Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Funday

This weekend has been great, I learned so many new things craft-wise and have Jamie, Ashley, and Kat to thank for it! Ashley mentioned making pom-poms via webcam the other night and taught me how :) So I went to Hobby Lobby, got a pom-pom maker and went to it! I had a dose of insomnia last night and made 32 pom-poms.. Yea, I have no clue what I'm going to do with them yet. Any ideas?
Jamie also made a post about finger-knitting a few days ago and I had to try it. I had lots of trouble at first because I used too thin of yarn, so I went back and bought the chunkier kind and it worked splendidly! I used Kat's tutorial, which made it amazingly easy and fun! I'm planning on using it to hang up my Christmas cards. I am going to take some thread and tie it through the card onto the garland. I think it will turn out cute and once I have it hung up, I'll post more pictures. Here is some pics of me finger-knitting and the finished product :)

Here is a pic of the ridiculous amount of pom-poms I made.

Medium ones and baby ones :)

Here is the bow I got for my wreath. I'm not to sure about it because it's really big, so I may make my own. For now I will use this one. What do you think, smaller or this one?

I have finished mostly everything I wanted to this weekend. Still in the process of doing laundry and still haven't wrapped any gifts (which I will regret later). I just feel so overwhelmed with the amount I have to wrap. Words of encouragement? plz? To give you an idea of why I'm dreading it, here are 2 pictures, keep in mind there is stuff in all those boxes and things stuffed in bags and stuffed inside more bags you can't see. Several gifts were shipped from family and friends that were not wrapped, so that is why there is so much (and more on the way). I am grateful for it all and happy my kiddies will be spoiled this Christmas, just not looking forward to the wrapping process. Minus the bassinet of course (it's just being used as a box holder at the moment). Everything else has to be wrapped. So, who wants to come up here and help me? Any takers???

In other cute news, look at this adorable spoon holder I scored for $1.00, that's right.. $1.00!!!. HOLY CUTE! A chocolate dipped strawberry, yea I love it!

I'll be working on this today :) Can you guess who it's for?? (hint hint Jamie)

I have gotten a lot of response for the giveaway so far, I'm super excited about it! If you still have yet to enter, you can do so via this link. Also make sure you link me any retweets and blog links. Please make sure you comment with what you did as well so I can count entries easier :) I'm still not sure how I'm going to pick the winner, I want it to be fun! If you have any cute ideas about drawing the winner let me know. If I pick your idea you will get an EXTRA ENTRY!! How does that sound for motivation???

Oh, and don't you LOVE my new blog makeover and button? Ashley is the mastermind behind it all. LOVE it :)

2010 Crafty Goal list coming soon!!!


  1. Lol I know how you feel about the gifts... I am not even halfway done. Its bc of our shopping addiction, its back to bite us in the booty lol. Finger knitting sounds fun! I just need to get the hang of crochet before I move on to something else haha. I like that bow... but it is a bit big! I only say this bc it hides your wreath! You could untie it and make your own!

  2. your finger knitting came out so much prettier than mine did back when I was a kid! yea that is what we did back in the 70's!! how times go back to the good ole days!! even crafting. Just hope Decapoge doesn't make it's return!! I think you should make one in sparkly Silver to hang your Christmas Cards! that would be pretty. My idea for picking a winner is to do it via video while others are on a chat w/you so they can see real time who gets picked..Hayden can even pick the winner! I am not adding my name to the giveaway cause I am your mom...but this is just a freebee idea.! As far as your wreath bow I agree w/Sonja it is a bit big but in a way it is really diff being so big. So guess what you'll have to wait for a few more ultimatly you will make a fantastic choice. OH YEA!! I am so excited I did pick up some things for you today at the Antique District today!! I went soley to buy you something in mind. I will send it after Christmas so you have another goodie box from me.. Of course I will probably add some other things to it. I couldn't tell you what I was buying when you were talking to me..that would have ruined the surprise. Had fun today shopping for you and kinda w/you since we talked almost the entire time I was in the store!! Luv your momma

  3. oh yea I LOVE your pom poms, you should put some clippies in them and use them as hairbows and even add some to make ponytail holders..too cute when Kaylee where's ponytails!! You can make some for Ava too!

  4. Looove the idea to hang your Christmas cards from your garland! I may have to borrow that idea! ;) And I would soooo come help you wrap! I love to wrap presents!!! I got the bigger pompom makers yesterday so I'm excited to make bigger ones. I have a pompom wreath I started that I need to finish. James of Bleubird Vintage posted a tutorial on it. You can also use to tie onto gifts!!! That would be cute too!

  5. I'll come over and help you wrap! Oh wait, we kind of live in different states. Moral support instead? : )

  6. ok how about a trade!! Can you make me some pink finger knitted garland and I will totally make you the owl cozy?? deal or no deal? if so, what color?? leave me a comment on my blog.
    P.s. I am officially in love with how cute your mom is :)

  7. Yay!! I have already started on your owl :)
    I would love a bubble gum pink color for my garland. HAve you seen Elsie's with the polaroid pics on it by her tree on her blog? That is kind of what I wanted to do with mine so however long you think!! I am excited!!!

  8. That is what I'm doing with my Christmas cards too! Your garland is cute! I love that pink!

  9. Your finger-knitting looks soooo pretty! I think I need to go buy some thicker yarn so I can try this again! Now I know that the problem was just the yarn :)

  10. Isn't finger knitting fun! I used mine to hang my Christmas cards on too! It looks pretty in my kitchen! I have no idea how you could make your giveaway drawing fun? I mean NO CLUE! Nothing is coming to mind, but I'll let you know if I think of anything. I love your spoon holder btw! :) Oh yea and wrap a section of presents every night, breaking it down really helps. Like just do all of Haydens one night, or all of Kaylee's or just section them off. Better get them wrapped soon so you can look at all their pretty wrapped gloriousness though!


  11. Your finger knitting is way prettier than mine. Bah. I guess I'll just keep at it, and I will try thicker yarn. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I posted a blog about your giveaway! Even though only 3 people look at it hahaha. I try to get on here and talk to more people, but Addyson is getting more back teeth in YUCK! Poor lady is feeling bad :( Anywho, play date this week???

  13. i love your garland! and your pompoms!

    i would totally come help you wrap all your presents. it's one of my favorite things about christmas! you know, north dakota isn't that far away! =)

    road trip, anyone?

  14. finger knitting turned out really cute! Thats alot of wrapping wish I could help you out.

    Have a great day!


  15. Pom pom idea: I saw a pattern for a pompom tea cosy the other day! That's cute or a pom pom garland or a beanie covered in them or a pom pom wreath or a skirt hemmed in pompom or a scarf made of pompoms all tied together or little animals made of pompoms, pompom snow man would be cute. Sorry that list got a little crazy!
    I think a cute cluster of pom poms would look cute at the top of your wreath if you wanted something smaller than the bow :)
    Wow you have so much wrapping to do. I would do one gift each hour over a few days and play a new carol for each gift I wrapped and do craft in between. Or break it into smaller piles and have rewards for yourself after each pile. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! *\/* <- they're pom poms to cheer you on :)


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