Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surprises, Bracelets, Paintings, and Garlands

The mailman really loved me today. I got so many amazing things from my crafty and talented friends :D I got a package today from my good friend Carol who surprised me with my very own Crocheted Octopus Ornament. I have been raving about them for awhile now and she made me one! She also made me this super cute spool of thread ornament! Isn't she the best?

I also got my order in from Polka Dot Robot! I ordered a bunch of these cute button cuffs. She surprised me with a bow cuff!! LOVE IT!! Thank you so very much!! Next thing on my list is this amazingly cute Panda Hat.

My Magical Journey painting on a wooden block came in too!! It's a series that Faith from Leaves and Feathers put together. I absolutely love it, it will be the focus point in my craft room. This series is so inspiring to me. Faith is an amazing painter! She is so talented, I wish I could buy all of her paintings.

She put in these beautiful note cards which will most likely end up hanging on my wall too :D

I finally got pictures of my finger-knitted garland, I still have room on the sides for more Christmas cards! I added pom-poms to the tops of it, thanks to Ashley for teaching me :) I think it turned out really cute. I will most likely be keeping it up after Christmas (minus the cards) because I love it so much, and it matches my decor! Can you spot my Hayden with the reindeer antlers?

It took me 4 hours to write this post because I got distracted by my favorite ladies!
Just had an awesome video chat with them. I look forward to girls nights even if it's only via internet! I was planning on finger-knitting, and button-sorting but was having so much fun I didn't have time! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you :D Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas, can you believe only 2 more days!?
P.S I FINALLY finished wrapping presents tonight...thank goodness...


  1. That painting is gorgeous! And hey, there's my card. Yours is sitting on the table next to my crafting table. I'm jealous that you're going to have a craft room...I would love that. *love*

  2. What wonderful things you got in the mail! I am so happy that you love Magical Journey, I am absolutely thrilled with how the wooden block shows off the prints! I really hope that it brings blessings to your space as you create. Have a wonderful Christmas, it looks like your decorating is really pretty...and I'm sure your little munchkins love this holiday as much as mine do!

  3. I'm glad you liked your ornaments! Sorry they took so long to get there. And I love those cuffs from PDR! I love her stuff!

    Those cards look really nice on your garland too! And the pom pom on the tops are a perfect touch!

    I had fun chatting last night too even though I was only there for a little bit! I can't wait for the next one!

  4. What a wonderful happy mail day!!!! Lucky you to get an octopus from Carol! Those are soooo adorable! She did the spool of thread for our swap and it's my favorite!!!!

    Those paintings are gorgeous!!!!
    It was wonderful chatting with you and the other ladies last nite! We must plan another one very soon!

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Lindsay!!!

  5. luv luv all your gifts and your fingerkniting w/all your cards.. of course you know my favorite card had some handsome little reindeer smiling back at me…luv my little man…hugs & sugars to my hayden… I want an octopus!! You need to hurry and learn how to knit me one!!! And I also love the cuffs esp the one w/the bow.. now I would wear one of those! hugs from afar...but only a video chat away thank goodness for Skype! Your crafty friends are awesomely talented!!! luv momma

  6. yay! looks like you got some amazing things inthe mail.

  7. I love that bow cuff, its so cute! That panda hat is really cute too!! I need to learn how to make that octopus, it is just sooo cute! I love your finger knitting with the cards hanging off of it, its so unique and a great idea! I can't wait to see the painting in person, I absolutely love it! Oh and YAY for you getting all your presents wrapped! I finished mine last night too and I put the stickers on her VW beetle... which was the worst thing EVER! I had air bubbles and I couldn't get them lined up right grrr! Why can't they just put them on at the factory??

  8. I just love the mailman when he/she has great things like you got! I love that octopus too cute!

    I had fun chatting too I am free most nights Johnny works second shift. Can't wait to do it again :D

  9. what a great mail day!! I love the little octopus!!!! He is so cute, I want one now!

    Your garland looks really pretty hanging with all your cards on it. I love mine across my kitchen window!


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