Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quite An Eventful Weekend..

Today we decided it was finally time to make the long trek to the mall to get Santa pictures done. I had a feeling Kaylee was going to be scared of Santa, but nothing could have prepared me for the fabulousness of the picture I would be getting out of it. Some people get upset when their kids don't take the best pictures, I find it quite hilarious. This was Kaylee's first time sitting on Santa's lap, Hayden is a pro :) I'm sure this will be framed and put up long after Christmas. Enjoy :)

Hayden looks so cute by the way :)

Last night I made Crescent Chicken, you can find the recipe on Whatever's site. It was soooo good, I made so much we have plenty for tonight as well!

I also would like to say thank you to a very awesome friend of mine, Carol. Thank you so much for teaching me how to crochet last night. I thank you so much for being patient with me when it took 20 minutes just to tie a knot right. Then when it took even longer to just get the foundation going. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! We have to have another chat soon, I had a blast!

Today I finally have no more excuses for putting off on my Style File. I bought a color printer and used an entire cartridge printing out pictures. Good thing I bought 2 cartridges. I'll be posting my Style File up soon, once I get all the pictures cut out.

I had an awesome mail day today! I got 2..count that 2 cards from my Happy Mail person, Cynthia :) She is the best, I'm so glad she pulled my name. We are having the best time getting to know each other :) I also got in a package from Janel, it was my VERY FIRST trade ever and she spoiled me ;) I absolutely LOVE everything and isn't this owl cozy the cutest? I love all the pink she incorporated into it! She sent me an owl cozy, pom-pom maker, ring, ornament, and 2 rolls of deco tape. Looks like Christmas came early for me :) Thanks so much Janel, LOOOOVVVEEEE!!!

My awesome Owl cozy made by Janel

Some of the awesome cards I have gotten the past 2 days :)

This weekend is shaping up to be one of the best weekends I've had in awhile. Today we went to the mall, bought a printer (yes I get excited over printers), brought the kids to Darbyland and had some pizza, worked on my Style File, about to make some gingerbread houses and Saints game is about to come on ((GO SAINTS!!)) then we are watching Inglorious Basterds while I wrap more presents...
Whew busy day!

AND tomorrow I will be pulling the winners for the GIVEAWAY!!!!!! I am so very excited about this! I hope you guys are too. You still have time left, so if you haven't entered yet, you still can! go go go!!

Hope you guys are having a fantastical weekend so far!!


  1. Yay! I am so excited that you got and loved it :)
    Also, the ring is actually a pin cushion ring for when you sew, embroider, or whatever. I made one for me and I wear it anytime :)
    i loooove you! and ohemgeeeee I love the santa pic!

  2. The photograph of your kids with Santa is SOO adorable! Hayden does look pretty darn cute, and Kaylee, even though she's crying, looks so cute as well. I'm pretty sure everybody has had a photo with Santa where they were scared and cried. Haha. She actually kinda reminds me of a who from whoville. Haha. Sooo adorable, indeed! :]

    Aww, I'm so happy I got your name as well! You're such an amazing person, and I'm enjoying so very much getting to know you! Also, it makes me so happy to see the Christmas cards I sent you in your blog. I feel so special. haha. Anddd I've gotta say, the owl cozy is SO adorable. :]

    I'm so glad you're having such an awesome weekend!!! I can't wait to see some of your style file! :] I hope your weekend completes itself as a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  3. I cracked up for 10 minutes seriously when I saw that picture! Her face is priceless! I have to see if I can find this picture of my sister and I when we are little. I was a camera hog, so I am sitting on Santa's lap smiling away, and my mom is not in the picture, but her arms are coming in from the side, holding my screaming sister in the picture so they could take it XD

    I sent my boyfriend that recipe and he said it's something he would actually eat (he is the pickiest eater on EARTH!) so I am definitely bookmarking that to make sometime for him <3

  4. When you called me right after the kids took their Santa picture today and told me what took place I had no idea it was going to be as above. My dear sweet Kaylee didn't like this bearded man!! I am so glad she loves her PawPaw (even w/the beard!) I laughed too. My little man is so handsome and totally was ignorning his sister in pain!! Just doing what momma says "smile for the camera"!!! lol love your owel coozy...yes jealous!! you need to make me one, I am ordering a crazy one w/bright cool lime green and brown nose and a bright yellow bow !!! see you have your first order!!! luv ya..kisses and huggs to my babies...luv momma

  5. Awe this looks like fun! we should do some exchange sooonish :D I loved going to the post office yesterday XD such a dork! :D


  6. Looks like an awesome mail day!!! I seriously looove the Santa pic!!!! Soooo cute! =)

  7. That pic is hilarious! I'm sure you going to love using your owl cozy, I love mine! I'm glad that didn't get stolen with my phone! Can't wait to see how you are revealing who won the giveaway! :)

  8. aww I had a great time chatting with you last night! I'm glad you got something out of it. I felt like I wasn't making much sense but you did very well!

    And that santa picture is AMAZING!! Poor thing! She is so cute!

    Janel did a wonderful job on your owl cozy! I love the pink as well!

  9. Lol I love that pic! Hayden is sitting there so nice and calm while Kaylee is like get me out of here! I love the owl cozy, so cute! How far did you get on crocheting?? I haven't had a second to continue lately, my nights have been devoted to finishing present wrapping. And tonight I am putting Addyson's Barbie VW beetle together and charged soo I am sure its gonna have to wait. Your tree area is so filled though! Only 6 more days till Santa comes woo hoo! And our Christmas dinner! BTW would you be able to make that cheesy stuff you made on Thanksgiving at your house? It was SOO good!!

  10. cute picture! Great swap I love getting stuff in the mail it just makes my day! I made the chicken quesadillas last night so good thanks for the recipe


  11. Hahahaha! I LOVE that Christmas picture!!

  12. that photo is absolutely priceless! you will be cherishing that for years to come! even better, when she starts dating or when she gets married, you'll have that fantastic photo!

  13. haha! omg those pictures ARE hilariously cute. at least the sant isn't super sketchy ;)


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