Friday, August 13, 2010

Jill- DIY

Hi, I'm Jill from Creating my way to Success. I feel very lucky to be a part of Lindsay's blog party over here at Pixies and Bears! So first of all - thank you Lindsay! I'm so glad I found your fun blog - and your fantastic talent!! 

One of the most fun posts I've done on my blog, was when I had a little help from my daughter's dolls in one of my DIY projects! Well to be honest, they sort of took over - and I must say they did a fantastic job! I never knew they were so good with the machine.....
Just when you thought your kids dolls were safely tucked away in a box somewhere.........


"Quick girls, let's get out of here, I don't want to be stuck in a box any longer! I want to get out and explore! Come on!"

"If we want to go somewhere, wheels would be a good start don't you think?"

"Yeah, nobody uses these old bike training wheels any more, surely we can come up with something..."

"That's a good start!"

"Phew! this is hard work girls!"

"I'll say! but I really think we're starting to get somewhere with this!"

"Let's take a break from all that hammering and drilling for now, time for something a bit more girly!"

"I like this pink fabric!"

"And I like this blue flowery one!"

"Ok, let's get to work girls! I saw a great idea on 'A Spoonful of Sugar' the other day."

"Good team work!"

Here's what we did:

Cut 2 pieces of fabric, approx 57cm x 15cm

Fold right sides together leaving a flap at the top to rest your head on, like this:

Stitch down both sides of both fabrics:

Turn one piece of fabric right side out and push into the other piece:

Pin around the opening and sides of the flap

Then stitch the two pieces together, leaving a gap at the top:

Turn right sides out..

Then push one inside the other like so:

Turn the top neatly under, pin and top stitch across.

Hey presto! You have a nice cosy sleeping bag!

Which also happens to be reversible! So you can color coordinate with your pyjamas each night!

"Oh we're going to have such fun camping once that car's finished! Good work girls!"

"But what happens if it rains?"

"Lets go see if we can find something to help us."

"Mmmm, What about this?"

"Great! A pop up tent that no longer pops up!"

"Don't be such a defeatist!! I'm sure we can come up with something........"

Click here to see what happened next!!

They are a really great advert for team work I have to say! I hope you enjoy reading about their adventures as much as I enjoyed posting!
Party on everyone - thanks Lindsay!!




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