasure boxes and other goodies to put together for friends. Then putting my craft room all together as well as painting it. I of course will take a before and after picture. I love those!

I also am HONORED to say I was let in on an awesome idea last night from my very good friend Heidi. We are going to be doing a very special project with a few other very special ladies. It's a surprise and as soon as I get more details I will fill all of you in.

On another note, overnight my followers have jumped by 6! So HI to all my awesome new followers! Looks like my giveaway will be sooner than I thought, YAY!


  1. I used to be obsessed with Lisa Frank, too! I even had to ride in the Lisa Frank hot air balloon when I was little. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. No way!!
    I used to be obsessed with Lisa Frank!!
    I am so super jealous of your stash!

    I remember I would never use any of it, just look at it! haha. Dooo happy mail with it! I looove it!

    I love your embroidery! Looks like I might need a lesson from Brianna as well!

    And I am also excited about our little plan! Can't wait to share it with everyone!

  3. Hahahaha Lisa Frank was AMAZING! I always got the horse folders, and binders, and pencils, and the little pencil pouches haha. I think it would be a fun idea for the stationary! Who wouldn't appreciiate Lisa Frank, seriously?!?! Those buttons your mom found are really neat! Perfect for your craft room decor. That reindeer looks FANTASTIC! That is great for your first time! I wanna know the surprise!! Lol btw my nose hurts! Love youuuuuuuuuu! XXXXHUGSXXXX

  4. Lisa Frank is awesome!!!!! Those are some wonderful goodies!!!!! Great job on your embroidery! I'm so obsessed with embroidering!!! xoxo

  5. 1. You are so sweet.
    2. I loved Lisa Frank. You should totally write me a letter. :)
    3. You're doing awesome. I twittered you some embroidery stuff - did you get it?

  6. I am most definitely going to be needing a letter sent to me on Lisa Frank stationary. I was OBSESSED!!!
    plus I love love everything else on here too.
    EWspecially the embroidery...too cute!
    Also, I watched a documentary on those chips once :) They are apparently the best chips in the world. I will have to try some one day.

  7. omg i was OBSESSED with lisa frank! that is so funny :) oh, and your embroidery is looking absolutely adorable!

    xoxo, Eden =]

  8. Lisa Frank is FABULOUS! I totally forgot to tell Jamie when I sent her my Happy Mail Survey that I collect stickers. I love stickers from the 80's like scratch n sniff ones.
    Those buttons are great! I bet you feel like you won the lottery getting all those buttons! Good for you!

  9. I still buy Lisa Frank stuff - for my daughter ;) and I love your Rudolph!
    I was looking through Happy Mail B-days and Guess What? We share the same B-day! - go Leos!

  10. I have been sorting buttons all afternoon love them! I can't wait to see your craft room!

    What can I say Lisa Frank is the bomb!

  11. Lisa frank would be very cute happy mail! January is goingto be my very first happy mail!!
    You are a great embroiderer...erer... :) if that's your first go and you did that adorable reindeer you are a pro already! Wow!!
    I taught myself recently and enjoy it so much! I stitched a little dragonfly on felt (felt is tricky) yesterday to make a trading card for my mum. Do you do trading cards? You should. My mums sewing group and some other groups I know of do them you make little business size cards with your name and contact details on the back and some sort of crafty decoration on the back. I'm going to make one for my happy mail person!
    The buttons your mum got you are adorable! Inspiration for a button collection and I think it's one of the best, most useful collections!
    Stay warm! I'll send you some heat from aus! Xoxo

  12. Lindsay, I am your Happy Mail partner!!! so excited! maybe we could think of some questions to ask each other...

    for starters, what is your favorite animal?

    respond on my blog, just in case, i dont want to miss your response!


  13. oh, and yes, i loved lisa frank way back when. and those jars of antique buttons look just like some jars i have of my moms! treasure them! i love antique buttons! fun stuff!

  14. I totally loved Lisa Frank when I was little, I used to have all her stationary and pencils for class. I wouldn't take anything less ;)

    Your little rudolph is soo cute! I want to learn how to embroider, so I think I'll order one of those embroidery kits from Sublime Stitching :) That's where you got yours right?

  15. Haha...Lisa Frank...brings back SOOO many memories!! It's funny because at work a couple years ago I won a prize for something and got to pick out the prize, and I picked LF stuff! I actually have a big LF magnet on my fridge of a lion cub. Of course in school, you were sooo uncool if you didn't have all the latest stuff by her! lol. Your embroidery looks awesome!! I think I've done it once.

  16. you did a good job on your first embroidery piece. glad you liked the buttons, not sure how old they are but the lady sd the small jar contained some really old buttons, prob from men's suits & jackets. share those Zapps w/Joseph and Hayden!!! luv momma

  17. Wow, this is unbelievable, I just got that EXACT same antique jar 2 days ago! Mine didn't have buttons in it when I bought it, but I filled it with my buttons when I got home with it! I had never seen one like that before and now look within the week, you have one too! How cool!!

    I love your embroidery, it looks great! I can't wait to see what fun stuff you learn to make. Brianna must be a good teacher! :) The Rudolph is my FAV of course!!



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