Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas [PART 1]

I took over 300 pictures the past 2 days and narrowed it down to 31. I will be doing a 2 part post as to not make it too ridiculously long :) I will let the pictures do most of the talking. This first part will be the Christmas Eve post. We had a very eventful day and actually got lots done. I took about 2 hours and color-sorted all of my buttons! Am I the only one who does this and LOVES it? Here is a picture of them all sorted.

I also got some Happy Mail in! Thanks Cynthia for all the awesome stickers!

I baked a mountain of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in preparation for Santa visiting, thanks Cat for the yummy recipe!

Hayden and Kaylee opened up a Christmas Eve present, it's a holiday tradition in our house.

Hayden got a rocket launcher and Kaylee got a sesame street ball

Hayden wrote a letter to Santa and set out his milk and cookies.

We laid out the stockings after the kids went to bed and got ready for the morning.

Joseph put together Hayden's electric race track

All done!

Kiddies got spoiled this year, thanks to family and friends (and maybe a little from us)

Santa gifts are on the left, unwrapped of course. No way Santa has time to wrap all the kiddies gifts!

Part 2 coming tomorrow of our Christmas day. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! We are currently snowed in right now, got lots of pictures coming tomorrow of our 15-20 feet high snow drifts.. insane I know!


  1. I color code whenever possible! I looove my newly-sorted vintage button collection :)
    And those cookies look yummy!

  2. Wow! That is an awesome stack of presents. I can't wait to see the next installment. Hope you had an awesome christmas!

  3. Looks like Santa was very good to you and your family! Those pictures are fantastic. <3

  4. The pictures are wonderful. Thank you for posting them. It lets me feel a little closer to you all.
    Did I give you the pepperoni bread receipe?

  5. I bet Hayden is loving that race track!! And Kaylee is probably loving haing million toys around! The snow drifts are crazy! I went outside and shoveled and I had to knock snow down before I could shovel it away! It was up past my belly button in my driveway, I won't even step in the yard though bc I am sure I'd disappear and that might be cold lol.

  6. Oh and thank you for coming over last night! You are my bff on this base and Christmas wouldn't have been as fun without spending it with friends!

  7. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We have crazy snow drifts too! We shoveled for 3 hours today and we're still not done! You color-sort your buttons like I color-sort my closet! lol. Tops are ROY G. BIV by style. Then pants! lol.

  8. Wow! Your tree is being swallowed by gifts! haha! Your kids are adorable! I'm glad to hear you had a nice Christmas!

  9. Glad you liked the cookies, I'm sad you didn't link back to my blog where I posted the recipe though :( Can't wait to see pics of Christmas day and all those prezzies!


  10. oh yea and I color code my stuff too. I even do my closet like Staci mentioned above LOL! :)

  11. eek! i love the buttons!
    they look like so much fun.

    i want to jump into a pool filled with buttons! lol.

    and your kids were totally spoiled! and i hope you were too!

    when do i get in on this recipe swap, girls!?

  12. I adore buttons!! And color coding is extra cute!! Such lovely pictures!

  13. i love sorting buttons and beads and just about everything. i love the colours of yours! :)

    i'm happy to hear you seem to have had a lovely xmas!

  14. glad we got to spend Christmas morning w/you guys via Skype.. awesome day and loved the snow storm you were having..just glad it wasn't here! luv your buttons!!! have a fun day!! luv momma

  15. cute pictures! I love the buttons! Thats alot of presents!

  16. I love sorting my buttons too- you're not the only one! : )


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