Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 Crafty Goal List

My original plan was to post something that didn't have any pictures. That plan failed...miserably. I couldn't help myself, so for those that hate posts with pictures, I apologize now. I decided to put together a list of goals I have craft-wise for next year. So far this is what I've come up with. I may be adding to it as they come to me.

**Learn how to sew. I'm getting a sewing machine from Santa (me and him have this special relationship where I know everything I'm getting) that I would love to know how to use. I took Home Ec in high school, but we used ancient sewing machines, so I will have to re-learn how to sew again. Here is the sewing machine I will be learning on.

**Learn how to embroider. My fabulous friend Bri is going to teach me and recommended this kit to get started.

**Make a quilt. Yea I don't even know how to sew yet and I'm already talking about making a quilt. (high expectations much?)

**Learn to crochet. (hint hint Carol) I want to eventually make my own fingerless gloves and some cutsie animals. Carol made this adorable Octopus that I absolutely LOVE!

**Put my craft room together, as in paint it, get a table, organize obsessively and hang some inspirational work up. I have been using my kitchen counter for the past year and it really is getting crammed. Plus I have run out of cabinet space to put all my stuff in. And let's face it, painting on your counter isn't really logical.. This is about what I want mine to look like. Yea that high expectation thing I was talking about earlier, it's happening again.

**Learn how to make these adorable felt foods for my daughters kitchen. I already bought the plastic version but want to replace them with something that was handmade and has a touch of Mommy on it.

**Learn how to finger-knit (which I learned a few days ago). I added anyway because it was on my original list.

**Make something original, something no one has thought of yet. I have 1 idea in mind that I think would be AMAZING! Just need to figure one or 2 things out. I still need to do a little more research to make sure I wouldn't be taking credit for something that has been done before. I haven't seen it done yet though so we will see :)

**Have every card and gift that I give next year be handmade. I want to put my heart into everything I give next year. Don't you feel so giddy inside when you give a gift that you made yourself? Seems so much more special to me.

**Paint something on canvas. Yea it would take 2 minutes to just paint anything, but this something has to make me proud enough to hang it on my wall.

If you have a goal list for 2010, link it to me and I'll add it to the bottom of this post :) I love reading every one's goals and as I accomplish my own, I'll update this one :)

In other news, I reached 50 followers today!!!! YAY!!!

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  1. Yay! I'm excited to teach you how to embroider. It's going to be so much fun. I want to learn how to crochet, too. I stole some yarn that my mom was getting rid of...I just need a needle.

  2. the blue sewing machine is totally cute!!
    i love the felt veggies.
    good luck on accomplishing your goals!

  3. Yay congrats on 50 followers! I want to learn how to sew too! That is on my list too (The list that exists only in my head right now! haha!) That sewing machine is CUTE! And I kind of squealed when I saw my octopus up there! <3 I'm seriously going to work on some tutorials now. You have encouraged me to do that! I've never done a tutorial before so this will be interesting! I hope it would make sense to you at least a little! haha!

    I saved that picture of the craft room into my inspirations folder. I want a craft room like that someday too! My craft "room" is my chair in the living room and my storage is an overflowing desk and closet in the guest room! ha!

  4. Great list! I want to learn how to crochet too. I did the exact same thing when I started sewing. The first thing I wanted to make was a quilt. I start a small one like a pram sized one. It is nearly done. It just needs binding. I really should try and do that before the year is up.

  5. I followed on over from Lesli at Pretty Random Thoughts and adore what I have seen of your blog so far. I love your creativity, very inspiring!!

  6. great post I really need to do this and you know I love the sewing machine!

  7. I LOVE your goals! I would love to start quilting since it an "ole lady" thing..lol I will make that sissor holder and send it to you. Maybe you could hang it in your "craft space". Looking forward to all your creative goods you are going to make in 2010!! Luv ya...momma~

  8. Congrats on 50 followers!!
    I need to learn how to crochet, too...
    And I love felt food! I bet your daughter will love it :)

    Mine's here (if you haven't seen it yet): http://ajthepurple.blogspot.com/2009/12/2010-craft-list.html

  9. I saw the link to your blog on Michelle's blog so I wanted to check it out! I'm crafty,too, but I always want to learn something new. Love it.

  10. Oooh that sounds like a lot of things I want to learn, too! I totally am buying that embroidery kit! I can't decide which pattern I want to get for it yet, though. Which one are you getting? I am leaning toward the Black Apple one, because I love her Etsy shop!

  11. Ah I too am getting a sewing machine from Santa! But where the eff did you find a Hello Kitty one?! So jealous!

  12. who hates posts with pictures!?! craziness.
    your sewing machine is adorable! i think you'll really enjoy it, and it'll come back to you fast.
    and the rest of the list is great, i think the play food is my fave, i had so much of that stuff when i was a kid :)
    fun list overall.
    here's the post for my list, most of it is photography related but, i want to get it all done by 2011.

  13. I write down my goals in a 2010 goals booklet. It is always in my wallet and I review it regularly. It keeps me focused on what really matters to me.

    Enjoy and share,

  14. Okay, everything on your list, is on my list too! We must learn together!!

  15. I hope to get a sewing machine for christmas too!


  16. i love your list! i hope you keep us updated with your adventures.. i know you can do it! :)

  17. That blue sewing machine is just adorable!!

  18. We need to find out about those quilting classes downtown soon! I will have to call, then that is one goal accomplished! The cupcake quilt is really cute, hope they have fun material like that!

  19. Grammy said:
    I love your blog site. I would like to create one but dont know how. Can you help me?
    remember my email address
    love u
    Gramma in Florida
    where it is still warm. yummm

  20. This is an awesome list! :)
    I think you'll acheive everyone of these. I'm more of a jane-of-all-trades (okay at a lot of stuff, but an expert at nothing! haha) but if you need help you know how to get a hold of me! :D

    I think all of us should have a crafty chat about once a month or something where we trade crafty secrets! ha! :P


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