Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Master Bedroom

So here is a little tour of our bedroom. It's quite small because the bed takes up most of it. But it's my second (first being craft room) favorite place to be :) This is what you see when you walk in...

Where the *magic* happens

I still need to hang these up, they will replace the FAMILY above the T.V. I think I'm going to move that to the living room. I'm actually having a custom made right now that will go on the left side of our portrait :)

My bedside table :) All my journal and pen pal things.. speaking of.. I have some letters to respond to!

Yea, I watch t.v in bed every night.. great way to unwind :)


P.S. I had a mini-crisis (and HUGE freak-out) today with *almost* losing everything on my laptop... Thankfully crisis was averted...barely (I am still actually having issues...)... The 3 hours without my laptop (and thinking that I would lose 6 months of pictures and all my shop stuff) made me realize how much I depend on technology and *no* viruses.. Point proven.. *going to back-up now*


  1. Love your room! I know how you feel about losing stuff on your computer scary!

    I watch tv in bed every night too (Golden Girls don't tell lol)


  2. Your bedroom is so cute!! And so clean...ohmygosh my room is a disaster, haha. You've inspired me to clean! :]
    XO. Mandy

  3. I love your bed! Very cute! I have a 4 poster bed,too!
    And Carrie~ Golden Girls rocks!

  4. Very pretty, i love your bed!! Love ya!


    p.s. Blogger is really making me grouchy tonight!

  5. luv your comforter and noticed that beautiful quilt at the foot of your bed!!!

    Glad I could help you resolve your computer issue by getting you in touch w/Will....

    we need to Skype....having withdrawals from not seeing

  6. Love the layout of your room! Simple yet lovely. I'm gonna send you your letter probably next week, sorry! :(

  7. that is one very grand bed!!

    i love the family frames.

    My friend dropped her external harddrive last week.. LOST everything she needed for planning lessons to teach high school math.. ALL of her degree notes from civil engineering... all of it... i tried to fix it (i studied engineering too) my friend tried to fix it (geek) and finally my uncle (the oracle) tried to fix it.. Nothing

    so for the last 3 days ive been backing up everything I have on dvds....

    i think ive backed everything up twice also lol.. but i got the fear!!

    oo we had to get her harddrive to a specialist.. couriered over in england.. its going to cost £450 ($700) to get her data back!!

  8. I love your blog and your house is so cute.. I gave you a blog award! Pop over to by silly little blog for the questions xxx

  9. Lindsay!!! It is so fun to see your house!! Your bedroom is really cute, love the paintings and I can't wait for the custom one!!!

  10. uhm I want to sleep in your bed! It looks so huge!

    I love the paintings so much <3

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