Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Little Christmas Party

Me and my friend Sonja decided to have a little Christmas Party for our Princesses. Something fun and simple. We baked (okay Sonja baked) some yummy chocolate chip cookies and the girls exchanged presents. They were so cute! Here are a few pictures from opening prezzies.

My little Princess Kaylee looking very uninterested in opening presents

Addy dug right in!

Apparently presents are for eating, tasty!

Kaylee opening her Tinkerbell doll



Kaylee loved her book "Where do kisses come from"

Addy loved her doll :D

Lots :D

All in all it was a blast and the girls had fun! Can't wait until Christmas morning when I get to see Hayden and Kaylee's excited faces after Santa visits!

I got a box in from my parents tonight too! I love this hilarious towel my mom stuck in. I couldn't stop laughing :)

And of course no box would be complete without some Zapp's :) YUM!! Gosh I miss Louisiana :(



  1. loved the pics of Addy & Kaylee having their gift exchange party...who would have thought to do this for toddlers but you and Sonja..;) I am glad you and Joe got a kick out of that towel.. just glad to pass it know a "taste" of LA is perfect this time of year! FAMILY!!! miss you sweetie.. your momma~

  2. Those pictures are adorable! I miss being a kid at Christmas time.

    So, you used to live in Louisiana?! Where about? I am from New York but I moved to Louisiana about 2 years ago with my boyfriend. :)

  3. awww they are sooo cute! I wish I had a daughter! Especially right now. She would be spoiled!

  4. Hahaha you mom is so right, we do the most random things, I love it! So the cookies are almost gone... Ray came home and pretty much dug right in, typical man lol. That towel your mom sent you is HILARIOUS! Its the perfect way to make you smile every morning after a shower! The pic of Kiki... so cute! And Addyson's face in the one with the doll... priceless! She LOVES the gifts you and Kaylee gave her! She ran up to me after you left and said "mommy, car, car, BABY!" lol so I sat there for over an hour playing with her :) Her and I are really lucky to have you and Kaylee as friends!

  5. You're little princess is a cutie pie!!!!

  6. Awwww how cute! & my in-laws gave us the same towel!! hilarious!!

  7. the kiddos and kitty are SO adorable!!!
    and that towel is HILAROUS

  8. ok, she is adorable!!!
    Seriously :)

  9. Those girls are adorable. And I love the towel your mom gave you. I have to find one too, it's just so hilarious.

  10. what little cuties! Love the towel!

  11. aww! those are the cutest photos! :)

  12. love the pets and that towel. too funny.

  13. awwwww...soo cute-I love how the dog and cat got involved, too!!

  14. Wow, these photos of your little girl and her friend are just the cutest! oh my goodness!! I love that age, just adorable!


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